It’s Violence

It’s Violence

Pure and simple, it’s violence, there are a bazillion things on this earth that can be used as a weapon; so all the egotistical politicians, gun control advocates, save the earth ocean whatever humanity people; pass a law and ban everything once and for all, or just simply grow up. Because the law you can’t pass is the one of Morality, but in all honesty of my gut feeling, those on the hill that pass the laws; they don’t want society’s immorality to end, there would be a life change for the politicians, all the way down to the police that they wouldn’t like; job security would be just the beginning.
People believe our governments from Duferville all the way to Washington D.C. is immoral and greedy, the sad reality of the thought is; we can’t have an immoral government without having an immoral or weak citizenship.
Pure as a dam with tons and tons of water above it, but the sleepy little towns below, they’re not safe; the dam that the government built looks good from the lowlanders kitchen window, but.
There is this very young Dutch boy, he walks to the dam and looks at it, then runs to the town square as he is too smart to plug any holes with his fingers. The town’s people ask the young boy what he was yelling about, he said there are cracks all over the dam. The towns people shake their heads, stupid kid they say as they go about their lives.
Soon, before the day is done, the dam breaks and tons of water covers the town, business after business just washed away, homes ravaged, people lost somewhere down the river.
What’s the government going to do or say, nothing, it too is buried under tons of water; it’s a disheartening destructive mess for years to come. So what happened to the little Dutch boy, if he’s smart enough to not plug the dam with his fingers, and smart enough to run and tell the people of the pending danger; then he’s certainly smart enough to get to higher ground while the townspeople bury their complacent heads.
I know what some people may be thinking given the timely posting of this, it is after all an anniversary of the plight of those devastated people from the ravages of a devastating storm; however similar, those victims of that storm are not being written about here. But you have to admit, you’re thinking about them and all facets of the government’s involved in the rebuilding of the area.
I have though been watching the news, in the celebration of the above anniversary, they make a big deal of the appearances of ex-presidents, but stop and think, do a little thinking here. How much warfare, weather manipulation, lobby/lobbyist, false security monies spent daily by our government could have insured that the area would have been rebuilt by now; after all it was a natural and not a manmade disaster wasn’t it. And how much did it cost to get the political celebrities there to speak, go ahead and believe it didn’t cost the public a dime if you wish; they like public blindness.
Think of the fires and floods that blanket the country this year in 2015, more and more, that blanketing of catastrophic instances are being proven to being manmade; so who is going to pay for it all, the country is broke, ask the powers to be that rob Peter to pay Paul all the time while they fund the wars against ISIS and at the same time give proven terrorist countries freedom to build nuclear weapons of deadly destruction no matter the mass of people that could be killed or hurt.
Weapons of mass destruction, tornadoes and hurricanes, fires, droughts, floods, even attacks from other countries or from within this country; it’s all violence, haven’t we had enough.
Apparently not, on a personal scale, friend to friend, neighbor to neighbor, coworker to coworker; no one talks about the blanket of insanity that is suffocating the sleeping mind of today’s population.
I had the news on, they were talking about the devastating fires when my neighbor came through the door. Three fire fighters died while in the line of duty, about a week or two ago. He said three fire fighters died, dude, that’s harsh. What’s harsh, he won’t watch the news because it’s too depressing, what kind of crap is that, he like so many never take the time to understand that life will be so much more depressing when they have nothing. Nothing but the memories of old burned out reruns of Gunsmoke, Bonanza and the Rifleman that he has seen each episode a hundred times over, or the multitude of beer bottles he has to trip over while taking his dog out to the yard. And never again call me Dude!
Did you know, student loans can be in the tens of thousands, and if you fail to pay the loans back because the economy fails leaving you homeless, or living out of your car; they will because they have the right that the silent majority gave them, they will attach the students Social Security.
But how can they do that, the Social Security coffers have been ripped off so many times that there is no money there, any money paid into Social Security by the working stiff gets dribbled off into other areas of government. That’s why when you work for forty years, you get from your investment in the Social Security System a grand total of a meager few hundred dollars a month. How much does a fifteen year war cost, when one well placed bomb could have taken care of the problem, if that’s what it takes. Better yet, what if people understood the difference between the cost of violence around the world, and the cost of living life by a moral compass.
Well, I think you get the idea, so I will leave you with this:
Some years ago, the Love of my life and I were driving a good sized U-Haul towing a car hauler complete with car through this parking lot, there was room for it, if I didn’t run into some arrogant fool. But this was in the often times snooty town of Pasadena.
I pulled into the straight stretch and headed for the exit, one turn and we would be out of there. All of a sudden this car whipped in front of me, headed right for me. The person stopped in front of the truck and just sat there, with the look on their face that said your going to have to move, the look on my face said; no, I really don’t care about your new Mercedes-Benz!
In a short time, I got tired of the stand off, the Love of my life said Oh Oh, what are we going to do now? That’s when I opened the door and stood on the step, I looked at the driver of the Mercedes-Benz, then yelled, Hey Moron, What Part Of U-Haul Can’t You Read?
Violence doesn’t always have to end in violence, sometimes people have to wake up enough to see that there is a problem that can be fixed. The driver of the Mercedes-Benz backed up, and we were on our way again. What would have happened if the car and driver had not backed up and let us by? Don’t know, no crystal ball in my pocket; but there was a hospital across the street. In my humane nature of living life with peace and my standing up to whatever threatens my peace, I would have been happy to drive the driver of the Mercedes-Benz to that hospital after our conflict was over; if that is what it would have taken.

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