The Tone in the Voices

The Tone in the Voices

Listen to the tones in the newscasters voices, it’s simple, they pull at heartstrings, they laugh, they do it all; right down to warning the viewer of something that they never show. The last being, we warn you this video is graphic, so turn your view away if it bothers you; they show the video, nothing. Cleaning trout is more graphic than what they show.
But their voices are more, well, anything from candy to drama, hmmm; similar to actors, could that be.

The police dog: I just turned on the news, so I didn’t hear it all for a few minutes till they repeated the topic. What I heard was, the officer being talked about died in the hospital from a stab wound. I thought, that’s bad, stop this world from spinning, I wanna get off; the criminal element is really getting brazen to be able to get that close to a police officer. The drama in their voices, the tone made me think that the officer was a father of four, or maybe the officer was close to retirement, only to die in the hospital from being stabbed.
So I sat through the news to get the whole story. They interviewed a passerby, then they showed the hospital; it was a veterinarian hospital. Don’t get me wrong, I love my animals, I am there for them to the end, because they’re family, so don’t think I take this lightly. But the newscasters gave more concern and weepy tones for the K-9’s death than they do for the death of innocent victims of crimes no matter the victims age; even the more human police officers or firemen or firewomen.

Fox news Harris Faulkner: She has an emotional breakdown over a toy, even starts a law suit, get over the issue Harris. She deals in current times and news issues on Fox, and this is the biggest thing to get mad at. Well, her actions prove the saying true: If it doesn’t bother you, then it hasn’t effected you yet. I guess the reality of real life has become Real to her now. Oh the drama of it all, they showed a picture of her and what offended her; I could look at what was shown all day long, and never see a similarity. Thanks for wasting the taxpayers money Harris, drop the law suit, go after the important stuff that we need to hear.

The doll baby: Some people love practical jokes. The police found a baby locked alone in what could have been a hot car, with the windows up. The child not respondent to anything, no parents around; the police had no choice, so they broke the window. What they found was a baby doll that looked so realistic that it would fool anyone, let’s pass a law, all realistic baby dolls should have orange ears. The newscasters giggled at the story, but what if an elderly person saw the baby doll, after all the grandstanding on the responsibility of parents leaving our children unattended in hot cars; and that elderly person panicked to the point of having a deadly heart attack. The baby doll in the car offends me less than the giggling newscasters do, looking at the whole picture, the owner of the car knew the doll was realistic, so why not put it in the trunk, now they have to pay for a new window in a new car; an expensive lesson for the simpleton. Be careful, the same driver may be parking near you, or driving near you, no telling how they drive if they can’t put a simple doll in the trunk. What’s ya think, 10 to 1, the driver used the doll to get into the carpool lane. But in all reality (my children had those same dolls, they upset one of the ladies that sang in the church choir), looking at the picture of the doll, if studied for a moment, the ears did not look real, nor did the hands, so why was the window broken, if we are going to pay for the police then let’s pay for them to wait and give the practical joker a healthy ticket that will send them to Grow-Up University. If they turned their S.W.A.T. lights on people will see, and the owner of the car and the doll will remember where they parked their car. But, yeah the broken window was just, and the insurance should not pay for a new window, but they will.

The daycare fight club for food: This is so stupid, two kids were told to fight for their food. How many of us have something that sticks like glue to us from our childhood, good or bad, no matter our age; something sticks to us from our childhood. And here are these care givers of children saying fight for your food. At the very least, being a parent, the kids would never return to the daycare, the “Adults” in charge would not be paid, and if they contested; I would say let’s step outside and see how much you want to fight for what I owe you. Things like this, well it shows what we as a society really are, and what we as a society have allowed to blossom into a black rose with deadly thorns; all because we don’t want to stand against the monsters of the liberalist movement of coddling the malicious mind. Whoever the people are that are promoting the children to fight, they carry the same mentality as the thugs that fight and give bad names to Pit Bulls, and the lowly Cock Fight promoters. To think of the complex that could be given to the kids, ever think about where society is headed, if we all wanted normal today, and enacted the process needed, it would take decades to get to normal. But, the newscasters gave more credence and bereavement to the police dog than they gave to the fighters for food. What’s that tell the children, ask them later, they might tell you, but then; they might just take your food.

Still no talk about weather manipulation via the puke spilling chemies: So just what is important in society, cop killings on the rise, bigotry in so many ways, governmental abuses, kids having to fight for food isn’t enough; newscasters have to be insincere, shallow, and blind to all the real issues. Hint newscasters, everyone knows how to find YouTube, we don’t need you to show us; so take that time and give it to your weatherman so he can truly the explain the weather problems we are facing. Right now there are more strange weather phenomenon’s engulfing our sea land and air; but none of the news stations are telling the public why. Yeah, the trails in the sky are fairy dust, maybe the lines are some deceptive angels cocaine lines and we humans are looking up through the bottom of the glass. But, they did show one thing, our president went to Alaska to talk about climate change, he said something like, any official that won’t talk about a problem like what we see here, shouldn’t be in office. He may have said it different, but the gist is the same. With all that is going on these day’s, and the fact that things have gotten worse not better; why is he or any of them in office.
Simple, the media loves to ignore the important stuff, they would much rather tell us of the cakes that can’t be baked because of a group of people, show us cute dog and cat videos, tell us how to eat and dress right. And we the people tell them it’s okay to be that way, we want to be entertained by popularity rather than real, honest news. News that might just be beneficial in strengthening this country, rather than leading the country to it’s demise.

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