This ain’t your World

This ain’t your world

Time is money they say, I guess, if that’s all anyone thinks about; is money.
People are strange, always in a hurry when it comes to their life, whatever it is they’re dealing with, it’s gotta be Now! But ask them to be ready when you have a busy day, they are slower than that seven year itch.
At times their lolly gagging takes an hour or three, then you call them and they say; oh, I’m not going. All that time wasted, and for what? But do they ever show gratitude for your kindness, or is the better way to say it; kind patience.
But anyone that has dealt with people who are under the control of one of the many substances of choice these days, they know the malfunctioning clock addicted people live by; that clock is just plain irritating!
Call it what you want, when someone knows they have an addiction problem, all the liberal niceness in the world will never ease the irritation people receive when dealing with addicts.
The downside of being in that situation is that what bothers the addict and the person dealing with them, is that they both may have hearts of gold, bigger than a Texas sunrise, but no one can tell. The addict runs in fear of what life will be like if they give up the bottle, or if they get rid of their lighter and spoon. The clear thinking, drug or alcohol free person in their life, they are tired of the day to day drama, and they show it by being less and less forgiving as time goes on. There is no right or wrong here, just a problem that needs curing, the lives involved, love given and received, but all the worthless moments of time wasted.
The best thing for the addict, get a grip on what’s important in life, fill the hours of the day with substance of a real kind, think of all that you could be doing while you think of all the time and money you’re wasting. Ah, too depressing, think of maybe having only one chance left to make things right; then the aftermath of killing that chance with your actions. At that point, if someone cared, they would say: Your blowing this chance, get your act together, stop following the crowd, because if you kiss it goodbye this time; you may never get another chance. Forget about don’t be a fool, your being a fool, don’t blow this chance.
But see that’s the thing, caring today is more soft than true caring, no one wants to offend, the only thing in that thought, it’s not life confirming; addictions are foes, and we want to treat addictions like friends. Tough Love is good on television, but in real life it’s even tougher; and you have to have real commitment in your actions. Without that commitment, even a priest would give up in a day, but the commitment has to be on both sides, otherwise all the time in dealing with the problem is wasted.
My neighbor called me yesterday, asking if I wanted to go get coffee in the morning, he’s buying, I’m driving. A good idea, it was going to be a busy day and some coffee in the morning would probably fill the meter. Now he has a drinking problem, if you were to see his back porch you’d swear there had been a party there by the stack of six-packs of empty bottles; but it’s just him there doing the drinking.
Today he called up and said, we can’t do the coffee today. He told me that the tab he has at the corner store was more than he could afford, so; now he has to live off his chicken-pot pies while he builds another tab to be paid next week. The only trouble is, is that he gets only $85.00 a week spending money from the people that take care of his bills for him. Well, there is another problem, my neighbor is in his early fifties; not too kool when you consider he’s living on a glutinous weekly tab for his alcoholic needs, and chicken-pot pies.
So what about that Brothers Keeper stuff?
Help comes when the road gets rough and your doing your best to navigate your way through the bumps, life is full of bumps and; Lord knows, mankind ignores the fact, but at one time or another, everyone stumbles.
I said okay, it’s kool, don’t need coffee today, not to worry. Maybe while I am out I will pick him up some coffee, shoot he might need it then, the one thing I won’t do is run out and get coffee for him, gives him time to think. Not that big of a deal to me, but in reality, he let me down due to his thirsty alcohol tab. In the other reality, he is killing himself by consuming that much alcohol, and a diet of chicken-pot pies does not a healthy diet make.
He has people that preach the word of God to him, they go to church, inside his family and outside his family, they give him the word of God, but they never seem to be there for the problem he faces in his life. So what about this Brothers Keeper stuff, it’s the commitment, yeah, God has a part in the whole picture; but that commitment has to be on the human level too. Don’t know about anyone else, but I would think God has more on his plate that needs doing than we do.
For the addict, or anyone else for that matter, this world never did belong to us, and it certainly never revolved around any of us. Somehow, people believe it’s their world, no matter how low or how high they are on the food chain, they think this is their world. The government thinks we the people belong to them, when in reality, we are the government and we know it; we just don’t act like it. Businesses think we are here to buy what they have to sell you because they have a door open, in reality, they opened the door so it’s up to them to give good service and products; there just aren’t a ton of customers around the corner and never have been.
And, life will go on regardless if you pop that top, light that joint, or take up free-falling from cliff tops without a parachute, and the world just won’t stop spinning because any of us make the wrong choice in life. In real terms, this just isn’t your world, it doesn’t belong to any of us, all the wasted time in the above, maybe the time would have been better spent in building respect and dignity; might just have a better and more coherent world to live in if we had taken the time to stand for something better.

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