Talking about Real Things

Taking About Real Things

Such a grand freedom to be used, by everyone, get a few people together, set the goal for an intelligent mature conversation, just check the anger at the door; remembering its a mature conversation.
I keep this thing called “Quick Notes” that I can type things of interest that pass before me, thoughts that pop into my head; just about anything. Thought I would share a couple with you and why I saved them.

Shoe-fly, the gorilla with the amputated arm. A tedious surgery to relieve Shoe-fly from pain caused by gunshot wounds about the face and arm, that has deformed his arm to the point that Shoe-fly couldn’t climb trees. A liberalism view would celebrate the saving of the gorilla, even with the amputation, and the possibility of Shoe-flys rejection from the gorilla group. Then the liberalist, will blame the gun, ducking away from mans responsibility, so afraid to blame his own, so afraid to accept his own deformities, so afraid to look at himself.
[Shoe-fly, he survived, his own took him in, but he will never see the wild again; not because of the gun, that was the result of man pulling a trigger. It’s the blaming of the gun that keeps these things happening; it no longer baffles me that the supposed smartest lifeforms walking this earth call themselves human, when a crow can make the tools he needs to get his food. Seems like the best we human’s can do, is play the blame game.]

This dude came up to me and asked me to buy something in the store, like he gave me some money, he said he would watch my dog for me, when I came back out the man and my puppy was gone. The newscaster called the person a woman, a woman?
We have to regroup here, she was stupid, and she was not a lady because lady’s don’t talk like that. Dude is reserved for teenagers! Smart, no she wasn’t, she was in front of a liquor store, and the man was with another woman in a car with tinted windows. Let’s also look at what constitutes a man.
[If the story wasn’t real, it would be television fodder, don’t know if she ever found her dog again, as a pet owner, part of me feels bad for her, the other part hopes she doesn’t get another pet till she grows way on up.]

We reserve the right to serve those who we chose to serve? A Gresham man can be sued and face jail time for not baking a cake, he already lost his business due to gay rights, when he chose not to bake a cake due to his religious beliefs. Where is his rights? Some would say it’s just a cake, so make it; but now, is it just a cake?
[In restaurants and stores for years, signs exclaiming the Right to Serve were on walls throughout the country, now they don’t count for much, but, I guess we live too much in a world that don’t count for much. I could see the writing on the wall years ago, not necessarily about any certain group of people, but rather mankind in general. There must be half a million bakeries in America and a Gay couple can’t find one in the fast becoming the most liberal of states in the union, guess it’s not the thing to do, we human’s have to run some other person out of business if we don’t get our way; childish at best. Guess the Gay couple did getting their Big Brother in on the action, know something, no matter where any of us live, we will all pay for the above; but we would not have faced jail time and lost a family business because two people with a group behind them want to make an example out of a baker.]

Isn’t it strange, within 15 year’s, the drought or floods in our farm lands have gotten worse, our food importation of the food that we eat has increased by as much as 90% from countries that do not hold the same standards as America, and chemtrails have increased a hundred fold; all within the last 15 years. Thank you republican democrats, you just can’t seem to understand, no wonder people want to vote for the janitor.
[The janitor part is a figure of speech, so don’t go getting all upset, most janitors I know of have a good deal of common sense; and many moon’s ago, I used to be one; it was one of those entry level minimum wage job’s we used to get experience in. Oh yeah the point, the last 15 Years, there is a track record that really isn’t all that hard to see, we will all be paying for it; there is no way to avoid it because the cost will be paid in the prices we pay at the checkout counter. But we will be hit twice, because no one is demanding the government to stop it’s part of the global warming muse, that is what is happening, we lose our freedoms and hard earned money due to our silence. You know, if mankind would just let Mother Nature do the fixing, while we show more respect for the earth and life; we might see some real healing done.]

