Historic Opinion

Historic Opinion

The Supreme Court should not be Liberal or Conservative if it’s going to do Justice for the People. That’s a given, but in light of today’s news, we should understand that Historic Opinion, is not the same as Historic Significance, mainly because the significance of anything comes well after the completion of whatever the law or structure, or even the thought is first initiated. That moment of completion is most often seen in the people’s reactions to whatever historic movement causes the reaction, anytime between the beginning and the end, anyone can have an opinion; but that opinion had better be something special for it to become Historically Significant.
Face it, opinions have never began or ended any wars, in bars, an opinion can start a fight though, but that’s about it. Opinions haven’t ended major illnesses, but they have opened avenues of discoveries, that might lead to a cure.
Opinions, they are part Wisdom, and part Faith in your own knowledge of all aspects of a person’s life, that’s why we can’t let opinions rule our lives, we have to use them like a flashlight on life’s darkened path; we use them to get to something better. Like in my opinion, that frame would be better if it were made from steel rather than wood, then it could be welded for a stronger more durable frame. If someone didn’t pay attention to my opinion, and their home fell into the river; then in that person’s life ten years down the road, my humble opinion would have Historic Significance.

“You are young, my son, and, as the years go by, time will change and even reverse many of your present opinions.”

This all started while watching the news, they were talking of the Supreme Court making Gay Marriages legal across the country, their decision made a good deal of people happy. But, their decision made a good deal of people upset. Now, the Supreme Court passed a law, not an opinion, but the newscaster called their decision a Historic Opinion; but why, it’s now a law, and it’s a law that is in the middle of debate with people that want the new law overturned.
But this is not being written to focus on Gay Issues, frankly, if people focused on life more, we would see that there are some very serious issues in our lives; some of those issues have the strength to override the Gay Marriage Issue.
For example, Climate Change, we hear a lot of people talking about that, but they only go so far; then they simply accept the heat, never getting to the real cause, but they will leave you feeling guilty about your driving your gas fueled car. Is that Historic Opinion at work? Or is it Manipulation of Public Opinion?
One of the things I saw on the news, was the White House lit up in Gay Pride flag colors, some people don’t care, some people were prideful, and some like me found the lighting appalling.
I say that for two reasons, one, the White House is supposed to be a Respectable place where All Americans are Represented. When the President was running for office, he didn’t wear an American flag lapel pin, he was caught not saluting the Stars and Stripes when he should have been, and he was caught bowing, the bowing going against Historic Respect for the office as America bows time no one.
Two, we just went through the aftermath of the Parishioners murders, that led to a debate and removal of the Confederate flag from governmental and website-storefront’s across the country.
Through it all, no respect was given to those that don’t believe in Gender Bending, Gay & Lesbian lifestyles. No respect was given to those that don’t believe in Slavery, but yet are Proud Southerners. No respect was given to the rights to own and fly the flag regardless of Historic Significance. And through all that, still no respect was given to the views on the subject by Christians that are being killed because of their Faith in God and the Biblical teachings. In the streets and on the news stations, it was just a big country wide celebration of Gay Rights.
But yet the White House was lit up in Gay Pride colors, was that Honest Respect for the rights of all Americans? Who made the decision to light the White House in such a manner? Was such lighting Historic Opinion, or Historic Significance to be seen after the new and hopefully History Respectful president takes office in 2016?
Most everything we do today will lend itself to Historic Significance, regardless of the outcome. That’s the one fact that falls in disregard often, the outcome often times is or becomes part of popular or politically correct opinion, when it does, we will have to wait a long time before we see any Historic Significance; given current history, we will have to see if it even comes at all.
Significance, that’s a major mover in life, I would hate to base anything on someone’s view of Historic Opinion. By the way, you can save a few hundred dollars, maybe even more if you own a Porsche or Corvette, cars will roll without the use of tires, just an opinion; but don’t forget the outcome.

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