Everyone wants paradise, no matter where a person lives, inside, deep inside, they want paradise. Every summer, they look for paradise, they go on vacations looking, camping, taking pictures, but do they really find paradise; nah, just reasonable facsimiles.
A favorite place for me is the north coast of California, from Big Sur all the way to the border of Oregon. Mmmm, heaven, from memories of past trips or to being there at this very minute; Heaven.
But on one of our trips through the Redwood forest area, after many tranquil trips to the area; we decided to take a detour on our way home, through the Redwood’s on the Avenue of the Giant’s, Trinidad, all the way to Bodega Bay; anywheres that would take us away from Highway 101. Stopping anywhere on our trips, we would always see elk herds, sunsets or sunrises; it was always paradise for us to just drive through the area.
So we decided, this time was as good as any to blow some time while we maneuver the winding roads with the windows rolled down, just breathing in a slice of serenity. On any of our drives, we would stop and walk amongst the Giant’s, looking at the slivers of sunlight as they made their way to the forest floor; a three hundred foot drop in their path downward from the treetops. We would stay silent while we became a part of the forest landscape, even for just a small bit of time; we could never find a reason not to stop and smell the abundant scents of the forest while getting lost in its beauty.
But this time, this one detour, we weren’t so lucky. Location, location, location, that’s what the Real Estate tycoons say. But when looking for paradise, it’s timing, timing, timing; and a whole bunch of respect.
On this drive, it was late summer, a time when people should be thinking of the beginning of back to school, buying notebooks and pencils, but no way, there on the Avenue of the Giant’s, there’s no Office Depot or Staples throughout the area; we found ourselves in the middle of camper, motor home, and trailer central. There was no place to park, and no place or tree to hide behind if you had to relieve yourself. And, cars + loud music + people = a strong decline of serenity. Some people call the Redwood’s the Cathedral of the Giant’s, a peaceful thought, a place of honest serenity; just not on this trip.
But isn’t that the way it should work, in the thought that peacefulness and respect should go hand in hand; maybe if we took people out of the equation, but who really would want to do that. Eliminating people would be too radical of a thought, but if the elimination of people is such a radical thought, then shouldn’t we be more ready to try a little respect in our lives; for some people even, respect is not as fun as disrespect.
But then I got to thinking, watching the news this morning, we have the wars, changing weather, scrub and forest fires, and now; we have rich people building personal or should I say public oriented space crafts, that only the rich can afford a flight in. What part of that sentence didn’t include people. Something to think about, when we honestly stop and look at what we have done, and are doing to the is earth. And we want people flying off to the moon to find a new frontier, I don’t think I would like to look out at the moon, knowing the changing colors in the moon’s atmosphere is there because mankind can’t contain himself; they just can’t, because mankind from gangs to politicians lost their reasoning of what constitutes respect in life. Bet you dollars to donuts, no one will speak out against the building and operation of such crafts on the citizen level; I don’t believe for a second that the first or last flight will be an E-Ticket to paradise.
But then I got to thinking, what if some person caught a feather and decided to build a stairway to heaven, virtually impossible; but what if they did. Everything up till now has been dealing with people, so, what if they did find a way to build that stairway; heck of a thought.
Just who would want to be the first to climb that stairway or fly off in one of those less than common folk space crafts, would it be the very rich and very powerful. Would it be the nonbelievers, would it be the Socialist, the Communist, the Progressive fleet of the Elite. I am sure glad heaven doesn’t work that way.
But I can almost sense the pain of those left behind, as they are left in their faithless lives, anyone care to wager a guess of how many by percentage would be asking God; why not me?
Such thoughts just kinda drags the spirit down, so for now, I think I will just seek serenity where I can find it, but hey, if you find serenity, you will find paradise; even if it last for an hour, it’s worth the time spent wherever you find it.

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