Hope the new found Spirituality is not a Fad

Hope the new found Spirituality is not a Fad

In my teenage years, there were two groups of people, outside of the groups that I was more involved in; the group’s I hung out with were the hotrod crowd and the less populated then Surf crowd. Those two other groups were the Peace and Love crowd, and, I didn’t create the name here, the Bible Freaks; both of which added Plus and Minus aspects in the world of Spirituality.
Fads, they come and go, some never amount to much, but some leave little to be desired after they dry up, some, well they leave a societal residue behind. With all the Bible verse quoting songs, and the Peace & Love part of that time, you would logically think that we would be living in a more tranquil world today; but be honest, we aren’t are we. Well, you mix the Peace, Love, and the Semi Free Spirit mentalities with Drugs that are way harder than aspirin; then the moral compass goes flying out the window. In that time, the moral compass didn’t just grow wings to fly off and be free; it grew a jet engine, that compass is gone!
The Bible Freaks, who knows what happened to them, it would be nice to speculate that they went on to do something good with their lives, and I am sure some of them did, in the foreign or domestic lands some may be helping children or families in need, the homeless of the world; or maybe some became teacher’s or responsible clergy. But we all know that in society as a whole, today God is a four letter word; so what happened to the Bible Freaks.
Fads die or change, but looking back at some of the people of the generation, some of the most religious people back then we’re not nice people, they were controlling people, people from Manson to the Gurus of the day, they wreaked havoc then, and they are still around today; and they still have control over a certain part of the masses. And every day, they take advantage of their time to train new weak minds to the deceptive ways that they live by; to the young and the old.
Looking at Faith and the Bible as tools, in the mechanics world, only a fool blames his tools. In the spiritual world so to speak, we dump everything on religion, like the mechanic, we are dumping Faith and the Bible in with religion; that is like throwing the best wrench into the pile of broken wrenches. Take that as you may, but if your going to denounce God, you had better have an understanding of God, he is not a religion, and Faith is not a religion; most if not all people that say that they hate that stuff, they fail to understand the difference.
The crazy thing in doing so, they’re the ones that are missing out, and every day in people’s hatred of [All] due to religion, this world and it’s chaotic spin; it’s simply getting worse. Ignore that fact if you wish, I’m not here to change you.
But everyday more people show their hidden or silent belief in a higher power, that is not a bad thing, certainly nothing to be ashamed of. If a person gets a headache from that thought, they can’t blame God, they can only blame themselves for their lack of understanding.
So if there is a reawakening going on, on a personal level, or a societal level; then don’t insult God, or those that put their Faith in God any further. Quite honestly the blaming or discounting God as a viable entity, well it’s been going on too long, so don’t make Faith and God the scapegoat for religion; because of a far too strong of a lack of understanding and following.
Think of all the attractive blonde females out there, are they all dumb blondes? No, they aren’t, and do they all like those stupid jokes? But that’s the message that gets sent to the heavens on a daily basis, religion turns to garbage, making the church a cottage industry; so the masses throw God and Faith out with the dishwater. In respect of that thought, there should be less blondes, color the hair now and don’t tell anyone, but at least they would know how God feels wouldn’t they. Judgemental people boar me at times.
Spirituality should by all means be explored, but do so with respect, and if your doing so because everyone is doing it, then Stop Following Others Now; stopping will give you time to understand the true meaning of God and Faith. It’s a personal understanding and connection you and God are after; not a Fad. By now, people should know how destructive fads and the following of fads can be; Don’t let a Fad belief ruin your chances to have something beautiful in your life.

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