A Word to the Wise

A Word To The Wise

The fact is, is that the wise don’t need a Word to come their way, but the young of this nation had better get over their fine selves; and open their minds and ears. While they are at it, they had better open their eyes; and start asking pertinent questions about Life.
It would be fair to state, that if the news will not talk about the ramifications of chemtrails, it’s one huge and very safe bet; no one will talk about the true facts about retirement needs. Here’s the rub, we all get old.
Now here is a truth about everyone including me, being 63 years old now, it honestly feels like yesterday that I was 25 years old. Through those years, about 40 years, I have had two home gyms, cars, bikes, houses, a family; and a host of mistakes, I did do most everything in my life right. Life like the body never cares about that, doing everything right.
38 years ago, I had accident, messed up my shoulder, nothing stopped me over the 38 years, now at 63 years of age, I have come close to losing the use of my arm; at least to a percentage. Know that what you do today, WILL be holding with tight hands to your tomorrow’s outcome.
In the past few weeks, we have seen this country change from a strong and dependable country to a blame filled and party-on country; but the mentalities of today has been in the making for many years, mentalities that are very Destructive not only for the country but for the young of this nation.
Look deep into the crowds that have gathered for the marijuana legalization, by the time you gather some sort of worth like a good house and belongings, you will have rethought your life a hundred times over; and you won’t want any of them around, because you won’t be able to trust them. But if that is the life you want, then go on ahead. But that’s the false side liberalism, it’s all for medical use isn’t it, and we have a country full of sick people right; can’t force anyone to look at and question what they see these days, but reality will. So go ahead, think deeper than dirt, or just dive into the darker pool of life head first.
As for me, life is short enough, but you, the young American, you will get to pay the high cost of everyone’s inaction, the unseen tab of rehab and counseling of the now celebrated drug world; because today’s citizens didn’t have the guts to do what was truly good for the country. Nah, in ten years it will all be the same as it is today, some nut job guns down some parishioners, we blame the flag or the gun; this country has been doing that for so long, that we don’t know any other way, and we are supposed to think the future will be different.
Right now, there are so many military personnel coming home in pieces, what does our liberal society do? We give awards for Courage to a transgender and old and wealthy track and field star, that’s what the soldiers died and lost limbs for. It takes a whole lot more courage to stay normal in a society where everything goes or is accepted, but people don’t understand the truth of that fact. For those that don’t understand, or don’t care because they no longer think they have to care, you do have to understand this; this is your world we are seeing made, and all you younger people will have to pay for it.
There is no true cash cow, everyday someone figures this out; it’s a rough lesson when during their working years, all anyone does is focus on what they can get for doing nothing. If you work for your dollar, truly earning it, you won’t take much for granted.
Two things people told me in years past come to mind.
A dentist once told me that he didn’t like doing crowns, because the elderly can’t afford to replace them when they are struggling to survive on their retirement budgets and limited savings. In the 80’s and 90’s, crowns were the common practice, so much so that one dentist I was waiting to see gave his Gardner a blank check to fix his yard, he actually took out a check and signed it. That’s how I found the good dentist, I figured that if the other dentist had that kind of money to burn while knowing his work and his plans for me; then he didn’t need my money. Yeah, I left.
An elderly, freshly retired Lady told me, and I can agree, but she said: It’s okay to be Liberal when you’re young, but in your older years; you’d better be Conservative. After spending yesterday morning in the Ageing and Disabilities office for the County discussing a new part of my life’s journey, Medicare; I came to the conclusion, not that I didn’t know already, but if you are rich, you can afford crowns, and you can afford to stay Liberal for the remainder of your life.
If you are well-off or below, you better start believing in God, and start praying that you don’t get sick, injured, or have some other calamity. Oh that four letter word [God] had to appear didn’t it, be the faithless atheistic agnostic if you want today, but one day down the road, you’re going to say something to God, just don’t blame him for your lack of concern you have harbored till that day.
A good portion of today’s problems that people face, has been brought on by the acceptance of Yuppies and their greed filled mentalities. Retirement plans, investments, jobs, everything right down to the nest-egg; those parts of our life, as well as our country, have suffered drastically. Even if you didn’t like what the Yups were doing, the target was on your back if you didn’t join them, remember it takes more courage to stand on your own and stay true to normal.
Greed vs true security, rich and poor bottom feeders of society, regardless of race, creed, gender, religion or any other lame excuse that Divides The Rights Of Humanity; laws and stupid peoples actions have made everyone vulnerable to living in a freedomless filled and chaotic future, that lack of freedom care-less following of society may someday leave everyone under a bridge. Think, if today’s chaotic spin becomes boring to society, since society always strives for deeper before swimming for shore before drowning, given that, and if society gets bored; where do you think they will take society next? That question should scare the stuffing out any person reading and hopefully sharing this.
You don’t have to be there to hear, see or understand, that someone on This day is at a shelter or on the street, they’re saying; God, I screwed up, I wish I would have cared for more than money and trinkets in my life, my beemer and Rolex are worthless to me now. If you can’t understand that, or maybe life is still a game for you, wait till dark to come and take a walk on the poor side of life, thinking and knowing that society in its complacent and following new-age nature created what that you will be navigating while you try so hard to flee the area.
Cost of living with low incomes, laws like the one President Johnson tried hard to overturn (you will find it in Section 1862 (a)(12) of the Social Security Act) but had no success; and the Obama-Care that everyone thinks is great but no one has fully read, or even understands did not change the above law; leaving the elderly poor and toothless. But oh it’s such a good thing to be part of the progressive crowd, till your old, or till confusion knocks on your door and you become one of the many babbling fools asking yourself too late in life; what happened to the American society, why doesn’t anyone care about humanity anymore???? Gee poor poor you…. When someone talked to you about the important things to life, well, I guess you should have listened, but the complacency and following of life were or is so much easier, wasn’t or isn’t it. Yes, look at that statement as past or future tense-Ness.
Our ending days, or because there is always a degree of hope, our ending years; well, there is no rose garden promised. But just because the flood is coming doesn’t mean you can’t run the other way; in fact you should, just don’t be selfish in your intention. People have been living and voting that way for years, if a bill, a law, a measure; right or wrong, if they can help a person’s bottom line, then they vote for it. Something being good for society or humanity is inconsequential to some of our society, go ahead and contest that thought if anyone wishes; but we always see life, some just choose not to admit it, but in the very end, they will.
I am not the only one that feels this way, countless people feel that objects get focused on as a way of diverting our attention off the root cause of most of the country’s problems; the sad fact is, is that they are right. And now young people, you know what to expect, and who allowed it all to go on; you also know who’s been feeding the system. If you don’t, then the next time you walk down the street; look at the people you’re walking amongst.
This country has some good people in it, they are not in the limelight, but they are worth the effort to find, listen to, and to talk to; just make sure your conversation is deeper than the shallow end of a summer’s mud puddle; you will learn more that way. Always be wary of a movement, a political party, or, societal portrait that only shows the fun or beautiful side of life; sorry young people, living life has never been that way, Never!

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