Some People Are Just Too Horn Happy

Some People are Just too Horn Happy

The light changes to green, a split second of caution passes, you’re making sure no one is going to run the red light from the side traffic. Then you hear it, that immature and annoying honking horn coming from behind you, you look in the rearview mirror, a tiny save the earth economy fossil fuel saving car with an unconcerned impatient driver. To top it off, your in the right lane, isn’t slower traffic supposed to keep right; I thought so.
Well, honking your horn at such times may be perfectly acceptable in the major metropolitan areas; but in Small-town U.S.A., all I can say is: Who died and made you the king or queen of the blacktop ribbon? Well, know this, the road is not mine, and it’s surely not yours, so turn your horn into a doorbell if you love it so much, then invite everyone to your house for dinner, then all of us Respectful drivers will be happy back on the road.
Now, I could liberalize my view, like they could be going to the hospital, or, maybe due to the heat, they may be a little late. But I won’t liberalize the incident, because too many people are horn happy these day’s, and in truth, it’s an overly self indulgent [Me First World] out there.
We don’t need to be so pushy, in fact, we need to slow this ride down a little. Sure it would be safer on the road if we did, but in all honesty; we would all be happier in our lives as well if we did. Slowing our lives down a little would give us time to think of our actions before we tick someone off, the slowdown would give us time to appreciate all that’s around us; nothing wrong with that.
See when someone honks their horn at me in such a manner, I get this overwhelming urge to move slower, then, leave them far behind in my dust; they can take that time to reflect on one thing, that their rude eagerness has been noted and found irritating. In other words, they know now that they are on the road with many people, and that drivers Respect will get us all down the road more contentedly.
Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone let their feelings be known when it comes to disRespectful societal manners, sure it might be rough for a while, but the disRespectful people of the land may change if they know that they aren’t as important as they think they are. Raising our voices to them might just change the world, but it might, and at times will offend people. It boils down to Respect, Respect is hard to see these days, and if your lucky enough to see it; what you see will be short-lived. This is an ego feeding society, look at one of the people running for president, he is feeding his ego off an all too frenzied society; sure he may cause a well needed wave of awakening in this country; but there are more Respectful waves to ride.
From that impatient driver above with the horn happy attitude, to the self-proclaimed rich I don’t need your money businessman / politician, to the Commander and Chief; it’s simply disheartening the disregard to Earning Respect. But when Respect is not earned, it’s easily overlooked, and quite easily thrown away for an easier path in life; when that path fails, you can bet even that horn happy driver will then Respect the other side of life’s coin.

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