You Can Tell A Lot About A Person By Their Music

You can tell a lot about a person by their music

I have several music lists, with a good number of songs in them. From Pink Floyd to Classical, or from A to Z, the one thing I hope; is that someday down the road, my daughter’s take the time to listen to what is there.
The music, agewise would make my great great grandparents happy, as well as some of the new parents that are no where’s near grandparent-hood. But that is the joy of music, it’s made to comfort the soul, to inspire the mind, and to content the heart.
That is why someday I want my children to get to know me through the music I like, they may see a different man, I don’t know. But I do know, they won’t see a violent man, they won’t see a depressed or angry man; what they will see is a man that has a strong respect for Life, History, and something that is very important to me; Love!
The escaping through music makes for a healthy escape, far better than other venues of escape. I always end my day laying in bed, listening to music and playing solitaire on my Kindle, and I most always have a good night’s sleep; like Tim McGraw sings Cowboys want to go out that way – Peacefully. I mean if the bombs fell in the middle of the night while I am sleeping, I would much rather have them take me in the middle of a nice dream than a nightmare.
But that’s just me, I never watch dark movies or listen to loud volatile music before bed, but then I don’t do that during the day, that stuff coupled with the news just kind of bores me; besides, even hours later, the stuff we listen to and watch is still rattling around in our brain pans. Given that, a steady diet of darkened music, could still give a person a nightmare; and I do love to be peaceful in my life.
Some people don’t care about that, knew a guy once, given his age (he’s about 67 now) and background, I always thought it was just a little off that he liked the more volatile Rap music; but then his feet weren’t firmly planted on the ground anyway, sometimes he would take a hundred steps towards stupid before he would realize he was on the wrong path. Then he would say something like, hey dude, how’d I get here. Some people!
I’ve known a good deal of people through the years that listened to the fantasy styles of music, to prove the addictive nature of music, they loved songs like Disney’s Its a Small World. They would listen to that stuff, so unaware of the people and the world around them; it was almost like they could walk through the rubble of the third world war, getting scratched and bruised, all happy go lucky singing “Its a Small World After All” and smiling all the way. The only trouble with that, is that a person can get too comfortable, comforts a funny thing, sitting there with your eyes closed, waving your hands around; when you do open your eyes, your family is all around giggling at you, or the burglar has all your goodies loaded in his truck.
Most importantly, to me anyway, music has to say something, it can’t be just repetitious words like “Surfin Bird”, I truly dislike that song. Music should move a person in the direction of contentment in their life, think of the words in the song, the flow of the music, the combination of the two when the sounds travel past your eardrums and into your mind heart and soul.
One way to look at music is, does the music feed the Good Old memories, does it feed the new yet to be realized memories? Spend a day listening to some music, it can be speaking of God and Heaven, it’s so obnoxious you want to crawl under the first rock you see; the music is so obnoxious that you might even find that God found the rock before you did, saying No This Is Not Going To Be Allowed In Heaven!
But in life, everything is a lesson. When I picked up the electric guitar to play, I told a person that I wanted to be good enough to play hard rock, the person asked why I would want to do that? He was a trombone player, all he learned or played was barbershop quartet styling, and that’s anyone heard him play. So I told him, it’s simple, if you can do it fast and hard, you take the techniques, slow them down, add some clarity and smoothness; you will be as good as the blues players, with more fluctuation in your playing.
I never played in a band, I played to expand My Horizons, and for one special Lady that was my audience in our private little blues bar. One day I was just playing what moved me, bottle neck slides, pinching and bending, I was warming up and having fun. She was coming in from the kitchen at the other end of the house, she look at the television and it was off; was that you she asked, I was always trying new ways of playing, but I rarely combined them or cranked the amp while letting my fingers and strings go.
My playing made her happy, and that was the spirit that moves me still; her. When she passed in 2009 from cancer, I quit playing, I don’t miss it, but she was a big part of my playing, right down to the things wrote or put together.
So now I do more of the collecting of music, like the I-80 collection, that takes me back to our beautiful drives no matter where we went, or to our solitude filled moments, like the meaning of the song “In my room” where our solitude showed the depth of our love in our conversations, our simple holding and snuggling.
Music feeds the soul, overrides atrocities and sadness, it’s like a blanket of fresh air that comes with a spring breeze, even better if you leave the following behind and mix it up a little. I gave a box of CD’s to a friend, they took one, Blue’s Only they said, their son came to their house, he did the same. They will never know some of the music that was so very good, some just never got played by the popular stations because they can’t play everthing; and the ratings are too important. But the person and their son will never know the the gift of music given, because they didn’t take the time; little known will never mean it’s bad.
With music, a person should never get stuck in a musical rut, just make sure the music is conducive to living life in a positive manner; living a more tranquil life is always better than the Alternative.

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