Fire on the Tracks

Fire on the Tracks

The ground on which we stand is sacred ground. It is the dust and blood of our ancestors. On these plains the Great White Father in Washington sent his soldiers armed with long knives and rifles to slay the Indian. Many of them sleep on yonder hill where Pahaska – White Chief of the Long Hair (General George Custer) – so bravely fought and fell. A few more passing suns will see us here no more, and our dust and bones will mingle with these same prairies. I see as in a vision the dying spark of our council fires, the ashes cold and white. I see no longer the curling smoke rising from our lodge poles. I hear no longer the songs of the women as they prepare the meal. The antelope have gone. The buffalo wallows are empty. Only the wail of the coyote is heard. The white man’s medicine is stronger than ours. His iron horse (railroad) rushes over the buffalo trail. He talks to us through his ‘whispering spirit’ (telegraph). We are like birds with a broken wing. My heart is cold within me. My eyes are growing dim. I am old.
Plenty Coups Aleek-chea-ahoosh 1848 – 1932

I think of all the fires this summer, brought on by the modern day warrior’s of peace and love; a bit of a strong word, warrior’s. They never did have the backbone to stick with the fight, in essence, they ran from any war, but we’re fearless in protecting their stash and wayward lifestyle’s.
But they did give us Charlie Manson, and Andy Kerr, they gave us tree huggers, and the earth firsters with limited loyalty; if there was a party after, then they would join. The Progressive politically correct movement ate them up like carnival cotton candy, and some of them and their offspring still don’t know they’ve been consumed.
Those that found power in their politics as lobbyists, they would say that they would go back and do it all again for nothing, but they wouldn’t; greed and power has an addicting taste of honey, the withdrawals would put them in a padded room with no methadone known for their condition. But that’s the country that they, the above people have built, they won’t give up their ways, but they will ask for more, they will ask the government for more; and all their asking cost you the young taxpayers more.
They want gun control to protect society and their smart cars, fancy homes and money. That adds up to more laws, less freedoms, and bigger more aggressive police officers and departments. They loved the free lives they had, it wasn’t free though, it was tolerated; the toleration back then has become everyone’s issue, everyone’s problem, everyone’s dysfunction today.
Ask yourself where you feel safe, from the web, to your neighbor, to local businesses, to your local and national governments; ask yourself who do you really trust. These are the warrior’s of the day, not talking armed forces here, this is the citizenship being thought of; in reality, from the citizenry to the oval office, it’s like the infant has been given full control of Disneyland.
And now, the citizenry ask for everything, but never looks at the process or outcome of getting everything. How much does the citizenship know about global warming in reality, the answer is really nothing, what they do know is mostly bits and pieces doled out by supposed experts that the citizenship doesn’t really know, so it comes back down to nothing again.
But the citizenship does know what’s popular, the citizenship is inundated with all kinds of beauty aids and tips, fashion tips for the body and the home, the top 10 music, movie and car picks; but, what about chemtrails, who’s paying for them, and who is in charge of that toxic stuff falling from the shy.
It’s a very dysfunctional world out there, but, even if you live in a gated community, that dysfunction is going to touch you; so really, don’t you want some real understanding of it all. The rubber has met the road a long time ago, so try this, see if it fits your wallet, the next time you see two fighter jets take off into the air, from beginning to landing, they just cost the citizenship sixty thousand dollars; that’s $60,000.00. Now what do you think chemtrails are costing the citizenship, even if you don’t believe the planes are government related then who is messing up your sky.
The ghost of the First Nation ancestors, wonder what they would say if they were alive today, they were right about so much over this nations time span so where would they be wrong today; they wouldn’t be.
Countless fires up and down the west coast, some heavily drought stricken lakes, rivers, and water sheds. Snow packs that shrink daily, but in the last couple of months, the shrinking snow packs would barely make tea. Still no one talking about the ills of the land, nor do they talk of the real cause; but they still blame the same old things, least we can say that they are steadfast in that respect.
Or is it like back in history, with the killing off of the buffalo, their skulls and hides the only things saved, all for the extermination of the native American; is it that, the same but different, a bad and toxic case of political correctness?
God forbid, I sure hope not…

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