The Gift

The Gift

The Gift I gave wasn’t near as important as the gift I received.
It all started a long while back, at the coffee place that I like to go to, great coffee, better than Starbucks; and they don’t serve the coffee in bikinis (in the food serving business, that’s like serving your customers in your underwear).
One of the Barista’s always showed Kindness, Understanding, a Genuine nature (she didn’t talk like a Valley Girl, she paid Attention to the Customer, she wasn’t Flighty or Flirtatious, and she had a sense of Humour) and that genuine nature is what I encourage in life, as she is now heading off to collage after a short vacation; I wanted to thank her for the smile that she put on my face.
She is refreshing in this day in age, in other words, most customers of the coffee shops and other businesses, the customers under-appreciate the good people that serve them. While both customers and servers can be rude, a little appreciation will insure that we don’t have to be that way.
As a customer, I don’t have to run like a track star to make sure everyone stays happy, I don’t have to work in the heat of the kitchen or a small confining hut filled with hot coffee making equipment, and I don’t have to put on a smile while dealing with rude people. But in my code of life, I do have to be as a customer, be Considerate, Patient, Understanding, and Thoughtful of all that a waitress, or in this case a Barista, goes through in their day. But, I don’t have to deal well with their rudeness, in essence of that, don’t make the mistake of treating me like just another thoughtless non-appreciative customer.
The Gift I gave, to the Barista Extraordinaire, she earned the gift by being respectfully human, something I look for in people. In this day where fashion, popularity, and all the silver and gold bling drive the world; the person that I gave the gift to, and others like her, she is the precious commodity. I felt honored that I could put a smile on her face, and to be able to thank her for the smile she could bring out in me.

Life is not about bling, money and power, sex and flirtation, none of that counts. The human touch doesn’t have to be physical, but it has to be respectful, the same as the relationships around these days, they have to be respectful; otherwise our actions and thoughts are a true trashing of time.
There were no strings attached to the gift, but it was full of appreciation and respect.
Appreciate the Good in life when you see it, sometimes, honest Appreciation is the best gift given or received. What was the gift, it’s up to her to tell ya, she will be able to eat good food now and then while she is away at school though.

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