Ah, it’s nothing important

Ah, it’s nothing important

Droughts, weather manipulation, water rights; dubious cottage industries, and their employee’s.
Try food, by the end of summer, we may be looking at higher than usual cost of food, muddy tap water, and bare mountains. 75 degrees on Mt. Hoods Timberline Lodge today, California’s central valley where the food grows is getting dryer and dryer. The whole west coast is feeling some of the biggest drought effects known to it’s history; and the news stations still ignore the problem. But that’s okay, they have been ignoring Chemtrails for years, they have ignored the root cause of Global Warming for the same amount of years.
And the public, well it’s shameful, they ignore so much like it will all go away with a spring rain; it could I guess, get washed away, but this is 06/09/15 as I write this, and it’s gotten worse and Mt. Hood, Mt. Shasta, they are so low on snow that you had better put Kevlar on your inner tubes to guard against the rocks. Politics as usual I guess!
Even on a public level, after all, it is a Government for the People by the People but that makes all of us citizens responsible, and news station’s are ours too, that’s why they seek us to boost their ratings.
The War between the Blue and the Gray is over, get over it. Black vs White, move on, stop fueling the fire. That stuff is old news, after all, we are a civilized society; Aren’t We? And we do have continent to save; Don’t We?
Try this on for size, less water behind the Dams, less electricity; makes the toys harder to play don’t it. Your garden and flower beds that you’ve slaved over, yeah, they’re going to dry up; unneeded or unwanted compost, smelly for a bit too. Those yards that cost thousands of dollars to create, with trees and shrubs, the fancy fences, all that beauty and labor; not to worry, if you don’t have the best yard in the neighborhood, you’ll all be equal by the end of summer.
How much do you want to bet, today, no one around the pool even cares? Well, until the pool runs dry, but I wouldn’t advise wading in the pool till the last drop disipates, or even the last few feet of water is left standing; think of the parasitic ramifications of standing water. Get your hand, no make that your body sanitizer out, don’t worry about it, we have all been breathing fungal spores for years, green or black; bliss or blindness, I don’t know.
Take a look at this site, http://www.megadroughtusa.com/tsl/index_nep.php , this will be a part of everyone’s future like it or not. I try not to be too ornery or blunt, in life or on this site, but it’s hard to be the nice stately gentleman that I am these day’s; but the manners of the world are just too far out of hand.
Those manners of the world touch me in many ways, they touch everyone around me, therefore I know those same world manners touch everyone’s life that I don’t know. I believe that is the hardest part for me to wrap my mind around, let alone my heart or my arms; but if everyone is touched by faulty country and world manners, why is everyone so shallow in their thoughts of what’s good or beautiful.
For me things like sunsets created by Chemtrails are not and never will be beautiful, once a person takes the time to understand what made that “Awesome” sunset, well it just looks like garbage; those are chemicals in those crisscross lines in the sky, not a place to put your X’s and O’s.
Let’s just leave it this way, we are looking at changes that we Are Not going to Like in the near future, now the word Stunning should by all rights be associated with something beautiful, so ask this; is the future really Stunning?
If the answer is No, then you should know by now, its up to us to speak up, not your children or grandchildren; but us, the adults of the world. But if you think the political body or liberalism will take care of it, then think again, they have been saving the world and killing trees for years and look at what we are facing; bad land, water and weather, less Faith in God, history that has been strategically misplaced, they never want to talk about that.
Now, the past is at your front door, it’s not going to leave anytime soon, and it’s not a visitor you want to allow in.

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