The Big Write Off or Right Off

The Big Write off, or Right Off?

People can use whatever thought they have in mind to rule their lives, via following some form of thought or teaching, or reasoning; it doesn’t really matter what they know right now. It matters though, that they have the urge to learn something about why we are the way we are today, rather than simply turning away from something because somebody told them what they may believe in is trash, or that it is what it is.
But believer or not, watching the news, these day’s, what we see on the news, it sure has the earmarks of what is written in Revelations, I won’t say that it is; but if it quacks and walks like a duck, it’s a safe bet, it’s a duck. Believer or not, just the thought of all that’s going on, well, it should not be written off.
Storms, droughts, power hungry people from politicians to the common citizen, chaos and murder on the streets; and there is no doubt that the weather is out of whack, so much so that the Pope even chimed in on the subject. And the weather change, it is caused by man, but the common citizen still follows the thought that cars and factories are at fault, while cars and factories may contribute; a person would have to look up to see the real culprit. But who is paying for the culprit to fly above our beloved land spewing toxicity around the world? You are! And it’s been going on, and getting stronger for decades!
I don’t write this site to blow off steam, or to get my name in the limelight for my fifteen minutes of fame. I write it to leave facts or thoughts behind, something that someone can sink their teeth into, so they can say to themselves, hey we are in a bad spot and we are making or leaving tainted history in our paths. Any time in our lives, when someone, anyone brought attention to our possible or evident downfalls; we may have hated it, but quite often we changed for the better.
But as a society, if we don’t face the facts of age and wisdom, we will fail. Most often, societies all the way through history, societies through the world’s history have fallen due to the fact that the common citizens ignored what they see, they turned a blind eye to the more tarnished ways of life that man has created; and America is no different?
How is your yard, or home and car, your lifestyle, your prestige, how are those things in consideration to the rest of the populace? Do you consider your prestige to be more important than the condition of the world around you, or is your prestige more important than your having dignity and respect?
Does anyone realise that so many freedom suppressing laws get passed, because of the acceptance of the dysfunction around us, and that the suppression will continue till we can no longer breathe freedom?
The harsher reality, is that the law enacting dysfunction, runs right alongside the suppression. Hand in hand like blood brothers, think of all the things people detest, bigotry or thuggery, has it gone away? No it hasn’t, but we have gun laws and speech laws, we have laws that say we can’t do this or do that. We are trying to ban a Rebel flag, while we strap ourselves in our Save the Earth electric kick-me cars. We have gun control to save humanity, but still sell hickory axe handles that are used to bludgeon seals to death. It’s a dysfunctional world, and with all the world’s self imposed restraints; it’s become more dysfunctional, and the common citizen has in fact accepted the dysfunction.
But reality has always been the black sheep of society, look at all the diabolical figures in history, they have taken over society’s for at times some long long runs, till the citizens stood against the self made or elected leaders of debauchery. Then the citizens would live in more peaceful states, but they had to go against the liberlistic streams to gain their strength, even while living amongst the rubble and the rebuilding, they had a sense of calm knowing that they eradicated the ruthless rulers of the time.
Time and our laziness to learn and see has a way of helping us forget the more horrid days, in lieu of the more modern or popular ways of life, leaving everyone vulnerable to future crimes against humanity. See I have never been against Black History, it should be taught and understood, but I have been against Black History Month. I am Swedish and Cherokee by blood, but I don’t see certain months dedicated to them, yet I do detest any form of bigotry or manipulation under the guise of racial support of a certain race. Kind of confusing isn’t it, but then that is a reflection of society is it not?
Ego, power, profit, whatever the reason, we all to some degree wade through pools of dysfunction on a daily basis, and through the past few decades; we question what we see less and less, soaking ourselves in wrongful acceptance, doing so in wrongful conviction.
The way that we are living, it’s not dignified, with a dime and a donut hole prestige can be bought, so who needs that. But the condition of our personal lives, and what we present to others, now that is paramount in our daily lives. Everyone thought that Princess Diana was a very beautiful and exquisite lady, one thing she always asked herself regarding her attitude and attire was: What message am I sending out to the people that see me? In my book, she exuded Class!
We can write off what we see if we want, God gave us that choice, so it’s a personal choice to have something that is honestly better in our lives; but the amount of green in your lawn during a drought don’t make you any more prestigious or right than your neighbor. All it makes you is another swimmer in the dysfunctionary pool.

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