Modern Technology

Modern Technology

AARP has classes on Smart Phones now, one lady says that she texts more now because her grandchildren respond better. Oh that is so warm and fuzzy, go savor your text and give your Smart Phone a grandmotherly kiss to the forehead once you figure out where it’s forehead is; oh yeah, it’s a Smart Phone, it’ll tell you where to find its forehead.
I am really not proud of my generation, so inept of life & living, they have turned God into a socialist god with their big governments and liberalist agendas; and that peace & Love garbage from one of the most insecure, silent and following parts of our society is so old that it’s dust has dust. Go smoke up a bowl, it’ll all be okay when the smoke clears the room; it’s been that way since 1969 right.
Society has been getting ruder, colder, more and more complex, confusing and insane over the last few decades. And now we as screwed up senior boomer citizens are once more going to sit in our denial that all is not well in society, we are going to take a class on how to use a (I am trying to not be too explicit here) blank Smart Phone.
Look, we were losing track of humanity’s warmth and love before computer’s and Smart Phones were even a glimmer in any of the gizmo inventors eye’s, we dissolved that warmth and love when we followed some guy that believed in smoking, popping, shooting, snorting; all while partaking in free love with his neighbors wife. Yeah, dropping out by getting loaded was just a fad, sometimes I see people my age walking around like carrots and cucumbers with legs, they veggied themselves to moron stature. Moron stature, how rude, not really, look at a moron as a person that tossed his or her intelligence in the blank garbage so that they could be cool, not Kool, but cool.
They showed a picture on the news, a bunch of seniors sitting around a bunch of tables listening to their instructor, not a teacher in this case, showing the seniors how to take a blank selfy, how stupid can these seniors be, it’s not blank rocket science here.
Then the instructor gets all gleeful, sashay’s around the front of the tables while she tells the group how so and so senior Ms Smith or Jones took a selfy of herself; we’ll good, now she can go home and count all of her wrinkles and turn on a paid infomercial of some beauty aid that will shrink the skin for a day, but will not Ever return her to her youthful self. This may be hard to believe, but the last 1964 Chevrolet to roll off the assembly line, was in 1964; yeah, so was the boomers youth, none of us get second chances with our youth. Sorry boomers, to borrow a phrase, you are what you are as a person; not as a group. There just happens to be less of the boomer generation that didn’t join the following fad wave of whatever was their turn-on.
See that’s one thing that makes me want to stay safely away from retirement homes, the aged boomers. Ever listen to some of them, blank this, blank that. Then they ask, when did they start using unleaded gasoline in cars. God forbid I would have to be expected to join in on bingo night, or play the exciting game of spoons, hmm while some raisin is tipping back a Budweiser out in the parking lot while he is puffing down a joint filled with their medijuana with his grandson as they sextext the old lady on the 8th floor.
Right now, I have neighbor that is really ill, deadly ill. She loved her vodka and recovering meth addict boyfriend, it wasn’t the boyfriend that made her sick; it was or is her lifestyle. The doctor’s took their biopsies, then sent her home; to die. Another neighbor, early 50’s, he gets credit at the market, beer, smokes and hotdogs. He will bum smokes when he runs out, make a hotdog last a day, but he never runs out of beer; he did meth and prefers beer and pot. He talks down about his ailing neighbor for her addictions, how stupid she is, I told him a couple of times that he was working on being her; he thought I was rude. But they both are boomers, closer to the last of the boomers, but boomers.
Don’t really know where she gets her money to survive, but he is allotted a certain amount each week to get by, each week he just turns his income over to the market for more beer. This is not the kind of normal that gathers respect from me, I don’t want to be a part of any of it, and I have a hard time dealing with people that think this kind of a society is normal.
Senior boomers, they can learn how to text, they can learn all about hash-tags, they can even take all the selfys they want and share them with the world on MySpace and Facebook and Twitter and and and; it’s their life. But they might want to take a class on life, to learn what the human touch really means.
Due to age, if the senior boomers don’t figure it out, all that’s good about life, an honest love, respectability and dignity, above all else; then what’s it all worth, what decent part of life are they going to leave behind or pass on.

I used the word [blank] in place of words I really felt like saying but didnt, I will leave it up to you, fill them in however you see fit.

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