The Difficulty of Seeking Balance in Life

The Difficulty of Seeking Balance in Life

Been doing it for years, so many years that I can’t remember where or when having a balanced life became so mportant to me. I do know that I was young, grade school age I am sure, unlike today’s meaning of fitting in, but I didn’t fit in. No, I didn’t join a gang of early 1960’s misfits, or the dropouts of the late 1960’s. Sure enough to say though, seeking life’s balance has been my guide for a long time.
But in doing the seeking of balance the way that I did, without societal manners of escape but with Fath in God nonetheless, and no, I have too much respect for God to be a bible thumper, he’s probably had his fill of today’s bible thumpers. Making it a whole lot tougher to seek a balance in life than it is to fit in, mainly because your thoughts are clearer, there’s no dumbing down, what you see in life is in fact what you see; where fitting in is almost like being in a functioning coma. All you can do is try to make sense of it all, from family and friends to the town and townspeople in the place for which you live.
One thing I learned in life, is that fitting in is not all that important, fitting in is more a sign of weakness, but the weakness is in the quality of a person’s own independence; like today, when pinned down, people have a hard time being independent in their own thoughts or actions, without trying to first fit into some group so that they have something to say; be it in public or on the internet.

For example:
In association with this country’s racial tensions, we will never stamp out any form of bigotry, the amount of maturity that humanity needs to stamp out bigotry, be it for any malcontent or malicious reason for bigotry’s existence, the maturity needed is way beyond society’s reasoning and understanding. Pick your own race, nationality or disability and see where your loyalties are found, are they with you, or are they with humanity. If in your heart and soul you believe that is who you are before any considerations to being human or humane first; then that is what you will be. You will simply stay the way you are till you decide to change internally for the better, but you will have to defend who you are right or wrong, when others look down on you. Just know, that there are a good portion of people in society that see deeper into the person that stands before them, hopefully they’re seeing the good you.

Fatherless, motherless, peers, coworkers, political and religious groups, drug and alcohol abuse, not pretty or handsome enough, in shape or out of shape, blonde or brunette, these are all reasons for a complex in today’s shallow world, that’s for sure; but do they have to be. No, they don’t!
Look, plastic surgeons are living in very fancy homes, and driving very fancy cars because of the above so-called reasons for a person’s need for change, but the patient’s seeing the doctor, inside; they never really feel 100% better about themselves, that insecurity becomes an addiction to some. All the while, the doctor’s go to the bank and sleep in the comfort of their fine homes; all because a portion of society refuses to understand the beautiful person they are on the inside. The same as above is feeding the drug companies that supply all those drugs for depression and anxiety, and what about all the alcohol and illegal drugs, they have a home with the imbalanced of society.
Guess I lived in the City of Angels too long, seen too many fashion statement cars parked in front of shacks to not understand the high cost of vanity.

And the I’m your friend, or, the I love you people, those that don’t understand the value of those words, they throw them around like pennies; where if they understood the words values, they would treat them like million dollar gold bars. Sincerity is a lost commodity these day’s, the same as commitment is a lost commodity; I give sincerely, but it takes a lot of Real coming my way for me to give.
In the hospital on one of my little vacations, however unwanted, someone that I didn’t know that well dropped in for a visit; when they got ready to leave, they said, I love ya! No they didn’t get the same reply, love is not a bag of candy to me that I can just pass it out to everyone I see. Some other people in my life are beginning to see that same reasoning from me, a lack of sincerity in life is so common that it’s become commonplace in friendships and family relationships. So, I give people plenty of time to show their worth on a human scale, it’s not my worth I need to know, it’s theirs; through what they see from me in return, walking away or sticking around, it’s an indication of what their words and actions shows me. Nothing for them to misunderstand in my actions, but a whole lot for them to understand about themselves; if they ever try to understand themselves at all.
But that’s where balance in life comes in, those that seek a balance in life see what backs up the words and actions of those people they come in contact with; good or bad, sincere or shallow, weak or strong. It’s very important that people understand life for that simple reason, burning a bridge with a person that seeks and knows the value of balance in their lives is easy to do; but that bridge is hard to rebuild, if they allow the bridge to be rebuilt at all.
Don’t look at the seekers of life’s balance as rude, or without fight; because they pick their battles well. They rarely join crowd’s, remember. Don’t look at them as stupid, or ignorant in life; they may know you better than you know yourself. If you burn them in the slightest, if you do like so many these days and use false words or actions with them; don’t expect much coming your way from them. Glory is not a part of their day, they do something for someone because it needs to be done, it’s never about bragging rights; so if they’re telling you about their day and what happened, it’s because you asked. They don’t care if you think you are better than them, they know the trousers go on one leg at a time for everyone; and they don’t care if you trust them or not, because if you don’t, then you don’t know them.
The more anyone subscribes to today’s standards of living, allowing those standards to intoxicate the heart, soul and mind; the more drama they will allow to control their lives, and the more destructive means of escape they will seek. Taking them further away from a balanced life.
The one thing you can expect from those that seek the balance of life, is an honest chance to be real, with someone that will appreciate the real you. Believe this though, if you come to them with a problem, they will be honest with you, they will understand, they will not look down on you, but they will be straight with you; but that is what makes them rare these day’s, but they are the person that you can count on to be real in a shallow world.

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