The Pimples

The Pimples

One day you wake up, go to the bathroom and take care of the paperwork, you go to the vanity sink and wash your hands; that’s when you see it. Right smack dab in the middle of your cheek, a blunt pointed red blotch, you touch it, no pain; but it’s the size of an eraser on the end of a pencil. You brace yourself for the remarks as you ready yourself for work, or school, as you fall into the abyss of your insecurities of all that’s normal in life; you’re just thankful the thing don’t hurt.
All through the day you get this pin prick feeling on your backside every time you sit down, you feel your clothing for a splinter of any thing you may have sat down on, nothing. You ask someone to check your clothing in the area of the pain, an embarrassing request, but you’re desperate; nothing. You sit back down, the pain comes back, you go to the bathroom to inspect further, that’s when you find it; a pimple the size of a pinhead right in the middle of your sit down mussels. You reach back there, you pop it, a little snap and your done; you redress yourself and go back and sit down, comfort.
That’s a lot like life isn’t it, the human masses part of life, all that we see on the news, or while we venture out getting along with our day doing whatever we do. But what we see is like that annoying little pimple, the only thing is, is that we ignore too often what we see. We push aside what we see, what we know, and understand fully of life; we push the little stuff aside for anything that satisfies our need for calm, for unrealistic peace in our lives.
Just like peace didn’t come into our lives before we popped that little pimple, we don’t have peace in our lives now, because we tend to cover over all that is in our reality; the faulty items of life that we should be looking at. No wonder we believe in the guy stretched out in the hammock with his laptop that says, “You can just hangout and be free, see you in 2018!” If he represents my freedom, then; I want my money back.
Tiny pin prick annoying pimples grow if neglected, no matter where they are, on our sitter downers, or where Aunt Martha kisses us on the forehead, those pesky pin prick pimples can and will grow if we don’t act accordingly; we need to give them the attention due them.
In our covering up of the small parts of our annoyances in our daily lives, we tend to look at the bigger items, economy, global warming, segregation and bigotry; we are so in tune with the far overreaching problems that we never see the cure to the problems are right in front of us as we look in our prospective mirrors. At times, the content of the societal red blotch of a pimple, comes down to the complacent actions of the common citizenship that allows the pustule ease of the politicians growth. Rendering a view of today, if you have seen one pimple, then you have seen them all; but just popping a pimple won’t eradicate the pesky pimples regrowth, it’s more of a life change that will free the common skin from such infections.
In this discourse of the pimples relationship to life, we must be willing to look at the content within the blotchy red spore that rest beneath the overcharged societal extremities.
The weapons of mass destruction that people have feared for the last decade and a half, as pustulant as those weapons may be, they are little match for the silent citizen that rest blissfully in their complacency. But yet we fear little the technology that we see, be it robotic or warfare technology, is it the unseen mass of human pustulence; a mass of bliss threatening gadgetry brought to our homes through popular technology. Some may say such a thought is possible, we have declined in certain human aspects of our lives; oral communication, honest relationship behavior, intelligent understanding in a common sense form. As a society we are too judgmental while relying on our lack of knowledge in the deepest form of understanding what is going on around us, we as citizens trust the criminal elements of society, while shunning the more honest people in our lives; as wrong as such actions are, we are now doing so in a second nature manner. Without thought, are we as humans slowly constructing our own toxic demise, are we becoming our own pimple on humanity’s cheek. Are we building a future that will be more painful than the reddish blotch we saw in the mirror after the societal paperwork gets finished.
From a red blotch to infectious toxicity, four decades or better in accumulation by silent acceptance. Three decades ago, the common citizens critical yet taken for granted complaints of a growing yet to become an obese government; their fears now realized on this day. The complaints and questions, now silenced by politicians and media, and humanity’s fearful and motionless minds; we are as a free body of humans, are in fact the pimple.
The unsettling reality, as unpleasant in the eyes of the future as today’s actions in thought and understanding are on this day, and however remorseful we may be in the future; we the specks on the human landscape, remain silent and content in the bequeathing of our last freedom . . . speech.
The illusion of our country’s historic freedoms as represented by the guy in the hammock, his freedom, his life sustaining worth for humanity, his neglect for true understanding of loss however distant in time from this date forward; is more the reality of what we have become than the illusion of a better world, a better life.

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