Open Letter to Heaven

An Open Letter to Heaven: to the Love of My Life!

Dearest Punkin
Today was another scorcher, some of the fires have been squelched, those poor people, we’ve seen the devastation so many times in the Sierra foothills; but this was in Wenatchee Washington, thirty homes at last count and part of their town gone. I sat there watching the news, remembering how close the Morgan Hill fire came to our home, it stopped just before breaking over the top of the ridge line; how I feel for those people.
From the San Gabriel foothills around L.A. north through Santa Cruz and into the Siskiyou’s, we have seen the fires, or their aftermath; or both. Remember driving through the Malibu Canyon, how the fire had been out for weeks, yet the smell permeated our clothes and car. And the blackend ground from the devastation, that church that was burnt down, leaving the cross standing; there was a message there.
This drought coupled along with the 4th of July, this being the 1st of July, it proves people still don’t get it, maybe it’s true that people just don’t care unless any outcome affects them, beyond that; they don’t care. Yeah, laying in bed last night, some Mor-On was setting off illegal fireworks, this year, there is sure to be some neighbor that would say: Anyone caught setting off any fireworks, they should be castrated on the spot; watch them on the television Dippy, it’ll be safer.
Greece, saying they are in financial woes is taking it lightly, and the European Union is at the heart of the talks, the politics of everything these days, it’s like a spider web catching flying creatures all over the place; only the Euro Spider Web, it’s catching human lives in the sticky strands. One man looked like he was about to break when he stood in front of the closed bank doors, telling people in a depressive anger his feelings. He was blatant about the fact that he had trusted his government as well as the bank with his funds, and now he couldn’t touch them: “I worked forty years for this day?” Don’t think he cares about One World Anything now, bet he wishes he could see his country wake up, so that he could feel at home again on the land that he is standing on.
The rest of this country, they are wrapped up in their glory for marijuana rights, gay rights, and the blame game as they blame guns to flags for bigotry. You and I have had the conversations before, everyone could be standing naked on barren land with not a stick or stone in sight, and start a fight, join a clique, and still blame or hate God for who knows what. The Self matters more than the Right these days, thank whatever god people pray to for the Blame Game.
In Oklahoma, they have a Ten Commandments monument, a sad smile or grimace here Punkin, A Ten Commandments monument; it’s got to be removed because no religious items can be on public land, yeah like the white cross on the way to Vegas that the Vets from the Second World War put up.
The Ten Commandments, they’re part of the Bible and Faith, not religion, when will people get the drift? But we all gotta look at, listen to, and accept anything that society throws our way; and we have to be happy regardless if we think their crumbs are acceptable or not. How many times did we talk about what’s happening these days, but then it was; there will be a day, Punkin, the day is here.
If the public at large loses sight of the Ten Commandments, we will be nothing. As a society, we only live by half of the Ten Commandments true meaning now, what’s it going to be like if we live by none of the true meaning. I guess as an example, a guy tried to get a Rebel flag cake made, the baker said no because it was a bigotry statement, so the customer gave them a picture of an ISIS flag; the baker made it, the baker said he didn’t know what it was or meant. Go figure, wonder if that baker has kids in school, bet they are proud of their mother or father.
Nothing’s changed Punkin, it’s just gotten worse. No matter how reversible things are, people have to want to reverse the path of society to get to something better, but it’s like we are on a downhill muddy path that’s running towards a two hundred foot drop over the edge, and we’re taking everyone with us in our blindness. It will take a bunch of respect and prayer to gain the needed repairs to this country and the world.
Respect comes at a high cost, Punkin, people are making this a selfish land, wish I could tell them but they don’t seem to hear; that there’s no credit card for Life, like the day, once it’s spent, it’s spent and gone.
Punkin, I focus a good deal of the time on you, your waiting there in heaven, how peaceful it’s got to be there. That focus gives me peace, you give me peace. I’m not going to change my view to please the majority, it’s not worth doing so, not if it means losing a second of time with you.
Some people might say that I accept death more than life, or maybe I am depressed. Well, I’m not pushing deaths door to open, it wouldn’t be right, and depression is highly overrated, depression only leads to drugs and scrupulous doctors. None of that has to do with Faith, and that I have an abundance of. It’s sad that due to politically correct people, the Ten Commandments Monument has to be removed; but I don’t need the monument to remind me of good and right in life, just give me five minutes and a Bible.
Saw three doves this morning, most people would simply look at them and move on. I looked at them and smiled heartfully, thinking that they were you, J.J. and Angel flying by to say good morning I Love You; nothing more peaceful and beautiful than the sound or sight of doves in the morning.
This world keeps turning Punkin, and it will be turning long after I’ve gone home to be with you, part of me, says push the door open; because you Dear Lady, I miss.

I Do Love You

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