Appreciating What You Don’t Understand

Appreciating what you don’t Understand

That’s the trouble with history today, it has shrouded yet gaping holes in our history, with current progressive intention; but if we don’t understand our history, then how are we going to understand our future. Most importantly, how are we going to appreciate what the future needs like a lack of racial tensions for example.
So you want to be a bridge builder, do you examine the history of bridge building, or do you just foolishly jump in with both feet into the bridge building business. It would be wise to study the history of historical failures and successful bridges; so that your bridge won’t resemble a pile of toothpicks after the first car drives halfway over your bridge.
If we took the outcomes of Dysfunction as a part of history and studied that Dysfunction, then we would avoid repeating the drastic outcome of Dysfunction; that is what honest history is for.
But we won’t!
Nor will we question the validity of the history we are being taught, shown or told; we just take it like an air ball and run with it.
Where does this stuff come from, “Christ was Gay,” “There was no Holocaust,” “Global Warming is being cured with Chemtrails;” where does it all come from? No one knows the experts, the fact is no one even knows what these people look like. For giggles and grins, try to get a visit, a plant tour, and a flight with the Chemtrail companies; the common citizen won’t get it done, but they will be able to talk to armed guards at times when they try to enter the business compounds, and they will talk to the not so truthful representatives.
But we on a personal level accept that Global Warming exist, why, because history told us that Global Warming is real? But history tells us that the military used chemtrails in the same method as a weapon of war over Vietnam, and this year’s heatwave as well as statistics show that through the last fifteen years we have gotten warmer; not colder. Now history is easy to understand here, every year the weather has become more dysfunctional, in every one of those fifteen years; the Chemtrails were ramped up.
Now that brings us to honesty, honesty has taken the backseat in the past few decades, “People will swallow anything!” It’s been proven more and more that they will, and it’s good for business, but there is a downside. That downside is that dishonesty breeds distrust and anger. History will teach us that, the person that initiated the now non existent Holocost, he lied, killed, tortured, maimed; he was a major part of the Second World War; because people never questioned the good they saw while overlooking the bad, he had a long run and never lifted a finger to do his dirty work.
So who can we trust these days? The people that silently rewrite history? The Career Politicians? The book selling rich preachers that preach wealth over God’s word? It should be self evident that we don’t believe everyone or product in society, but we buy everything; now that’s imbalanced. And if the above is imbalanced, then society must be imbalanced as well, and if we look at history; we may just see how imbalanced society really is.
It takes a good deal of patience to clean up, or rebuild anything; like the above bridge builder, he’s not going to build a bridge in a day. But in our societal haste and value system, patience is a rare commodity. As a Society, we show little patience in living, with that thought, and the fact that impatient people are more often than not very rude people, so how are they going to sit still long enough to learn the very history that could save a country or the world from repeating the bad part of history.
Went to the bank this morning, the line was long, but inside with the air conditioning. One of my favorite people was there, talking to her customers, so I took my place at the end of the line. She got to me, she smiled, “Your always nice, it’s good to see you today!” She was having it rough, two tellers and a line of impatient people that she had to appease with her good nature.
I was happy to see her and to be in the air conditioning, but listening to the rest of the people, with the exception of one very senior gentleman who said that he has been in lines before, so this was nothing new to him. So I looked at my friend and told her, “With this crowd, you don’t need me to be rude, you have a whole line of rude people; I never figure the world needs one more.
After that, I went to pay a bill, it’s at a florist shop, the place was darker than usual, a good way to keep things cool and conserve energy. I’m not a doom and gloom kind of guy thinking there is something wrong in the darkness so I go in. Two ladies meet me, the heat had damaged a cooler, they lost some of their lighting, and their air conditioning was cut in half and trying to keep up.
They told me what happened, I could see it, then they told me that that I couldn’t pay my bill there; so, I asked them if I could buy my usual two pieces of candy, they have some gooood candies. The young lady, she was expecting me to show impatience and rudeness I guess, she looked at me and Smiled, “oh, Yessss” she said. “See you next month!”
Back at the bank, there were two women in front of me complaining of the service, all the way to the teller, at the teller, and then according to their conversations when they get back home they would be making phone calls to complain; never once did they say something like those poor tellers, it was all poor me on their part.
Out of that line it was just the older man, about 90 years old and myself that showed any real understanding; that’s two out of about thirty people. And we are going to, with grace and dignity, we are going to change this world for the better; dubious at best.
But that’s the way it works these days, but during the Dust Bowl era and the Depression era, there were some very dignified people that built the foundation for today’s America, it’s simple to see that Americas foundation is good, it’s the people that took over that forgot or don’t care to remember their history enough; to build something great on that grand foundation, or without being like the prayer meeting killer. Always remember, good or bad, you always get what you accept; and what you don’t Understand.

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