Hope may be an Illusion

Hope may be an Illusion to some, but Hope it’s an illusion worth Keeping

Floods across Texas, they’re devastating, people and property lost, simply floated away in a stream of torrential rains. Rip tides up and down both coasts, if that’s not enough, sharks are congregating just off shore, in the seaward side of the breakwater. Water Spouts, usually non threatening, one hit the shore taking a Bounce House with children inside for a fifty foot high ride through the air. The massive earthquake in Nepal, people are still digging out of the rubble, countless dead and injured.
Life seems so upside down at times, like the above, with all the adversity and destruction, with all the uncontrollable yet natural caused conditions, with all the calamities be falling the different continents around the world; it’s an amazement, albeit a sad one, that mankind is still killing his own.

They say that God is everywhere, and yet we always think of Him as somewhat of a recluse. Emily Dickinson

She wasn’t too far off, we discount God all the time, denounce him all the time, look at it this way; he gave us his only son, in return we give him crumbs in our use of his name. Unless we go through one of those storms above, well then we pray; it seems strange, at that point we don’t need to be taught how to pray. Go figure, when last week, before the storms hit home, we cursed him because we were one number off in Power Ball.
If we were to really face what we see, rather than turning a blind eye to what we see, then we would quickly understand that we are part of a growing problem. Not really sure how many ways there are to discuss the ramifications in the actions of the inhabitants of the world, me not being a politician or socialite newscaster, given that I only know one way; and that is straight out. Straight talk, flipping through channels the other day, almost fell out of my chair; the news lady said that we need more straight talk. The only thing I could think while knowing how correct the lady was; was poor lady, wonder if she knows she’s climbing a societal Everest of believing ignorance is bliss.
So many times, talking of life and the implications of the way society lives these days, when talking to some people, they say it gives them a headache; and they are the people that started the conversations. Saying things like, it’s Revelation’s come to pass, God’s mad, it’s Armageddon, it’s the Judgement Day; you ask them if they believe in God, they say no, all this talk of religion is giving me a headache. Well, why did you start the conversation, I’m done. Ah, that’s life, always a question, and the never seeking of the answer, just the faithless or Hopeless grumbling to follow any of or a certain thought.

Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul. Emily Dickinson

Hope is what we rely on, more often than we think, always hoping something would workout the way we plan, we Hope the weather remains good, or, like the now drought stricken states that are right this minute in Hope of rain. The rest of the country now, they might be in strong Hope that there is a way of sending all that Texas water to the California Central Valley, to ease the drought there; a convoy of water trucks doing C. W. McCall proud.
Then there is Hope that our families grow up safe and secure, that wars will end, that the weather manipulation by man will end. There is always Hope, but sometimes, Hope just seems a little shakey, like it’s just not enough, that’s where Faith comes in, Faith feeds Hope. That’s where the illusion is understood, your car breaks down on the way home, Hope may not give you a ride home, but it will get you home, because you have faith in yourself. Therefore, Hope is worth keeping.
There are those things in life that we can’t see, Faith and Hope are two of those things. Everyone denounces Faith in the name of religion, but they never give up Hope, because they don’t believe that Hope is a part of Faith; the whole reason why, is because God and Faith has taken a back seat in all the offshoot or false religions.

And the sounds we make together
Is the music to the story in your eyes
Its been shining down upon me now
I realize

Listen to the tide slowly turning
Wash all our heartaches away
Were part of the fire that is burning
And from the ashes we can build another day

But Im frightened for the children
That the life that we are living is in vain
And the sunshine weve been waiting for
Will turn to rain

When the final line is over
Its certain that the curtains
gonna fall
I can hide inside your sweet sweet love
For ever more.

As a Society we’ve been hiding alright, but we haven’t been hiding in sweet sweet Peace and Love, but the Moody Blues can make total ruin sound promising; for the common citizen, they have to have Hope. They have to start taking what they are seeing and hearing serious, they have to gain a real knowledge of life, young or old, they have to get a good sense of what they have lost in the conservative and liberal parties that have silently ravaged the lives of the future generations of their American values and freedom’s.
By God if we don’t take life serious now, it’s going to take a boat load of Hope for each and every one of us to regain even a fraction of the promise that for centuries people have moved here for. If people regrouped today, looked at true history rather than some of that drivel they teach in history class; then people might understand that this land was built with Faith and Hope, and they didn’t get a headache from neither.

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