When a Person Goes to Extremes, it’s very Difficult for them to Get Back to Normal

When a Person Goes to Extremes, it’s very Difficult for them to Get Back to Normal.

Even if someone has never gone through hard times by fighting some form of an extreme, substance abuse or anything, it’s totally understandable these day’s that they do know someone that has; it’s long past time to get real about the fact that Extremism exists and is at times very Destructive to a person as well as a society. But, some people are lucky, they get less bumps in their path, while others; it’s like walking a straight level line over and across the Bad Land’s or the Grand Canyon without a safety net.
The problem some of the lucky people fail to understand, is that hard times never cares who it hits, or when, so they had better be aware of what’s going on around them, learn life with humility; leaving the foolish smugness for the new or old upwardly mobile.
But what about if society goes to extremes?
A good number of people take life for granted these days, they have a job, the apartment or house, the car and they are able to make the payments, they party in their off hours, and they never think life could be harsh for them.
It’s not hard to understand, that across Texas these days, some people there took their lucky life to extremes before the storms hit; now, they have nothing. Nothing is a bad word, when at one time, someone had an excess; even if it was all on credit.
I was driving along with a friend, in my Volvo 242, Grace gets her share of compliments for her age; it’s a ‘1983’ and I built her and own her outright. Well, my friend saw a newer ‘Z’ car on a car lot, exclaimed how beautiful it was, then he saw the price. I told him, that price represents Twenty One Thousand Reasons Not To Buy the car. So you buy the car, for what, to prove you have credit, because it’s a chick-magnent? People have done that before and they have lost, everything including the girl; that’s learning life from watching others. $21,000.00, that can buy me many gallons of gas, food, things I or someone else needs but can’t afford like meds or food. And the 242 can get it done fast enough, as the late model Mazda found out in Big Sur, and uphill too.
But fighting our way back from societal extremes, that’s not that easy, you don’t have to take my word for it; just take a mental few minutes to think how you would fix the world. Make that, how you would fix your town.
Gang shootings and murders, how would you get involved in that long enough to fix it?
Drug abuse, how would you do the fixing there, from kids to old-timers; substance abuse is still the deadly rage?
Scams are popular in or out of the business world, how would you fix that without some resemblance of a moral compass?
Child abuse, elderly abuse, spouse abuse, self abuse, how would you fix that?
Would you go to the government, we all know where that will take you in relation to a free and dignified life; thinking of that old Speaker of the House that paid a good deal of money to become a new installment of Pedophile news, as well as charges of bank fraud?
There is a great deal to think about, but as a populace we don’t give such thoughts a chance, we leave it up to the governing bodies; and we all want a better life Now?
Like that ‘Z’ car, all the parties and trinkets, all the power and glory, none of that stuff will fix a thing; those things just confuse the issues. But if we stop for a moment and think while we are enjoying the illusion of having fun with all that we don’t own, we might see that where we are going in a societal way is wrong and harmful to the future.
Will we ever escape the extreme that society has found itself in?
Not in my day, people are frankly too caught up in the liberalization of society, where anything is okay because we don’t want to offend or degrade the degradable of society; hey, if they (whoever they are,) if they are destroying the livability in our future, and our freedoms, then why can’t we say that we have had enough of the insanity? But we have to have the brass to tell the greedy thoughtless morons of the world that we won’t back down, and that we will teach our children how to stand up for what is right over all the destructive manners that are thoughtlessly acceptable today.
There was this lady, on the news the other day, she ran a food bank for the homeless, she thought the economy in the area was getting better so therefore her job would dwindle away. What she found was so different, she couldn’t understand why even more people came to her in need, the people found work alright, they just couldn’t live with the low paying entry-level positions, so they were still struggling. The answer is so very simple, when anything goes, there is no balance, with no balance it’s just not a future worth writing home about.
It’s simple, keep ripping off people, then more theft and freedom restricting laws that only govern the common working person will be had. Allow society to continue to run a muck, sooner or later, it will have a speed that no one can control. Face it, the free American simply does not exist these days, but the corrupt does, and we are this way because of what we deem as acceptable, because; we feel that we can’t raise our free voice. A pitiful reasoning really, a pitiful legacy to be passed on in guidance for those left behind. Now that’s an Extreme we don’t need, but we are, in fact; living it.
Ya know, I have had more people talk to me in the past week about the Bruce Jenner saga, than, what’s causing this massive weather change that has killed so many men women and children under the guise of Global Warming; now that’s atrocious, especially when all people have to do, is to . . . look up. No, it’s not going to drastically change for the better in my day, but I do have hope for future generations; and a prayer or two.

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