A Hawk and Two Crows

A Hawk and Two Crows

Bullies, they come with feathers too, but so does strength and dignity.
Hawks like Eagle’s are so very majestic, watching them glide around in the sky can make any manly man jealous and feeling less superior for his own support systems; support systems that will never allow man to stand naked on the edge of anywhere and simply take flight.
I was just about ready to park my car for the night, I always look up about then to see if my sunroof is closed, that’s when I saw a couple of bullies picking on a Hawk, dang crows I thought. I’m not too fond of crows anyway, they are one of the most loud-beaked birds around, they will get into anything, and they can destroy crops, well almost anything they set their pea brains on to destroy.
The Hawk has the cunning and power to do some serious damage to their adversaries, between a Hawk and a crow, I’d bet on the crow going down in defeat, it be like a teenage street thug stepping into the ring with Ali during his peak of health; a safe bet for sure.
The crows were very sporadic in both their attacks and in their flight when after the Hawk, the Hawk, he just glided through their attacks, ignored the obnoxious caws, the crows never got close enough to the Hawk to even pluck a feather; then all of a sudden, the crows gave up.
I have seen this happen before, the Hawk’s have always glided off knowing their superiority; strange how something inside of me always clicks. I always silently want to see the Hawk take some altitude, tuck his wings in close to his side, then dive down with the crow in its sights; then when close, drop his wings and his needle like talons wrapping them around the crows scrawny neck.
My feelings are always short-lived, I get lost in the Dignity of the Hawk, the Beauty of the Hawks flight, the Hawk’s respect for Life. But I never disrespect the power of the Hawk, I would not want to offend the Hawk to the point that he would feel that he needs to defend something against me; I would find shelter fast, knowing the Hawk would be one mean advisory if I made him mad.

It’s the same with people, they think their actions don’t get noticed, their insincerity goes unseen, but guess what. Go ahead, guess again.
We all have insincere people in our lives, they rely on our blind kindness, and the words, I’m your friend, I love you, I would do anything for you, I’m here for you. But when the time comes, they aren’t there. When it comes to people and living, you have to have the spirit of the Hawk, he flies alone, but he’s not a loaner, because there are other Hawk’s in the sky. So you have to tap that spirit, learn the Hawk’s view of life and his truer than true meaning of independence; and his dignified manners.
The Hawk could have destroyed at least one of those crows, but he didn’t, he just took them on a journey till they tried, only then did the crows leave the Hawk alone. In the human element, being like the Hawk is lost. If your enemy shows up, it becomes kill or be killed, not kill as a last thought of action; and only then if needed. But the Hawk, regardless of my spontaneous thought of him diving after the crow with deadly intent, he flew off; showing me that killing another because they showed true ignorance is not always the more natural answer. In terms of mankind, the Hawk didn’t flee the scene, in his own way; the Hawk just simply walked away. Leaving the two crows tired and on a long path back from where they came from.
The Hawk is always honest in it’s intent, never sheepish, always up front and willing to go the distance. Oh if humans were like the Hawk.
Hawk’s never go to war, but they will defend all that’s important to them. They kill to eat and feed their young, they never kill to simply kill. Hawks show authority, but they never push their athority. Hawk’s live to survive, they don’t disrupt life to live, they respect their position in life.
To be a Hawk, in reality, most people could never be; a Hawk. We need too much to just survive the day, we need love even if it’s not sincere, we need stores for our food, we need money in order to buy our survival in this world. The ad on television for bundling the phone, computer and television states at the end with a guy laying in a hammock and a laptop, saying: all you have to do is hangout and be free. Makes me wonder what part of free he understands, is it like the Hawk’s view of freedom; and how long is the guy going to be able to lounge around before he has to get out and do something so he can keep his false sense of freedom and security going.
But the Hawk, the Hawk knows it’s meaning in all aspects of life, from birth to death, the Hawk knows. The Hawk knows what man fails to understand, our freedoms strongly exist from our strength and veracity to with dignity and respect protect and defend all of our freedoms under God as this country was founded upon.
Hmmm, to be the Hawk, or the lucky crow that lives due only to an unseen respect for life by a superior manner. If mankind could hold such a vision of life, maybe then he could teach life; rather than the manipulation and the killing of life. I wonder, is that what God thinks, I mean he hasn’t totally written us off; and the Hawk, he is still flying out there somewhere, spreading hope for the strength to be Dignified in the lives we live.
Look at it this way, some people just look at nature, then some people; they learn how to live from nature.

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