The Soft-Spoken Man

The Soft-Spoken Man

In the person to person reality of life, I choose the people I talk to, and if you are rude with me, you had better expect rude back. Why, because we are all in charge of how we treat people, and in case no one has figured it out, rudeness is not acceptable in life, but rudeness seems to be rampant in society’s lacking manners.

“Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.” -Eric Hoffer, 1902-1983

Yeah good old Sandra, “you gotta speak up mister,” well you heard me when I gave you my order. I don’t really know the young woman, but I truly dislike her; this is not a life that is all wrapped around what she deems worth paying attention to. Her attitude alone, will have her waking up alone in life if she is not careful; her little princess demeanor is as old as the hills, and quite boring.
So, this made me feel better, I saw the truck of the plumber that did a good deal of work for me pulling up behind me. I told Sandra to fix him a drink of his choice, gave her my card, and took care of the transaction, then left without a thought; just leaving some appreciative kindness behind. Sandra heard the order, took care of the transaction, and heard what I said about the plumbing company being the best in the area; “well if I ever buy a house, I will remember that!” Hope she changes her “Tude” by then, the most beautiful people in the world, men and women; aren’t worth a Tinkers Damn if they are rude in their manners.
These days, the Sandra’s in society are more common than snow flakes in the winter; and yet we accept them as something special.
But what else do we accept as special, politicians would be one, if they say what’s popular; then they are special in the public’s eyes, but does that popularity make them right or good for the country.
Like Sandra, the answer would be no, feeding the public what they want to hear; it’s a two edge dagger, one for the public to give their dignity to, the other edge to take that dignity away.

“Mediocrity requires aloofness to preserve its dignity.” -Charles Gates Dawes, 1865-1951

Put on a little bling, some attitude, some noise and everyone can shine these day’s; doesn’t take much these day’s, in fact, it’s harder to see the real person that is standing before you.
Sandra may think I am rude for standing up to her, and never leaving the seat of my car; like I told her, you won’t like it if I raise my voice so you’d better listen. Like before, she thought she didn’t have to be mannerly and pay attention; and like before, she didn’t take the time. The cost, I don’t have to go there, there are plenty of coffee places within the area, and if it wasn’t for the better people there, I probably would find another place; it’s the one bad apple thing.
But life is full of bad apples isn’t it, but there are a good deal of great people out there; so why can’t we hear or see them. Mainly because they have been burnt too many times, they don’t want to let themselves out there again. You try to help, you try to be neighborly, you try to be honest, the contact with humanity these day’s will be lost the second people get what the want; so you stop trying. But what happens when everyone stops trying, that’s the rub that should be looked at.

“He was like a cock who thought the sun had risen to hear him crow.” -Geoge Eliot [Marian Evans Cross], 1819-1880

Soft-Spoken people, they are not the same as shy people, and when they do raise their voices; they will be called rude and they can handle that. They can because they see more of what’s around them, not just in their world, but in everyone’s world. They are often taken for granted, not like kicked and shoved, but not taken seriously; and they can handle that too. Because the Soft-Spoken person simply knows what they see, the truth is in the pudding as they say, so while the rest of society gets loud, and swims in the pudding of popularity; the Soft-Spoken person will always be seeking a better path to walk while listening to the many rooster’s crow.

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