In the Wind

In the Wind

The telling wind speaks volumes, but, if you keep your ear to the rail; as the cattle in the cattle car knows, you’ll only know what the conductor wants you to know.
Today I heard on the news that a good portion of schizophrenics smoke cigarettes, it was said in such a manner that would make the common person think that smokers have a serious mental problem brought on by smoking; experts leaked this pertinent information to us. Wonder if this expert is the same one that said that the sharks that are attacking people on the shoreline are doing so because they are intrigued, or attracted to the salty water.

“We’re drowning in information and starving for knowledge.” -Rutherford David Rogers, 1915- Mr. Rogers is correct, but since his day, the Information Highway has literally consumed us. And it’s for sure that the egotistical person will never want me to nitpick their lives, I wouldn’t do well as a host on Entertainment Tonight, or the Evening News for that matter; especially if they let me expound on any topic that catches my attention. So for us common folk, it’s up to us to seek the logic in the Information that comes our way, we can’t be lazy, there’s not much in life that’s not thought provoking; we just have to take the time, and then converse about the topic.

In the fantasy world we live in, thinking in terms of the fictional hero’s in the movies and on television, if in a reality thought of the same fictional hero, if they were to come to life and do what they do best; fight, kill and maim the evil doers. It would be at the very least, a 50/50 proposition that the public would want the hero caught, and imprisoned or put to death, whichever, the hero would be considered ill in the mind. But someone would have to say at that point, however delusional or convoluted the time might be, they would have to say that the public got all that they in fact wanted. And if they seek the death penalty for the hero, then they should ask the same for themselves, for the mere thought of wishing for a hero to kill for the public; makes the public the accomplice.

The above is not all that hard to understand, it’s acceptance of all that we human’s cause, do, or ignore; but are we willing to do that, to admit to our part in the global or countrywide mess we see. The answer would be no, because we are too comfortable within the walls of our ignorance; that’s why the thought of having that hero come to life, and do what we want them to do in our fantasy world, our fantasy view of the world would be too scary. That’s one reason why society blames objects, rather than human reality, the other reasons for the Blame is more Progressive, and more cowardly despicable, because we can’t look at ourselves with honesty.
The Confederate flag is all but banned, isn’t it strange that you can buy ISIS flags at online stores. ISIS is a threat to more than just America, in logical thought the Confederate flag religates itself to once Confederate States only. Now, how many southern military troops are overseas fighting in the middle east, yet the American public wants to ban the Confederate flag, for what real reason; is the fact that we as a society can go into the den, get on the computer and order all the ISIS flags we want balanced. Is that a lack of knowledge, or is it support for a portion of humanity, that knows no bounds when it comes to murder. The banning of the flag, it just makes the Confederate flag the scapegoat for those that can’t bring themselves to look at life for what it is, or in this case for what it was. It’s also another way to hide the history of man’s feeble thoughts and actions; out of sight – out of mind. Is that really the world we want to live in? The Price of Being politically correct, can quickly become a disaster; and a high price to pay for future generations.
A world where future generations will never see the history that they will unwittingly repeat in the future; all because we good minions think history is too depressing to look at. That being true to a point, why do people always, in their depression brought on by the Bad of history, why do they focus on the Bad of history?
Anyone know who Craig Breedlove was, or the Spirit of America? I wouldn’t expect everyone to know, it’s now history so why would anyone that’s not deeply rooted in the true heart and blood of cars know who Mr. Breedlove is. The oddity you might ask, is why was there is a song written about him; and by the Beach Boys no less.

Spirit of America – Sonic 1
A new Spirit was built over 1964-65 to attempt to beat Arfons, dubbed Spirit of America – Sonic I a four-wheel design with a much higher rated GE J79 engine originally from an F-4 Phantom II, the same type as that used by Arfons’ Green Monster. Another tit-for-tat with Arfons ended with Breedlove setting the record at 600.601 mph (966.574 km/h) on November 15, 1965, a record that stood until 1970, broken by Gary Gabelich’s The Blue Flame land speed record rocket car. The Sonic I vehicle is currently on display at Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum.

People were strong, ingenious, and hard working back then; they earned their way then.

The point is, is that while Mr. Breedlove was setting the land speed record, Detroit was still the place to get a new car. We exported more cars than we imported. If you were a designer of cars, you went to Detroit. We started fads, we didn’t follow them. We invented the skateboard, we didn’t reinvent the skateboard; nor did we reinvent any fad back then. We had a moon landing, before we had laptops, cellphones, iPads, tablets; and if you had a Bluetooth, you went to the dentist. Politicians were aware that the public cared for their country and their freedoms, even above having a good job. They, then, didn’t put themselves above the public, because they knew that the public knew the politicians served the public; not manipulate the public. Don’t get me wrong, there was corruption and racial tensions back then, but more people were willing to stand against those atrocities in a responsible manner, only in secluded incidents did a group of people (not talking about race here) destroy a part of a town. The cases of depression, bipolar, they were dealt with by getting off the couch and getting busy, we didn’t have a drug country that would even come close to populating the vote; it was still a drug culture for which a good deal of the country thought was bad enough. And before Vietnam, if you got us into war, it wasn’t a game, and they didn’t go on forever; it must be remembered that all wars have their own political overtones.
History will show that to be true, people won’t though. Remember the cattle in the cattle car, it’s at that point that knowing history becomes important; the downside, it will be too late, just like the cattle.
Guess, if Americans were Hay Seed back then, then so be it, those Hay Seeds took this country out of two world wars, a dust bowl and a depression, and they did it with more dignity than anyone will see on the streets today in any town U.S.A., they also, built what’s being destroyed or given away today.
The future, it’s in the Wind, all we have to do is listen; to know we aren’t alone.

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