Something’s been bugging me, something someone said about my yard: “It’s about time you did something with your yard!” Then she told me that I need to get some bark dust, when I declined due to the fact that around this neck of the woods; getting bark dust is like moving in a flea habitat. I told her that and that there would be no bark dust used, her reply seemed rather societal as the whole conversation proved more and more intrusive to my reclusive way of life, she then said in a condescending tone: “Well, that’s you!”
Yep that’s me! Still there’s not going to be bark dust in my yard!
But then I think of her yard, it’s already summer-like where I live, so much so, I questioned if I planted my seeds too late and it’s just late spring, well she still has her lawn furniture under tarps. Then she has every whirly gig thing ever imagined in her yard, in the middle of her overgrown backyard there’s a pond minus any fish because the raccoons got them, and kind of a garden. I wouldn’t really want to count the bird houses and the feeders, even in the potted flowers there’s tiny little bird house’s; she must have a running tab down at the local Weed and Feed Gaudy Yard Supply Company. And that bug infested red cinder rock, kinda goes with my reply to her saying it was about time I did something with my yard, to her I said: Well look at you! Only I didn’t quite mean it in a nice way, or even a condescending way, I meant what I said to hit home.
My yard, simple, basic and clean, one bird feeder, a couple of vines that bloom, a dogwood tree, a few as in four bushes, and now a flower bed in front with six roses and a couple ferns that were transplanted from other parts of the yard.
The beauty of being born or living in America, is that we have the right to choose from life what makes us happy and content in life. But we have to do it with respect, that is if we are all going to get along. Like the people around me, their cookie cutter yards, it’s like prom night with their fancy looking suits and dresses, everyone the same; I don’t need that feeling in my life, and I don’t need their acceptance. I left high school along time ago, but part of being an adult is respecting all that’s around you, and at times helping your neighbor, that I do; I have to say, people worry more about the amount of bark dust you have in your yard than the honest kindness you have shown them.
What would happen if I Chose not to respect their right to live around me because of their hoity toity ways? I just ignored them like they weren’t there, if they fell, I just walked on by with the thought, that person’s got bark dust; what a peasant.
I wouldn’t do that, mainly because I put life above the need for bark dust, or whatever constitutes the proper or accepted flower bed needs; besides, I don’t want to be Them. “You laugh at me because I’m different, I laugh at you because you’re all the same!” I’m wondering if she has ever heard that…..

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