I am taking up Yoga, it’s really not that much of a stretch (the mind kind) for an old surfer to find that a few of the movements used in both the warming up to paddle out, and the stances that a surfer uses. More to the point, the muscles and joint flexors used in the movements while surfing are the same as in Yoga.
Yoga and surfing do have some similar movements, needs and uses.
I do have to say one thing though, Yoga hurts when your starting out, dang Sam, I started out with the relaxation part of Yoga so that I could understand the movements better, without killing myself. The movements killed me!
There is going to be some big waves pumping into the Hawaiian beaches from that hurricane that’s rolling through the area, I tell you what, right about now, and I just rolled up the Yoga mat; but I think I would rather paddle out for a fifty footer.
I started Yoga because of my right leg, my hips, my back, my neck, my right shoulder; to keep the mess of skeletal musculature part of my body moving, so why do I feel like saying [but] here? Like somewhere in the reaches of my mind, I will find some kind of excuse to hide from Yoga, like it’s some kind of foe; heck I get to lay around on the floor, roll around like a kid again, what’s so bad about that, everyone wants to be a kid again.
I know, I’m supposed to be more in control of my rolling around, but. I knew there was a [but] hidden in this. Through the short time doing Yoga, balance being a part of the aspect of anything concerning life, I do feel like a kid reaching for the moon at times; cept when they hit the floor, kids laugh and giggle.
Do you want to know what I said when I lost my balance, no you don’t; yeah I will tell ya, [™€`^¥«»{}·™®¢%»\\[|*€™ ]|®%\<&~]¡¢®€ ]>\]>&&££>] [|\& \>¥][|]. Sorry, don’t let your children read this.
Crazy as the pain feels, and what my mind says about the pain, it comes out of my minds mouth like: you fool, I am your body talking to you here, go get the third forth or fifth vanilla latte, and throw in a couple of cinnamon rolls.
Oh how I want to listen to my body right now.
But there’s not going to be any giving in, up, or down, wherever the poses leave me; well I might give in, up, or down if I start to feel like a pretzel. I keep the phone handy through all this, just in case what people would say is the rare event that I have to call 911 while doing Yoga, they don’t know my body, at 63 years of age, just waking up is kool; and I’m supposed to put my foot where while my arm is where.
You know it might be a good idea to call 911, the hospital and a neighbor that has one of those big new Ram vans; you know just so they can be ready for my cry’s for help in getting me undone and off the floor so that I can get to the hospital to get my body scanned for unseen knots and strains.
Years ago, my surfing buddy and I used some of the Yoga stretches in our warm-up’s before going out into the deep blue, but it never went beyond that. The groin area is always an area of the body that gets stressed, so doing something was always better than doing nothing. If we didn’t warm up, and we spent the day dropping down twenty foot faces with the Bull stance, well we would end up on the picnic table in some state park with a ranger looking at us like we were doing something bad. See whoever was hurting would lay down, hold onto the end of the table, while the other one would grab the victims foot at the ankle, and then gently pull; in the appearance of cruelty the groin was being stretched.
I start the wake up Yoga in the morning, been putting it off, work with the easy stuff first, in my mind I see the night kind of Yoga and the morning kind of Yoga as; the equivalent difference between a two foot step stool and a firefighters thirty foot ladder. But I gotta get over the feelings, tomorrow will be here soon enough.

———— Sleep, Safe and Restful, Sleep, Sleep, Sleep………————


Yeah, the morning came, I have to admit, I do feel better, head to toe; I feel better.
I have been taking my Arthred for my shoulder and knees, it’s been making a difference in the movement of my body; but that cobra move reminded me well of my shoulder injury I received decades ago. All you Extremers, fear one thing in your youth, fear age, because my shoulder, knees and back were relentless in reminding me of my past.
After I crawled out of bed, I turned on the news, did the morning stuff, then wiped my eye’s and stretched, moved the ottoman making room for the mat, then start the process of pushing myself beyond my hesitation.
Been doing the relaxation Yoga, this time I did the energizing Yoga, well, for the most part.
It seems like the body gets addicted to certain movements through the average day, unlike drugs when they’re taken away, when you add a movement to the body that Never really gets used; the body still goes through D.T.’S as you stretch, and then stretch, and then stretch…….
That cobra thing, it went straight to my shoulder, I tried it different ways, my shoulder just kept nagging me, I’d say shut up and it would nag me more. I did it right, always my nature to seek some form of balance and correctness; but that nagging shoulder.
Then there was this one movement, or pose, it was finished before it should be. I was where I should be, then they said, cross this way, bend this way and put your knee there; then breath. Somewhere in my breathing, my left hip started tugging on my kneecap while it argued with my pelvis in an effort I would guess to straighten out my leg. I straightened out my leg, that part of the movement was finished for the day; maybe tomorrow, well maybe tomorrow, no it’ll be tomorrow.
All in all, I am glad to of started Yoga, it’s really good for the body, and more and more, my body is thanking me by moving better, and; breathing better. My doctor wants me to take drugs, for my COPD, and for my shoulder she wanted me to take 24hour pain pills. I do the minimal drugs for the COPD, the nebbing makes me feel better with minimal side effects; so the Yoga breathing works. The shoulder, I started my Arthred (Source Naturals for those that want to know) and haven’t had a pain pill in weeks for shoulder pain. All those side effects going to waste, oh well, I started out with a narcotic, then a long lasting ibuprofen, coupled with stuff for upset stomach issues. Like I said a long long time ago, I don’t care if I die today, but if I do; I wanna die in peace.
It’s in that belief, when I was finished de-pretzel-izing myself, I picked up my mat and accessories and stored them, away from my mind and view; then yeah, I had a couple of chocolate chip cookies, well, I had a few and I am on my way to see my favorite Barista.

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