Every Day, Life Teaches Us Lessons

Every Day, Life Teaches Us Lessons

Sadly, the one lesson mankind fails to learn, or changes the lessons meaning to suit his own needs; is the lesson that tells us to not take anything for granted.
A presidential wannabe said, that they didn’t want to see our government let a good opportunity go to waste; that was right after some deaths had occurred. Anyone need to ask what that opportunity would have included, do we even need to ask, given that we know the condition of the world. And no, she is not getting my vote.
If our government is so willing to take its own citizens lives for granted by sending them into harms way because of an opportunity, or to invade or kill other than our own; then people like the one above will never deserve our votes. Taking advantage of an opportunity in such a malicious manner, shows malicious thought; and a strong lack of morality.
But in the general thought, a good portion of the world takes for granted that we will all be here tomorrow, isn’t it srange; especially when most everyone knows and at least said or thought of the saying that “The only thing certain in life are death and taxes!”
We take for granted that the loved ones in our lives will be here tomorrow, when it’s a reasonable thought that at least over three quarters of the adults have already lost their grandparents. People do know, and try so very hard to avoid the fact, that death will certainly knock on everyone’s door, young or old, it always does.
The above, undeniable as it is, is true, those self evident truths are taken for granted, so much so that some people can’t even talk about the truth in the above; it seems almost confounding to them. What is life, if two seemingly intelligent people can’t have an honest conversation about life and all it’s ramifications? The answer would be, it’s a fantasy they’re living, and fantasies aren’t Real! And, some fantasies are borderline daydreams of destruction; watch people sometime, it’ll make you laugh or cry.
But what about the living, or the [life] part of living, isn’t that what a person is taking for granted, like when they have that chance to say I love you before their loved one heads off to work, all they say is “See ya later!” It’ll make you laugh or cry.
A neighbor got up from a nights sleep, she did nothing different, she got out of bed one leg at a time, sat on the edge of the bed and then stood up; just a mundane usual morning. Except, this morning, things were different, the stars must not have been aligned or something if that’s a viable reasoning; but my neighbor fell to the floor, breaking her leg in five places. Both major bones, broken in five places.
The one person she always said she could live without, she was now reliant on; her husband. Ridiculing him in front of so many people, including family, asking him to do things; more in a demanding manner than a loving manner. In reality, she was taking her husband for granted, but what would she have done if he would have had his fill of her and left a few days before? Life Alert moment, oh yeah, that’s right; she hasn’t got one.
Her husband called me when it happened, I wasn’t near the phone so he left a message, when I got to the phone it was some time later; all I got was broken leg, that was it. I called him and the sense of honest caring was profound, even with all the belittling from his wife towards him; he loved his wife. He had quit smoking, but went and got a fresh pack, his nerves were stressed, he was a wreck. They have been together since the “60’s”, raised a family, retired; and now he is such a bad guy.
Taking meaningful things for granted is common place these day’s, shouldn’t be; but it is.
My other neighbor ask what happened, I let him know. He is for the most part a couch potato, piles of dishes in the sink, all his meager belongings all over the house; then he calls me up saying that he is board with the day. About a year ago, I gave him a lock set for his back door, a toilet seat with lid, and a shelf with the bracket; he wanted them because he had a need for them, but the items aren’t used yet by him.
After telling him how our neighbor broke her leg, while getting out of bed no less, I told him that letting a day pass by without doing something is a waste of life, taking for granted that the day may not be here tomorrow is wrong. Yesterday, he came over while walking his dog, he’d had a few, he was heading back to watch some Sinbad movie, the sad thing; some people think that’s the life, it’s far from the llife. Guess he just can’t understand that everyone takes something or things for granted, but if people pick the wrong things to take for granted, their choices can really enhance their dependencies; making life more depressive. The answer, get off the couch.
Take for granted washing the car or mowing the lawn till tomorrow if anyone wishes to, but not the people in your life, good or bad. The people in your life are there for a reason, the reason is because it’s life; there are people that collect people, but in reality, people gravitate towards people.
Taking for granted the people in your life is for the most part a slippery slope, ask the yuppies, or the hippies, they have been doing that for decades, and their codes of living has cost them friends and family. You abuse all the aspects of life, you will end up with nothing, anyone can end up losing everything by living with respect to life; why follow a code of living that teaches the follower how to take advantage of life? In other words, how many people do we have to bury before we put life first, rather than a faulty code of conduct?
The god of the yuppie, he is another supposed presidential wannabe, or so people think. With all his money, the guy acts like a vulgar fool, he may or may not want to be taken seriously; but his actions state that he is simply taking for granted the respect for such a post, in lieu of being in the limelight to feed his already inflated ego. No, he wont get my vote.
The best way to live, is to not take anything or anyone for granted; the good people in your life should be at the top of the list. They all have something to teach any of us, how to be warm and thoughtful, how to love, how to be worthy friends; there is always something to learn from a good person.
As far as the anything part, any surfer will tell you, it’s true with life and people also; if you pick the wrong wave in height and power above your skill level, the wave will kick you around like a rag doll.

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