How can anyone today be frightened by what they Accept?

How can anyone today be frightened by what they Accept?

How can any of us enjoy the journey of our lives with all that’s in front of us these days, it has to be a self imposed blindnsess, but that self imposed blindness will never equate to any form of bliss; no matter what you feed it or how long you nurture the blindness. It’s very understandable that, sooner or later, we will have no choice but to open our eye’s and take a very real look at all that we see, in some case’s, we had better have a strong constitution, because of what we will see.
The girl on the television, young and pretty, she said: it was just for fun, we weren’t out to hurt anyone, it was just for fun. What she was talking about was a bridge takeover, not protesting anything, it was a car club that just wanted to have fun.
Now if one of those cars went over the railing, and someone died, then it wouldn’t be fun anymore. But this really happened late at night, for some distance, a mile or so of late night traffic, the head lights were thick with innocent comuter’s that couldn’t go anywhere, so what if there were a pregnant mom to be in the midst of the back up? Or, maybe someone had a heart attack while waiting in the traffic standstill? All so that some kids can have fun cutting cookies on top of a bridge?
And that young lady on the news, I think her parents should make sure that her backside would hurt all the way through community service, as she admitted to her being a part of the whole ordeal. That’s permissive upbringing at its finest, don’t punish the child, they will grow out of it; yeah, worked for her. She doesn’t need a police record, or jail time, or to lose her freedoms or property; she needs a mind and eye opener that will last a lifetime.
But she is not the only one, the people that called 911 to report what they saw on the bridge that night, the little babies, a few of them said that they were scared and frightened. It would be a safe bet that some of those 911 callers are putting their Fast and Furious DVD collections on EBay now, maybe or hopefully out of guilt for turning a blind eye to society for so long. The guilt though, it belongs to everyone that looks outside their little world, sees what’s happening; then simply and easily adjust their blinders.
What a saying, old as dirt, but when the thought of blinders in conjunction with society; it’s a remarkable and fitting saying. Blinders are used to keep working animals, such as draft horses like the Budweiser horses, in control; so that they will go where they are led or that they won’t get distracted. If you have a meek society, you have a controllable society. If you have a disrespectful society, you have a chaotic society. You pit one against the other, then no one will like the outcome.
It makes me have to ask, knowing the freedoms that every American had and lost since I was a kid: how much more freedom does the common citizen have to lose before the day of awakening begins? The day of awakening doesn’t have to be Armageddon, it just has to be a day where people, hopefully a whole populous, awakens and takes stock of the good in their lives.
Most every restraint on mankind, has been brought on by his or her own inaction to seek what’s right for all, his or her own disrespect for life, and; his or her own moronic action. In that thought, it seems that as a society, we have through the last few decades created a monster, not only do we not like it’s face; but it scares and frightens us, this may be harsh, but it’s almost like looking in a mirror for some people.
But being scared and frightened, it’s a true reaction to anyone’s life, it’s real life 101; and it’s a message that no one should ignore, disregard or forget.
But sadly, in this new-age society, they will scream for more laws, but that’s not how it works, we have already failed with the new law theory; maybe we should simply expect better, while we demand better.

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