We are Lucky to have Each Other

We Are Lucky to Have Each Other

If People were to be told something important, or, something very good or worthwhile, even though what they were told didn’t quite go along with today’s view of normal. Would they listen even if what they were told was a little old-fashioned, would they hold on to every word spoken to them; while they try to impart what they were told into their lives?
Maybe if the words came from a talk show host, then they might, it’s got to be a popular talk show host; not necessarily an authority, just popular. Go to Health Talk Live and you will get honest and useful information on health, and the items that will help so many in their efforts to get healthy, but since they aren’t sanctioned by the big name entertainers, the common citizens know little about them. But through their years of business, they have worked with many well-known people, they just didn’t want the popularity; they wanted to honestly help people; that’s the difference between people like Ms. O and them.
So, here it goes, from a real life level, minus the tinsel and lights: Those closest to you, let them know that you appreciate them for being a part of your life. Mainly because, all of our [Tomorrow’s] on this day, well; they are just a thought for the future. If all of our [Tomorrow’s] weren’t just a thought and subject to change, most everything we put off till the next day, well; everything would be done, or would be getting done.
It’s not that easy to let people know that you are grateful for their presence in your life these days, there are a huge amount of inherited social actions that create a certain amount of shallowness and fear in most everyone’s lives, granted it’s changeable, but first we have to look at ourselves with an honest intent to fix who we are in the way that we appreciate the good in our lives.
Why be suspicious of people if their nice to you?
Because of the overuse of words like Love, Friendship, Family; quite often today those words are used with little backbone, more often those words are used for enticement. For whatever reason enticement is needed, the reason comes with a strong lack of trust building qualities. Wrongful qualities, when trust is removed from any relationship, then all the nice words thrown out to a person become useless except for the moment. No matter how you look at it, the above becomes an act of shallowness, mix shallowness with fear; society becomes even colder.
So where does that leave the good people in anyone’s life? Slightly or terminally untrusted.
Where does that leave anyone in their own life? Slightly or terminally alone.

Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events, not of words. Trust movement.” -Alfred Adler, 1870-1937

The movement in others is what we see first, but the mind tells us that the words are what’s important; but the words are not the most important parts of our lives. Words are like icing on a cake, without the cake, the icing is just fattening goo; the same as words without backbone.
It’s in the actions of those around you, no matter how good and respectable you are, their actions tell you if they trust you or not, their actions tell you if they can be trusted to be an important part of your life; a person that you would want to be loyal to through the years. In high school, we have friends that say their loyal to the end, but the end comes when we can’t run with the pack anymore, jobs and family changes the meaning of loyalty; that change is very understandable in reality. Then one day, years down the road, you see the once loyal person in the store, knowing they are well in health and of sound mind, you may have talked to them in recent years with little in the way of changes; they see you and ignore you, there goes the till the end loyalty.
Do we really need to consider that type of a person as the best that we have in our lives? Should we really feel that guilty in our thoughts of “Oh Well, if they don’t have the time, then I will spend my time more wisely; without them!” After all, there are more important people in our lives, so why waste our time trying to keep a dead horse alive, if the friendship is that dead, then it’s time to shift our attention to more important people.
This isn’t the good old days, this is today, and no matter your age, time is short, so spend it wisely. Don’t want to believe that, ask a few people of any age past forty, in there heart of hearts, not of literal time, ask them if they feel like high school doesn’t seem like yesterday. They may feel like it was, or they may feel a little older, one thing is for sure, inside the mind and the heart; they will make that journey back in a heartbeat.
Now with the thought above, why waste time with people that don’t care, why not give your attention to the better people in your life?

It takes years to build up trust, and it only takes suspicion, not proof, to destroy it.” -Anonymous

But, would it be wrong to say that in everyone these days, that we have less and less people in our lives that are far from suspicion; if so, shouldn’t that red flag of contrast prove that looking for betterment in life should be above the most sought after trinket. And shouldn’t we acknowledge the good in our lives better than we do, doesn’t it make sense that if we have people that are good, and honest in the way that they treat us, shouldn’t we let them know that we know they are alive and well in our life. Rather than using them till their all used up, that’s the common method of life these days, use people for what we can get; the only trouble in living that way, no matter what you have in the end, you still end up with nothing if you have no real true friends.
Thinking along those lines every time we look at something that someone gave us, something hanging on our walls or collecting dust in the garage, rather than looking at those something’s with guilt; look at those things as an invitation to remember, and seek out the person so that you can thank them for being a part of your life.
If I died today, and I had one real friend at my funeral, along with twenty people that showed up because they loved the drama of a funeral, or that they just felt they had too; I honestly believe I would be more grateful for that one person that was there as a true friend. The pearls of life, they are rare.

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