The Value of Thought

The Value of Thought

All that is around us, at any given time or place, Thought is invoked if we give it a chance; most importantly, if we don’t let our Thoughts be stifled by others. The Conservative groups are speaking out about Donald Trump, his comments on Hispanics, and the latest; what constitutes a Hero.
They said that people are saying what they have been Thinking all along about him, that may be true, but the Thought begs an answer; they are the so-called experts and leaders, so how come has he gotten this far. With him, it’s all ego driven, but, he is losing respect and money, all in the feeding of his ego; how does all of the above work. He has no integrity of Thought, least ways for himself, he just lets his mouth wander flatulencently; the bad part is that some people Think he would make a good president. Thought would ask, what if he opened his mouth when it came to a third world war.
The people of this country have the wherewithal to answer the question; but first they have to nut it out.
See, you can take food away, take jobs away, and the public will start to bend and reform their lives to insure their fridges will be filled. That can all be the fault of a bad economy, a drought, a flood, global warming. But you take Thought away, you kill the populations ability to ask questions, gain information, rebuild their lives is gone also. After all we are close to an election year, an open mind will see what is around it, it will question what is around it; like the cause of the faltering economy, the crop killing droughts and floods. Not only the cause, but the next pending drastic dilemma; and who, what or both are in charge of the life that everyone is feeling or is now involved in.
Society is, that’s who, they can displace the value of true Thought today if they wish, but when the balderdash goes fan bound, we will all be living in the fallout; and at that point, some people will not be happy with the Life-Long Followers, Non-Thinkers, and New Found God Seekers.
Today on the Too Depressing To Watch News, yeah right, depressing news, get over it. The president was reported to be working on taking guns away from Seniors, then before the newscaster had the chance to say, this story coming up, I said to myself; the reason will be that the Seniors are too fragile in mind or body. Hmm, can you feel the fallout. Thought let’s me know that it’s to get guns out of the family’s hands, younger stronger family hands. He’s not Thinking of the safety of the Seniors, he’s Thinking Gun Control. The Thinking mind will tell anyone that governmental misuse of office should cause a great deal of distrust in the government, but, some Seniors and family members will accept the pending rulings and hand their guns over; so goes the tattered and battered Constitution.
Why is the above so harmful, it’s simple, people today don’t care about life the way that they should, they don’t Think with the depth of Thought that they should; to be blunt, if there are people coming to my neighborhood from a foreign country looking for heads to lop off, I want to know that I have neighbors that have mental strength, and yes; guns. Thought tells me that guns should not be in wrong hands, but unlike the administration at hand, I don’t Think that the innocent mentally balanced citizens hold the wrong hands. To go further with the Thought, from police to government officials; there are a good portion of those officials that are making the news today via their own acceptance and promotion of corruption. Somemore fan fallout, they are the ones that are most active in taking our rights away, they and the parts of our society that condone their faulty action; by sitting silent in their pending nightmare to come.
Thought, Thought is ever present in our lives, but we spend our Thoughts in idle pleasure or destructive matters; where we should spend our Thoughts on better more livable parts of our lives. Look at idle pleasure as penny candy, and death as cost prohibitive, you might understand more the value of Thought.
Looking on a map, a road there that has truthful discriptions, at one end it reads Peaceful Beginning, at the other end; Total Destruction. You will Think by looking at the map, do I want to drive down that road? You head out on the road, you know where the safe turning point is, you reach it, you stop and step from your car. You look at your nice car, your family dressed in their finery, you Think; if I keep going down this road, I can lose it all. Then you Think, if I keep going to the point of destruction, I will not only have to live with my guilt if just I survive, but I will have to die with my guilt if I dont; and the lack of Thought in the making of my choice.
That’s a heck of a Thought, isn’t it…..

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