The Nibble of the Bite

The Nibble of the Bite

We are consuming ourselves, so far it’s a nibble, an irritating nettle pricking of the skin as we walk our path, the Progressive movement of our walk through life.
No tips for the worker, due to a ruling or law; it always comes down to money.
Men and women dressed as the opposite sex, on the streets, good role models; or is it role-playing, don’t know.
Weather that no one talks about, it’s not like people can’t see what’s happening in the environment, that’s the appalling part; Save the Earth are just words.
Gang escalation, beating women that don’t care if they look slutty, or is that sexy, I don’t know anymore. But they all want to be treated like Men and Lady’s.
Businesses closing, being told how much to pay their employee’s, that they have to give this much insurance, forget all the rest of the restrictions; but will the Pot Shop businesses close, but I guess we can’t legislate real jobs.
Obese government, it’s so fat, all because of a glutinous, lazy, weak society that wants one government that owns the world; yeah, owns.
God is unimportant, till people need him, by the above, people will be calling on him, if I was him at that time, I would go on vacation, or be on vodka and Prozac. Oh and the disdain the sheepish people of the world would hold for him if he did, what was that song, If God was one of us, something like that.
People whining when they should be strong, in the thought of survival of the fittest, their going to die.
Drugs drugs drugs, oh people need their drugs, prescription drugs are just a chalk line away from the likes of meth in the wrong hands, or is that in the ingenious cool hands; whatever, drugs still aren’t Kool, no matter how you look at it.
Drought and fires, people won’t look up, they don’t care about chemtrails or what’s in them, with what’s important to people these days; I wonder how people will like the nothingness of a barren land.
Family members murdered by family members, yeah like little Tommy and little Cindy, and Grandpa and Grandma had a choice; some would call murder, job security.
Death before Speaking Out, the math don’t add up, does it.
Sex toys like shoes tossed around power lines, that used to be a kids thing to do with old shoes. Why are the kids out and about when they should be at home is one thing, but, where the heck are kids getting so many sex toys. Adults have to fit in there somewhere.
Wars, threats, beheadings, wow, guess Hitler wasn’t enough drama for the world, and we can’t go fishing with out a permit; evil fishermen.
The building of the nuclear machine, oh big brother, watch out. The games people play, anyone heard of the Denial Game. Doing nothing, saying nothing, liberal or conservative it’s all the same; but hey, everyone’s a winner in the Denial Game.
Men hitting women for fun, or is it because they have achieved equality, but then, the hitting, just where does the hitting come from. Oh I got it, maturity is not a part of growing up anymore, or is that being a grown up anymore. Glad that’s cleared up, I don’t have to create anything worthwhile now, all I have to do is watch cage fighting, and my favorite stupid show, and color in my coloring book, Mommy, where are my crayons; what do you mean you thrashed them when I was 35, I hate you, Mom your so mean.
Corporate takeover turning global takeover, to have so much money and power that you can own the world; or at least a part of it till you’re taken over.
“Friends” taking advantage of “Friends”, nah, that does happen; does it.
Love has become a shallow word, overuse will do that, what is loves true meaning; ah, read a fairytail
Depression, all the weaknesses of mankind exploited for drug sales and money.
Neighborly and family kindness taken for granted, like it will always be there.
Wonder if God knows of all the things people are doing in his name, pastor’s, evangelist and parishioners do everything from serving mammon to molesting children, ah, he knows; if I were God, I’d be more than offended.
This isn’t an effort to be Biblical, pushing Principles onto society; but it is a real look at society and it’s attack on Normal People who simply wish to live in some decorum of peacefulness and grace. In our ignorance of history, we are doomed to repeat history, we are repeating Babylon now, which simply means that from that point on, we will repeat it all; till that one grand and beautiful day, that we learn that the true meaning of life, God and Faith, and Country matters.
Live well with your life, because in the end; we all face the reality of our own making.

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