With All That’s Threatening This Country

With all that is threatening the country

The concerned citizens of America, from sea to shining sea, we turn on the news, what do we get, Hollywood gossip and socialites, the latest and greatest fashion, computer and gadget info, and all the political glad-handing and trash talk we can stand at the moment.
Just so people know, I don’t care about the runtty millionaire boy singer in his glass house, or if he owns shares in an egg farm. I don’t care who got what plastic surgery to transform their sex, or if an aging part of an historic rock and roll duo’s skin fell off due to her penchant for going under the knife. And for a car guy, I don’t really care about the latest car to hit the market, from Corvettes to those high speed exotics; if I really want to know about those things, then I will find the information, but I want the news casters to report the news.
But I do care, about the fires in the Redwoods, well all the fires up and down the west coast; as well as the floods and effects of drought back east, as far east as Lady Liberty her self. As far as the presidential runners in the political contest to be crowned Mr or Ms America, Mr George Washington is not running, if he was, I would vote for him; he didn’t want the job, but he believed it was his duty to Serve the People (that’s a relatively new thought these day’s). So for the next year, we live in the dread of deciding who to vote for, or who is telling us the most honest lies.
As a citizenry, we have been manipulated to remember with our short-term memory, rather than our long-term memory, yesterday’s or yesteryears ups and downs no longer matter; because of the bombardment of so-called valued and popular news, in that mix is where the real true valuable news gets lost. Just like Hillary’s email conflict is popular today, but why doesn’t the news stations dig to the deepest depths of her and Bill’s past, showing the real people that they are; takes to much time to do real reporting, and in this liberal paced society, it would look like we are picking on them rather than showing the public the Honest truth.
But it truly is up to the public to retain our long-term memory’s function in our pea-pickers, it’s up to us to be aware of what is happening to our country, our towns; and our lives. It’s up to us to know the difference between what’s good for the country and our freedom’s. It’s up to us to understand the underlying threat to America’s truly faltering Constitutional Rights and Freedoms, it’s up to us to understand that Socialism, Progressivism and Liberalism have an un-observed dark side, and it’s connected to more of a Communistic bend. But then following for too long, will cause blindness in the mind, in the end; such blindness will make a hand full of people happy, leaving the bulk of the nation riddled with regret and disappointment.
So when I turn on the news, I want to see the news with honest reporting.
Due to weather manipulation, from the Chemies that fly around the globe, we have lost a good portion of our water supplies, the major parts of our country’s food growers are under attack from droughts and fires to flooding; from California to the Midwest to the east coast; the weather has shortened the country’s food supplies. The moronic cure, is to feed our families food that has been imported, wood that has been cut here then shipped overseas to be processed and shipped back to us; so that we can build our homes. And that importation constitutes American values and freedom, or productivity and sustainably?
I want to see news casters, politicians, and the public shed some light on the above with a strong need for truth and concern; before showing me the latest new beer or fashion statement. Speaking only for myself, I am not so feeble minded as to think that this country is on the right track with a good future ahead for generations to come, and I am not so feeble minded as to think that an overabundance of silence and focusing on what’s popular is equally as good for the above future generations.
We as a citizenry are building a future through our respectful actions or inaction, and like it or not, we will have no choice but to survive in the fallout of our actions; or revel in the salvation of our country’s rights and freedoms that for now are being used against every good God fearing American. Faith in God, another novel concept, a concept that played a major roll in the building of this country; till socialism and progressivism changed the flow of the river of our lives, now, now it’s time to change the flow of the river of life back to a healthy free and more stronger state of American being.
Or we can simply drown in the murky pool of popularity and business as usual.

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