Since When?

Since When?

It came to mind that if anyone stays away from any standards not there own, at that time they become the lesser in the view of other people’s standards; especially if those standards are respectful. Part of the keep Whatever Town Wherever Weird, a notion that just invites and condones the imbalanced way of living.
Talking to a very liberalistic friend, it came to me that I was fast becoming the blunt of their fodder and ridicule; all I said if that we will never see world peace. They’re big on wishing for world peace, good for them I guess. But in a realistic thought, like in society, there are also those in the elitists parts of society that never care what harm they dole out; or to who. My friend told me that I don’t have hope, oh, if they knew anything about my hope; they would be tasting crow feathers right now.
So, since when did all this insanity in this long black, out of control train become normal?
It didn’t happen overnight, it happened little bits at a time, this liberalist progressive movement has become second nature to the point of epidemic denial; to the point that logic as well as God are denied. One thing for sure, your not getting sugar coated here, the insanity of humanity is now epidemic.
10 dead and 7 wounded at an Oregon college, someone show me where that is normal. If such actions are so acceptable that we give it little thought during our day, used for gun control by our president and by greedy drug companies and doctors to dole out drugs for those that won’t open their eyes to reality; and for parasite politicians that keep feeding the public their brand of poison, then show me who the guilty parties are; and show me the normality in their actions. Basically, it’s everyone, that may be a generalisation, but to some degree through complacency and silence, we all contribute to the insanity.
At some point, society has to realize that it’s just pissed away any hope of world peace, because through its silence; society is its worse enemy. So smoke a bowl, leave your doors unlocked, and leave your windows open if you think everything is rosy; then go to sleep.
Are we as a society so stupid as to think, that more laws and tax monies spent will honestly cure the problems that we’re in, or the problems that we face? If you believe that more laws need to be passed, and that we need more tax monies spent for prisoners and court systems; above all the freedoms we have lost now, and the obesity of our local and national governments, then go tell the families of, and the victims how well we are living.
Somewhere in this country there was a “Slut Walk”, maybe it was across the nation, I don’t know. The gist of the walk was to make the statement that just because you walk talk and act like a duck; it doesn’t mean that you’re a duck. I guess that means, enticement really isn’t enticement. See those that follow such enticing fashion statements, of their own choosing I might add, well they’re tired of the attention while they walk down the street; well go figure, how does that reason out to something good in a Everything is Okay society? And the walkers tie up traffic for their belief that what they attract is wrong and unwarranted, you take some young shapely woman, scantily or enticingly attired, they are going to get attention, wanted or unwanted. Maybe this society is just too stupid to understand that sexual enticement and actions have been going on since Adam and Eve found the Apple Tree. Oh I know, being assaulted shouldn’t have anything to do with the way that a person is dressed, but there is a limit to where people should be drawing a line as to where acceptable insanity should end; maybe that line should be, if you want to dress the part, and you get assaulted, then look in the mirror and don’t cry or use the poor me whine about the assault; the only thing you might get if society comes to its senses is bread and cheese to go along with the whine.
Some of the attire worn by young women, they may very well be innocent but fashionable in mind, but some of the fashionable attire is in line with the “Ladies of the evening” attire worn during their working hours; so use your brain, you just may get what your fashion statement expects you to get. But in that light, in all aspects of what we accept in society; simply put, people may not like what they accept when, when what they accept ends up in their lap.

What a heavenly wish, to wake up, look outside, watch the news; and say to ourselves, since when did society mature and balance out?
There are a million things I want to say in this life, but none of them matter really, even the most basic thoughts of calm and balance are unnecessarily confusing in this world. Like tell a young adult way lay ahead of them and they just sit there and stare at you, while they say have a nice day. People get offended by things said, but why don’t they get offended at the future that’s being built for them, by themselves or by the politicians and the progressive movement and lobbyist groups?
Sure makes it hard to care at times, it’s not wrong to wish for world peace, not at all; what’s wrong, is living a life expecting society and our government to make such a wish come true.

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