Be Careful With The Word Hate

Be Careful with the Word Hate

Words are just words, like, “It is what it is!” But looking out at the world we see with all it’s dysfunction and the mounting confusion, do we want to popularize such words as the ones quoted above?
If it is what it is, then I have to question society, is this really all there is, and does society really like It, and can’t we Change It for the Better; wish I could use this statement for something more beautiful but I can’t, Maybe “By the end of the day,” till then society is “Simply Stunning.”
Catch phrases are one thing, for the most part we can look at them as a waste of breath, often times misused statements, can’t even say that they are used to impress due the timeliness of the uses of some of the catch phrases. You see an old lady getting mugged while you walk through the downtown city park, blood, cries for help, you can almost hear the old lady’s hips snapping; someone walks past and says, “It is what it is!” And the thugs, they look at the old broken, bloody, battered and bruised lady, they look at each other and say “Cool Dude!” A ’35’ Ford Sled is Kool, the above is not Kool.
That brings us to the topic at hand, the use of the word Hate, don’t you just Hate the word Hate, you should.
A woman woke up to see notes on her car, she has a son that is Autistic, but he also has some other life altering conditions that control his mind and actions. The notes were scolding the young boy, his actions, and his parents; for something that is out of their control.
The news lady, she went directly to calling the incident a Hate Crime; it’s not a Hate Crime. Who ever placed those notes all over the mother and son’s car, that person may be Inconsiderate, Ignorant, Non-Understanding, Selfish; you could even throw the words stupid or moron in for good measure. But the word Hate, no, that would be excessive.
People use the word Hate in the smaller things in life, mowing the law, washing the car, painting the inside or outside of the house; a good amount of the more normal aspects of life, like the subject of God, people use the word Hate in conjunction with those parts of our lives. We can’t ignore those parts of our life, because they are inherent in life and living, as are some children will be born with mind, body alterations that control their actions. That given, it’s not a free licence to Hate something or someone, and if anything, it should get the person’s involved closer to God. Oh yeah, that’s right he is something to Hate, I forgot.
I had to pick someone up in the morning, the day before they were talking about some guy that was painting their apartment, how they may or may not be picked up in front or in back; it was all left uncertain. Now I could Hate the situation, get mad and exclaim my Hatred and anger loudly; such a waste of time.
So, before I left the house I texted the person; front or back to pick you up? No reply, so this old boy went to the back door as usual. I had my phone in my hand when the upset rider got in the car, [Guess] being a big word here, I was supposed to go to the front door. I held the phone up so they could read the sent message, they looked at it and said; I didn’t have my phone!
Now I could have gotten mad, telling the person that I Hate the thought that nothing in the conversations when they get out of the car are left with certainty, but no; I simply asked the person, just what part of you having to walk around the house is my problem?
I didn’t even get mad when dropping the person off at their work, they still left the uncertainty hanging there as to if they needed a ride home or not. We often cause the day we get, adding hatred to the day, even casually, we almost always insure our day to be bad. But if we start our day with understanding, caring, throwing in some respect and dignity to the day, it may just turn out alright.
Look at the word Hate as the shining example of who you are, the less used, the less people will see the word Hate as an Indicator that you may be a Hate Monger. Someone’s is going to Hate this statement, but: Before you let someone take life’s sweet piss in your Wheaties, exclude the word Hate from your vocabulary, put your best smile on; and “Practice Random Act’s of Kindness,” because life is just simply too short to let a word control anyone’s day.

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