The Price of Being Nice Can Cost You

The Price of Being Nice Can Cost You: Or, on a trip though dysfunction, I found the Beautiful Truth of what is Normal…

But it can bring a smile to your face as well.
Thinking back, through my years of dealing with people, putting up with their actions of rudeness and concern for only themselves, I have learned through the years that, one: That there are a good deal of self serving people in this society of ours, some don’t mean to be; but they are self-serving nonetheless, and it boils down to their own vision of themselves.
Two: With the amount rude self-serving glory seekers out there in the world, they sure as heck don’t need me to join their ranks; besides, why would I want to be like them anyway. Rude, thoughtless, inpatient, anything but decent and respectful in their walk in life; those kind of people are a dime a dozen these days. They add distrust to life, if the nice guy finishes last, the rude and selfish first, the truly nice guy suffers from the stigma of society; till the nice guy figures out he can pick and choose who he shows honest kindness to.
Three: It baffles the rude people to no end when you smile and simply ignore their presence in the block of air you both may be standing in. But the true perplexing moment comes for them when you stand against their rudeness, then in all their moronic nature; they call you rude. That’s when you figure it out, you are dealing with a fool, yeah go ahead, offend the rude person some more; walk away, it’s not like they haven’t seen that before. As you all know, I’m no liberalist, I’m not going to stand around trying to heal up their psyche, especially when their old enough to know that their rudeness is being disrespectful.
At that point, they should feel thankful that I don’t anger easy, they might literally be talking out of the side of their mouth for the rest of the day. See I always believe that if I am going to hit someone, it’s got to be for a good reason and their mentality, and their words; they’re just not a good enough a reason to belt someone in the chompers.
No, I’m not that sickly sweet false nice kind of person, in my mind being that way is just another form of rudeness; and quite often, the niceness is short lived. The underlying cause reveals itself, you say something like no, or not a chance today; then they will show you all kinds of rudeness while they call you rude.
I had to laugh the other day, pulled my car out and as always, I drove slowly out till I got to the main street. I passed a couple of women and the husband of one of them that were standing around talking together.
The husbands a blowhard, the two women are the sickening sweet types, I gave a wave as I drove by to acknowledge that they did in fact exist; then listened to the sound of the cam as I berumped my way on down the road. It seems that none of their cars ever came with rearview mirrors, but mine did. I looked back, they were all looking and talking about me or my street rodded Volvo. If it’s me, it’s because I don’t try to fit in with the local neighborhood In-Crowd, if it’s my car; I will admit, the engine sounds healthy with the cam loping around and round, and the throaty exhaust equals the engines authority. I just looked in the mirror and smiled, they are not retired Babes and Jock, they’re just retired; plus, they’re the scuttlebutt go-to’s of the neighborhood. In the older crowd, they also are a dime a dozen.
But on this day, there was something good about this day. It was one of those days that makes you feel good when you wake up, you don’t know why, you just know it’s a good day, nothing foreboding and worth getting out of bed to explore the heart of the day.
I called my elderly neighbor, he has been having issues with the lack of usefulness of his legs, and yesterday the PMT’s had to come out for his heart. He was doing okay, so I headed out for a Sunday morning coffee, it’s at a drive through, the young lady comes to the back door as I was at the back of the line with a car behind me, she asks me if I’m having my latte, I said yeah. Quite often, they have my drink ready for me, they know me, I waver little in my life regardless of society’s ebbs and flows; that’s why they get my loyalty, the remember and converse with their customers.
She heads back in and in a minute or so returns with my coffee, a breath of fresh air that young lady, going to be losing her soon as she is heading off to college. We chat for a second while I sign the credit card thing. I look into my rearview mirror for a second then tell her that she’s going to make everyone jealious because they don’t serve anyone except for through the window, but I’m the lucky one.
She is one of the good people in my life, I can’t deny that, not because she got me out of the line early as I had to have the guy behind me back his car up. But more so for who she is inside, she is quite a young Lady, she is cute as a button; but in life, it always comes down to the person’s soul.
Then it was off to the local market, they have a cream soda there, it’s not expensive and it’s very good. I know the owners well, great people and so are the people that work for them. I pulled up to the drive through window. I spot their employee mopping the floor. We will call him Robert, I yell to Robert, hey your really working, Robert smiles and says just a tiny bit then he smiles again. Robert and I banter back and forth, just what we do, but he knows what I usually buy and gets the items as he walks towards the window, but this time I add the Faygo cream soda, then we chat a bit, it’s a nice day, a little less humidity and a cool breeze, couple that with a lack of customers for the moment; Robert took a little break from his mop and bucket of soapy water. He said with the coolness, people seem a little nicer. I never could understand that, I was brought up without air conditioning, all along, people weren’t as grumpy as they are now; guess that’s the price we pay for having the easy life, least ways where heat relief is concerned.
After some chat time, I told Robert to have a good rest of the day, and went on my way, leaving Robert to his mop, and me to the rest of my day.
I decided to get some gas in the car, runs better that way. I pulled into the station and pulled up to the pump, the young man working at the gas station, came walking and talking my direction. He was asking me if I was taking care of his car, he loves Volvos, and he fell in love with my car, I told him I was taking good care of his car. He has his eye on a Volvo of his own but it has some minor issues, so we talked shop while the tank was filling up. It’s good to know that there are young people that are interested in doing more than driving a car to death, then buying another car because of the styling or the “prestieges” value of the car. Older Volvo’s are troublesome but reliably fixable, getting over a million miles out of a 140 or 240 series car is not unheard of, of course with care; the young man seems to be a good candidate for one. Gave him some tips on the prospects of his possible problems, then bid him goodbye.
It feels good to help a young person, pass on some knowledge, and; carry on an honest conversation without getting attitude, or hearing the word “Dude” being used.
All the fun, the good people, who could complain, till now it’s been a good day; but…..
I went to leave the gas station, pulled into the center turn or emergency lane that runs right into the left turn lane, it was clear so I moved a head. When I first looked in my rearview mirror there was a car coming down the hill, she was a ways back, but she wanted to turn left where I was turning, she pulled along side of me and turned on her signal; then pulled over and turned.
Don’t know what was going on in her head, but she saw me turn in behind her, she must have thought I was mad enough to follow her. Guilt was guiding her car now, she takes a quick left, I turn right and head on home. Some people, but the morning was so good, with good people, and I was not going to let that thoughtless woman steal the thunder from the morning; or the good people in it.
Once I got home, I went over to check on my neighbor, his daughters were there. We talked about their plans for him, his safety, and his recent needs for help after a couple of falls that he had taken, at his age it could have been bad. He would call me and I would go over and get him off the ground and back into a chair.
I got all the thank you’s, wish we could repay you’s, and I simply declined them; letting them know that I’m a little old-fashioned in that respect, that that is what a neighbor does. I do realize that truly helping my neighbors is a lost art these days, but there are some dinosaurs like me that still believe people should care in a respectful manner for their neighbors; without expecting something in return.
The rest of the day, heck, I took some energy and pulled a bush, did some minor chores around the house, revisited my elderly neighbor before I head to bed.
You know, it’s been a good day, the things I would have liked to have gotten done but didn’t, they will wait, besides; those things I can’t get done today will keep me busy tomorrow. But right now I am in the middle of the movie Here After, an excellent movie about appreciating life’s gifts; today, it was Christmas in July for me.
Guess you could say I got one more gift that I didn’t tell you about, on days like this, it does happen though; I’m Still smiling, that in itself was worth waking up for.

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