The Watershed and the Well

The Watershed and the Well

48%, remember that number.
On the west coast, there are many Watersheds that are down that low in their capacity, no relief or snow pack runoff in sight. Temperatures in the triple digits by this weekend, but in some areas, it’s already been in the triple digits, a byproduct of an unseasonably and adverse heatwave.
The heatwave is now stretching into Canada, and to a degree, Alaska. You can bet the water for the central valley farmland will be somewhat limited, have to see what the farmers are going to do now; especially now that the local news is finally talking about the drought in a serious manner.
But here is the thought, California is in its fifteenth year for dealing with drought conditions, Oregon has a few years wracked up, as does Washington; so what are we going to blame the drought that now stretches thousands of miles, what are we going to blame the drought on?????
Guns? The Confederate flag? God? How about all of us, that should work, from the common folk on up, but we will stop at the government, because as we all know, they have always looked out for our interest and well-being without the red tape.
So, if we are losing our crops, our forest, lives and homes to floods and fires; doesn’t that beg an answer as to the honesty and integrity of global warming, and the overuse or wrongful use of chemtrails? I hope and pray that society gets a backbone and starts asking the needed questions, and demanding answers soon; before the crop yields dry up. This is fast becoming serious business, but the wrong people are taking it serious; it should be the common citizens taking the above serious, because they’re the ones that will lose the most.
See it doesn’t really matter much that the Commander and Chief said the ‘N’ word, he gets respect because of position, not for the man that he is. What matters is that in a couple of months, we are going to be in a bind, a bind most Americans today have never been in; then what? Is anyone going to really care if he says the ‘N’ word then, probably not, but we will learn then; that we should never vote our elected officials in on popularity.
White, black, red, brown, orange, green or whatever, we will all starve the same; it makes little difference. The race flag is not white or black, unseen as it is over the Confederate flag, it is inconsequential when you look at the whole picture. That little simp with the gun that murderd the parishioners, he sent those people to heaven, for what, to save the earth, or was it to prove that his mentality is so low that he doesn’t even have a number. The powers to be will drag this out till the citizen in any town anywhere will lose track of the very big picture that the citizenship should have been looking at all along.
See, we are at war overseas, we have disaster after disaster from fires and floods, hurricanes and tornadoes; where’s the money coming from to cure the pending outcome?
The country is strapped now, how about yet another executive order? How many people can tell us what every last executive order was for in this administration, how long before we see the true identity of those executive orders; and just how much are those orders going to change our lives in the not too far off future? Right off the top of our heads, no looking it up on the net.
So he said the ‘N’ word, can’t say that I expected better from him, I haven’t seen a good man or woman worth that office in so many years its almost like that well went dry so long ago.
When they are hungry they will follow, the drama we see today could very well be a diversion, that’s not to discount the many deaths from storms, fires, and all the morons that feel that they have to shoot and kill people to get their demented points across. But racial tensions, if we wanted them to end, they would end; but we don’t want them to end, we love the drama. We have been this way for years, but now, we have ticked off Nature, and Nature never has cared about the color of a person’s skin, or the age of a person. But it cares about the respect that the supposed smartest form of life in the food chain gives. And we don’t give much, that’s a fact that is proven daily by our accepted use of chemtrails.
So, we are left with this question: Are we as humans, regardless of race, religion, gender, are we going to demand our country, our government, our people to be better than we are today? Or are we just going to shine it on in its now dry and dusty glory, if we are, then don’t wave the flag or celebrate on the Fourth of July, that would be undignified hypocrisy at its finest. I have seen too much of that in my many years, guess I’m just bored with the way things are going; it’s time to buck up and demand better.
When you look at these times, it’s like a sink full of dirty dishes, sometimes, ya just gotta dip your hands in the water and get those dishes washed. That is if there is water in the watershed.

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