Their all the same, proneish in appearance, all covered in the lacy weaving of green foliage imprints on a velvet tapestry, how alluring, parked outside the gate, only the fear of getting lost in her splendor looms tauntingly.
Such a teasing thought to run and frolic like an adolescent child in a man’s body, chase the seemingly forbidden fruit; oh but mom always said it would be wrong. She’s a beautiful Lady, gentleness, she deserves a soft touch, save the spurring ways for the flatlanders flowing grasses.
Oh but this Lady, such a majestic maiden, she satisfies my needs, fills my every wish; this is not my first, nor my last visit. I’d tell my friends little, but they would not understand; but she is not my mistress. Her flowers, her fragrance, so consuming, so sweet; somewhere inside a vine of life has grown.
Every movement, higher and higher, deeper and deeper, beads of perspiration drip; giving my all to the Love we share in the silence of the cathedral. Nonstop hours of pleasure, beauty beyond the imagination of body and wanting soul; heights uncontrollable yet achieved.
Every visit we go to the extreme edge of our love, then back again, her nature is to give; I fight my nature to take. In the wink of an eye she lets me know, I never leave her spoiled; as always, I leave her loved and cherished.
As I unlock the car door, I look back in teenage hormonal awe that is mixed with reverence; I gentlemanly blow her a kiss while she draws her curtain in evening hour.

In case you the reader wondered, the Redwood forest, she is a most beautiful Lady, one that deserves a grand amount of respect. What did you think I was writing about.

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