The worst thing for a country to allow, is for the people to allow its government to become as dysfunctional as society; and vise versa. Today, it is imperative to seek a deeper sense of respect and dignity coming from both, for both to survive.
[This thought came to me from simply looking at a certain area of town that I was in while shopping at a Manly Man store, Harbour Freight. Just kidding about the Manly Man part. But the area has a building reputation for drug addicts, and other less desirable parts of society. It brought to mind, with all of the societal actions combined; would society really want a government as dysfunctional as society is? But then I got to thinking, we already do have a government that’s as dysfunctional as society. Newberg Oregon, they made the news because a local government official was put on leave, because of reasons that aren’t exactly clear, the official that took action on the person that was put on leave; she is now being investigated for some sort of coruption. My thought isn’t far off the mark, but going back say 40 years, Newberg Oregon was known for not having any major crimes in the whole of a century. Makes me question, which dysfunction is feeding which dysfunction; no matter how you look at it, the dysfunction needs to stop.]

In the reality of the past, I look back in time, and though I remember most all of my childhood, it seems like I went from playing in the playground at my grade school in 1959, right to to catching twenty footers in 1969; how fast 10 years can fly by. But now the past 40 years, they also seem like yesterday, there isn’t anything I can change or fix, but boy howdy, those years flew right into my own history book.
[No one can change the action of time, it’s what we do with the time that counts. We can focus on making money, being kind, traveling and learning the world, but time still marches on, even in the last year’s of our lives, when people have more time to consider the life paths they have been on; times pace never changes, our memories waver little also. But like time, our conscience remains consistent, almost as if time and our conscience walk hand in hand serving up the view of life we have lived.]

If the family is well adjusted and content, then the adults of tomorrow will be well adjusted and content, if the adults of tomorrow are well adjusted and content, then there is hope.
[Wish I could say that life worked this way, it would be a profound thought today, but this isn’t Fantasy Island. But the facts of the thought can be achieved if we want it, but we have to understand throughout life’s process, unseen by the naked eye viewing the words is; we can only get a percentage of the thought, the rest will take some concentration, hard work and sacrifice. In that at thought, I wish I could say……]

Open your mind and heart, but don’t forget your soul.
Everyone has a clock that is ticking away inside themselves, what people need to understand is that we never know when someone close to us, when their clock will stop ticking, then what?
[This thought came from a simple fact, loss comes in different forms. If there is no true investment, like a depth of love. No human touch, like an honest hug. Then loss is minimal, easily walked away from. But, honest in all respects, an honest love, loss is life changing, that is where strength of character comes into play; that’s how we survive. I have had both, respect the loss before it lands in your lap, because no matter the form, the walking away or death; loss is never fun.]

I was fortunate to have been guided by an Uncle that came from Texas, with Texas values, not having a dad around before or after our reuniting. My Uncle taught me that when the foe is bigger, you get a 2×4 that’s bigger than a twig from a spindly tree. It wasn’t for the first to cuffs fighting aspects, it was because life can be tough, you just have to fight harder.
I took the good and the bad from my mother, she was the good church going lady, but she wasn’t without faults, so I weeded out the bad and kept the good, through that she taught me forgiveness even though she didn’t know she had. If I hadn’t learned that, we would never have gotten along. Along with the forgiveness, I learned about God, as I grew older, He became more important, so even though in our lives we get both chocolate covered strawberries and lemons, we can through some weeding out the bad and some goodly amount of forgiveness; we can come out of our journeys with a good life.
With the lessons I learned, I stayed away from a good number of the more popular actions of society, looking back; I am glad that I did. I don’t need to be popular to live, I just need to live accordingly to all that is around me. I need to be helpful and considerate to those around me. I also learned that if I am going to nitpick someone, I’d better nitpick myself first; that lesson helps keep me inline with who I am; it pays to see ourselves and change what needs changing.
I haven’t done everything right, wasn’t a grade ‘A’ student, but looking back at the lives of some of the people I know that were, I am happy in my knowing that I have learned more about life than some of them have; I am confident that if there was a report card given for the living of life, with strength in respect and dignity, I might just do a little better in the grading than what I did in school. I am, in my old age, content with the man I have become, for I know how to love deeply without expectation, I know how to forgive and move on with dignity, and when the going gets rough, I know how to fight back with gusto; while staying away from drugs and alcohol abuse as a means of escape.
There is a good deal to learn about life, none of us can learn what we need to learn swimming in the popular stream of life, nor can we learn from any form of substance abuse. Live well, love with honesty and respect, and never give your dignity away; for nothing, because you may never get it back. Even if you do everything right.

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