This is Balanced?

This is balanced?

A tollgate worker fired after 30 years of service, he always talked to people, gave dog biscuits away, and helped people that came up short on the toll; all on his own and out of his own pocket, the very reason why the company fired him. He is older, retired kind of older, that should tell the public where we are heading and why. He told the news that he didn’t think he wanted to go back to work for the company, especially if he can’t show kindness, stating that he thought what he was doing was right.
I can hear someone saying that he should have followed the rules. Some of the mans regular people spoke out, he’s always nice, always a kind word or action, if you came up a little short on the toll he would cover it. Ever wonder where kindness is going, abuse or neglect the value of kindness in life; it will be gone.
Moral acts of Kindness should always be the rule, giving Respect should be the rule, but man’s thought of right and wrong; they have left the more dignified rulings and laws illegal.
The once dreaded illegal street corner Pusher selling his nickel bags gets an office, he or she is now a respectable store owner, with legal employee’s, no longer having to hangout in dark alley ways or having to worry about “The Man” catching them making a deal. But you can bet he keeps the backdoor open for bigger deals though. I knew a guy in the tractor parts business that did that kind of business, but that’s not going to happen when a business is strongly rooted in the drug culture; call the cards whatever ya want.
Now couple that with today’s news, where, a Florida man was given a citation because his barbeque smoke went into his neighbors yard. Or the people at a baseball game, one woman was texting her lover while sitting next to her husband, the people behind the woman somehow got the husbands attention and let him know what his wife was doing. No matter how that all came about, it was all wrong. For me, all neighborly invites would end the minute the county inspector gave me the citation, and write or wrong, my phone would be off at any place that has people, which neither of which bothers me anyway. But all of the above comes down to a theft being made; a theft? Yes, a theft.
Maturity, Respect, Dignity, the Moral Compass has gotten crunched, how about true conversation, all those things are gone. It seems that Samantha’s Gladys Kravitz gave birth to a ton of little Gladys’s, put a level on most people today, we would all fail, imbalanced is a snotty word today, but look at society and ask with serious thought; where are we heading?
How many ways do we have to lose our way of life, or our privacy, why even worry about dignity and respect, but are we simply that intent in finding ways to lose the American way of life to realise that it’s almost gone.
Apparently so.
But when the American way rather than the illusion of, becomes important again, try getting it back, but remember these words; when the going gets tough, the tough get going. I hope there is someone out there besides me, that hopes that the actions of our society won’t take us that far; far enough to have to repeat another Civil or Revolutionary war. Or to rightfully show our brawn in order to get back all that should have been cherished all along.

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