The Mark

The Mark

The now fairly silent thoughts of the Biblical Mark of the Devil, it’s as silent as the brewing process, industry, and controversy of Chemtrails; nonetheless live topics for the thinking mind, but for the public they are cooled in their thoughts.
The view presented here, is a questioning view more than anything, but it’s a view more of society’s acceptance of other silent actions that are alive and well, in spite of those actions being non caring and maliciously taken by people that call themselves Normal, Good Christians, God fearing Citizens; to these people, Hypocrite is not a big word to them.
This concrete true tale was almost lived out in the small town of Gresham Oregon, I say almost, because the perpetrator has not been caught as of yet. Don’t disregard this as being small or insignificant, because it happened in a neighborhood; it also means it could happen in your neighborhood. It could also disrupt your home.
Everyone that moves into this particular Manufactured Home park for those over ’55’ are told by the parks overly sweet talking Managers to not feed the cats, and when they catch a outdoor/indoor cat, they will get rid of it. That speech to new residents did not include their own cat, for which wandered through many of the homes in the neighborhood.
One of the residents had two cats, they stayed close to home, they were sweet and loving cats, even had bells on to warren birds that all the good neighbors attracted to the multitude of feeders in the park. Gotta care for the birds, they are a part of life and Nature, it would be Wrong to bring them harm, or to neglect the birds.
One of the residents two cats came up missing, and for some time, quite a few weeks. The resident posted the pictures, all around, in local stores, on phone poles, throughout the park, everywhere in and outside of the park.
Now the manager’s of the park have a Cligue that includes certain residents of the park, they walk around, all snooty, scrutinizing yards, cars, everything but there own visible and faulty actions. The culprit of the abduction is a part of that Clique, walking around like the princess of the aged set.
Every morning walking around the park, cackling like wayward hens at 7:00 a.m. without concern for the elderly neighbors and their opened windows that are still catching their last hour of needed sleep due to the heatwave. The Clique does not care, everyone should be like them, up and walking around or working in their yards.
One day, the owner of the abducted cat, got a call, a Lady from way across town had found the cat. The Lady also put up the pictures of the lost cat she had found, phone numbers, everything; but, it was done on the other side of town. With no calls coming in, the lady desired to keep the sweet and lovable cat, so she took the cat to the veterinarian; that’s where she found the cats owner.
The resident of the park was excited to get her cat back, cats are like family, she no longer has to lose sleep in worrying, no more tears, she has her cat back; and the Clique is still walking around. But the pictures of the once lost cat have been replaced with a sign, thanking her neighbors for the concern and a warning for the person or persons involved in the cat abduction. The message wasn’t threatening, it was factual, what the person did was against the law, and they would be prosecuted if caught. The perpetrator is known, gotta have proof though; so for now, the aged princess, no matter how disgusting and maliciously childish, she simply remains the aged princess.
Now, I believe in God, I believe in American values, I left the Liberals behind back in the Clinton administration, and I don’t have much use for the Conservative and other parties for one simple reason; all the good that they are doing for their particular platforms, dwindles for their lack of understanding and concern for the whole picture, that includes all of what humanity should in fact be.
See, the abductor/s of Their Neighbors cat, they didn’t take the cat to the local Humane Society, because they knew that the cat may be Chipped. No, they took the cat to an area where coyote’s have been known to be a part of the landscape, if they would have taken the cat to a shelter, they, the culprit would have been realised; and all the neighbor’s would have known who they are.
Certainly, it’s not the lady that found and returned the cat, it’s not the owner of the cat that gave her all to find the cat and bring it home; it’s not them that wear the mark, as word gets out, the people in the Clique will have that same mark. The reason why I mentioned the political parties, it’s because people are too reliant on things to follow, so much so they don’t see what’s going on around them. All, that humanity b.s. that people spew, tell me where dumping a cat where the coyote’s will in their own nature will kill and help cover the culprits tracks is humane; how does that work for the thinking mind, the culprits actions certainly is or or were not morally adjusted. But yet we call them neighbors.
God, he put two people together, and a cat. No reason to be mad at him, he watched over that cat, and got the cat home safe and sound; when the odds, and “humanity” was against the cat. If anything, God should be recognized for once in our pitiful society and lives, and Thanked with honest reverence; I mean, look at all the people that walk around that little manufactured home park today, and won’t reveal the culprit. They either don’t know, or they haven’t got the guts to do what is right . . . for even a cat.
As far as my beliefs in the use of chips, and humanity, what’s good for the animal is good for the owner. But ask a veterinarian, or an owner to place a chip in themselves, and they will emphatically say no way while they get all Biblical on you; being a believer or not is of no concern. So I guess that brings us down to humanity again, we act responsibly, accept natures ways, watching the fields of destruction we are sewing all around us, and start showing that we really do care about the whole picture.
Enough has been said…

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