The Lost Child

The lost child, or the wishing well of disappointment inside.

Every adult walking this earth this very second was a child, they had their dreams and their visions, but somewhere in their lives; the child stopped dreaming, they stopped dancing; they stopped laughing.
Sometimes the child within stops on his or her own accord, that’s when they mature, becoming the adults; knowing that the past is a classroom of memories to learn from. Learn we all must, because we all remember our past, no one can truly say that in a catatonic or vegetative state that we won’t be dwelling on or remembering our faults and tarnished lives that we live.
Ask an alcoholic, or a drug addict, no matter how much they snort, shoot, pop, or guzzle; they can’t escape who they are or who they have been, or what they have become. For some, you can be there for them, be the good example, be supportive of the better life. Well, frankly, it won’t matter, they have been in the cellar of life for so long that talking to them is often a waste of time.
A waste of time, how can you be so cold as to say that; a waste of time, man that’s cold!
It’s not cold, it’s realistic, drug abuse and alcohol abuse is epidemic these days; and all the public (for which includes families and friends) wants to do is coddle the abusers of both so that the coddler’s can further ignore the issues of both addictions. So that the straight and fearless can ignore their addicted family members and friends; just where is the “Normal” in that, where’s the “Honest Love” in the ignoring the problem without giving up a good fight.
If anyone has an addiction problem, know that if someone cares enough to be honest with you; just know that is the person that cares. Just know the thoughts of caring will not go on forever, but the enablers will; it seems like society will never have a short supply of enablers and weak minded supporters of today’s vision of normal with their faulty and very toxic involment or actions. If people are not honest, then they’re enablers; the caring person has got to be tough minded, and their actions have to be honest and without waver.
So what about the child, think back, the ones that cared were the ones that encourage you to do better, to think on your own, to learn and to be active. I had a teacher tell me once, from parents to teachers, our job is to teach young people how to stand on their own. She was a good teacher, and worth learning from, not too many teachers like her these days, not because they aren’t out there, but rather because their hands and teaching methods have become so liberally controlled; sadly.
But in order to get back on track, we, all of us, have to expect more from the youth before they graduate, we have to expect parents to be more encouraging to their children. No longer allowing the children to act up by showing them that only the good habits will be tolerated, if we don’t; the more toxic children and people in their lives will take control.
That toxic control is hard to escape in your middle to late years, just look at the abusers of life today, the can be seen in all age groups till they die of old age; Baby Boomers are no exception. They make the words [Old Enough to Know Better] worthless words; those words have no back bone anymore. In essence, adults need to control their own inner child, to help their own or any child succeed in their life with less ruts to traverse.
Bottom line, we adults have to be or become the wisdom keepers as well as teachers again. We have to be the inspiration in any child’s life if we really want a better life.
Honestly, I hope to make the big trip before I become too embedded with old age, it’s a scary thought these days; but then, “It is what it is” right. With the mentalities of today in mind, try screaming for help when you can’t, or running away when you can’t get out of bed, try fighting back when you can’t lift your arm all due to age related illnesses; try doing that while your being ignored, beaten, or raped. It’s not a pretty thought is it, but that’s the price we pay when we teach the children popularity wins over respect and dignity.
If the children of tomorrow aren’t important today, they will be when when that tomorrow comes; and if we teach them civility today, we might just be saving their lives as well as their dreams of something better in their lives.

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