Immigration Flow

Immigration Flow

Hmm, where to live today, call the U.N. I guess before you pump up that raft and set sail for the open waters. The E.U. is confused so don’t look to them for help, no matter how much our illustrious government and liberalism groups want to Push us away from the Constitutional way of life that is the heartbeat of America; there is a big ball of loss headed for this free land.
But looking at what is happening now, with the new “Boat People” (not being mean here, these are actually people fleeing a corrupt godless country) heading into Sweden and other countries, we Americans are being told that we have to take our share of the problem; but what about the people’s own government, what about that governments share of the problem. What kind of country makes their land so bad, that it’s citizenry would want to cross oceans, barren lands, and allow their own to simply die like they were nothing more than a common cockroach with no human value; it’s depressingly disturbing to think that after thousands of years on this earth; that this is the life that we have the knowledge to build.
There ain’t no shame on any of us earthlings, gotta have a conscious for that; but shame is not the same as having blood on your hands or conscious, can’t escape that. Governments around the world seem to think they are immune though.
I have no problem with helping people out, my little brother is Vietnamese, so tell me I am partial to my own kind, humanity is humanity no matter the color of the skin. Religion, it don’t matter, humanity is still humanity. But it still begs an answer to the question, what about their governments. Why all of sudden do we have the E.U. and the U.N. telling us or any country what we have to do, the amount of a populational share we have to carry.
Now if you have faith in God as opposed to some kind of religion, you will help if you can. If you live by the knowledge of life, and by a moral compass, you will help if you can. But you will also know that you don’t need the E.U. or U.N. to dictate how your supposed to live in respect to life. But if they are here to tell us where our responsibilities lay, and if we as a society follows their guidelines; then our Constitution as well as our Freedoms no longer matter.
Once more, God won’t matter, he will become just another Deity to Plead to in the end for salvation, but salvation from what, a life not worthy of him to enter because Faith was too much like church. Or that we allowed some group of any population to suppress God and Faith in our lives, so that we would weaken or become weak, all so that we could be manipulated. And in our hour of need, and we wished God on our side with tattered prayers; what if God just simply flipped a coin to see what he would do, heads he’d help and tails he wouldn’t. Hope is imperative at times.
The picture of that little three year old boys body that washed up to shore, was the incident staged, don’t know, I do know I don’t want to see it on my shore; but we may see it. I wonder if the boys government, the E.U., the U.N, or in truth; I wonder if our government even cares. Just some collateral damage washed up on the beach. If they don’t give much more than a couple minutes thought to the death of a three year old boy, his brother, his mother and others like them; the government or the citizenship that is, then what are any of us good citizens really worth to civilization.

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