The Slipping Away

The Slipping Away

Oh you can yell, you can scream, you can push, and you can shove; but someone has got to listen, makes a person want to walk away shaking their head while thinking they are the one that’s clueless.
But take a moment to think of all the missed chances in the living of life, all the hazards that have befallen us, and all the people that are no longer in our lives because we don’t listen. The [Not Paying Attention] won’t stop the freight train from colliding with you, because in your mind you’re the important one or that you’re invincible.
On a general public thought, our freedoms, our environment, our true American heritage; they more than likely, are going down for more than the third time. The Conservatives said it’s just four years. The Liberals say what we are doing is going to save the world. Once more the Conservatives say just four more years, wait for 2016; we have a plan. The Liberals say four more years, yee-ha! The only thing that’s Changed, is the rise in the percentage of dysfunction that we all have to live in.
Change, people are always looking for Change, they have gotten Change for so long that they can no longer recognize the face of Change. But that Change, it has only served to make America the Land of the Politically Correct, rather than the Land of the Free. There goes Lady Liberty’s hand once more, the suffer, the pain in the sea of Change.
There are those that wallow in their own self indulgent pity party, looking at the life the public has built as some form of depression, they get told the current public truth from another person, because it’s too depressing for them to watch news. They hide in their own shadows so they won’t have to make a decision that may or may not be good for those in their lives; we get lies because the truth is too mighty a weapon, and because we are too lazy to understand. Try the depression waiting down the road, it’ll make today look like a cake walk with a pink elephant; but then, maybe society’s weaknesses are really political correctness in action, a sad thought one would think.
The tainted shallow water’s of humanity, we are drowning, in our own indifference and indulgent blindness, in our own life threatening haste; every man the island, soon to be a collective of Greek human islands that will without thought or knowledge stand in favor of the union. Then they will swallow the milky sap of the public tree so cut and scared, never giving a thought to the bloody past that supported their freedoms; never minding the dust and ashes they have created.
“Call some place paradise, kiss it goodbye” as the song goes, the grand illusion, those that are young, they have never tasted the sweet taste of paradise, because those that are older found a way of profiteering from paradise’s rules of conduct. People never even said goodbye, not an eye flutter in the leaving, no tear shed; paradise slowly slipped off into the sea of Change; never to rise again.
Try looking at listening as investing. However true, the above is unflattering to public actions, but the public is made up of individuals, Individuals, it’s not rocket science here; following the crowd literally suffocates the individual. Never make the mistake of listening with your ears only, you have to use your mind and heart also.
A holiday passes by since the last real conversation, add to that a week plus in time, no conversation, then the request comes. Can you pick me up after work?
No I love you, kiss my . . . well you know, that equates to nothing going to something then going back to nothing again. All the trying in the world, all the peaceful understanding in the world, all the before on time caring, none of it matters after years of proof and trying. What to do?
Be there when they wake up with forgiveness and acceptance?/! That’s a tough thing to do at times, but if it’s family, then we do what we have to do.
But following society won’t get it done, we have to be Individuals again, that is the only way we will understand every aspect of our lives; from peril, to needs, to love. Following the crowd may seem like you have friends or a replacement family, but it’s not that way. The second you stumble or fall, the crowd dissipates; alone, that little word won’t even cover the way you would feel at that time.
The public may look and act like they have it all together in their following ways, but they don’t. You look at society as individuals, they are throwing away more chances at a better life than they are retaining; people collectors should bother everyone.
It never matters what you give, that’s a ball of trinkets that often gets run with, right out of the gym door. It matters what you invest in with your heart and soul, it’s hard to understand that fact of life for some people. Remembering what I wrote a while back about the decisions that had to be made, I don’t like gifts because of the very reasons that made clear the decisions that I had to make; I also stated that I can’t be bought.
For so many these days, people want something for nothing, or they give for control or gain, and glory. There are good people in the world, and they need to be understood and respected, because if societal actions, in or outside of the family, if societal actions taints the good in our lives; the future will hold nothing of value in life.
And, the future generations will not have anything worthwhile to pattern their lives after, guess we really don’t have to worry about them at this point, they don’t have that much to emulate now anyway.
What is their shining example?
Over the 4th of July, with a severe drought, in a state that holds any particular firework that leaves the ground as illegal. In the states major city, several homes burnt, families displaced, animals died; all from illegal fireworks. The next couple of nights, more illegal fireworks were shot off. The report line didn’t work, when called, all the people got was a message; it’s a drought year, get the manpower needed. You’d think that the powers to be should be able to nut that out, the money spent on the manpower for a couple days work would still be cheaper than the lost lives or homes. What did Joe Citizen say, there should be a Law! That’s the citizens lazy non thinking answer to everything, another law, I always wonder if the citizens will ever understand, the more laws passed because we can’t police our own personal lives is like giving Lucifer the key to the city.
There already is a Law, it’s, like life and all its faults, the law is ignored. And people say God and Faith is bad, bad for what, the crippling of humanity; highly doubtful. Just once to see a picture of the elite, that’s not going to happen in my lifetime; least ways till the last American freedom has been suppressed by the blindness of her once caring citizen that once stood stalwart against the foe winds of suppressive change.

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