Everyone had a Laugh

Everyone had a Laugh

“When pigs fly,” when we were young, and we heard someone say that; we would laugh at the thought. Just to picture a pig flying through the air, you just have to admit; it’s quite a picture. When you’re young, everything is worth a laugh, the beauty of youth some say; the gaiety of youth, it goes along with exuberance in life.
Through the years while growing up we heard that being said, then something changed, oh we still heard about the pigs with wings, but with our aging we also heard; “Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out!” Also, “Get out on your own while you know everything!”
For some reason, “When pigs fly” and “Not in my life,” they’re vying for equal ground in this world. See back about forty years or so ago, the adults of the world were having conversations about some of the things that are becoming second nature in our lives today; and not all were thought of as good, some were thought of as harmful to our future; not to forget, that some of those thought provoker’s were unconstitutional.
China intervention, police empowerment, riots, escalated oil entanglements, obese town, state and national governments. People were worried that gun rights would be taken away, that the cost of gas would take half a two week paycheck, and that the cost of food would become all too consuming for a family’s income; to top that off, they worried that crimes of all natures would be uncontrollable and escalated.
What did people say when asked if any one of the above would happen in America, “When pigs fly,” people were ignoring those that believed people should be caring more about their beloved families and country more than they were doing at the time. Saying “When pigs fly!” It’s truly more of a case of being blindly arrogant, believing it will never happen here, it won’t happen to us or me, not here – not now – not ever.
So, watch the news, watch people on a daily basis, then do your best to Live – Laugh – Love; or at least try. But something is happening in our small world, those little pigs are flying, people are more confused today than ever, as to what the future holds, is the future going to be good, will we be happy or sad; I talked to one person that said: At one time I saw a beautiful future for me and my family, endless possibilities. Now, I don’t see a decent future beyond ten years; and I have always had an open mind, but I can’t get past the feeling of darkness out there.
Guess if we believe in the inner youth more than we believe in the outwardly more physically mortal age that we are, then our mind still thinks there is time, abundant time to learn and change the future for the better; or to protect the future for the betterment of future generations while we play at living life.

It is always self-defeating to pretend to the style of a generation younger than your own; it simply erases your own experience in history.” -Renata Adler, 1938

The repeating of history is more common place now days, mainly because we have forgotten, or maybe shelved would be a better view of what we have done with our history; in truth we can’t run from our history. In truth, both World wars did happen, there was a Holocaust, there were Indian wars and Slavery; and God did matter. Though, while we can’t run from the historical truths of those things, we can learn from them while not using them to brow beat the public into submission; and then to the acceptance of false peace; so how is the faithless life working for the general public? Just wondering.
Thinking of nature, man believes we can cure the world ills, of both human and animal, but is man the cure? Or is man a part of the problem?
Saving the world, it’s not as easy as being a proud Tree Hugger, it’s the Open Mind that people have to nurture. We have been living with this save the world mentality for a multitude of years now, look at what has happened, fights, dwindled freedoms, locked Public lands, and the Political aspect that includes the lies and thievery of the public’s perception of freedom they believe is theirs, as in the words of the song: This land is your land, this land is my land!
In the interim, some of nature’s inhabitants are on the decline, the water table in areas are as much as forty feet below normal with controlled weather by man being the culprit. If that is not worth opening the mind as to what will change a person’s life, think of what this summer’s food cost will be, the cost of eggs will be going up; the people in the know or the powers to be have already told us that. What man will accept, it’s not just nature, which would include public owned land and health factors, it’s the food and water that we consume, and these facts never give a thought to wealth or beauty, only mankind concerns themselves of wealth and beauty at the cost another’s sustainability.
We take for granted that life as we know it can change, so much so that we rarely see the constant motion of our changing life, or our changing world. At first thought, at the the beginning of this, with the word [Gaiety], I almost looked for another word, but decided not too. The word was not designed to be attached to a lifestyle, or a stigma, depending on how a person views the use of the word beyond its original purpose; but in mankind’s world view today, even the originally posted and planed vision of the earth and humanity has become meaningless in it’s intent due to the confusion that controls our lives; strangely enough, control in the hands of mankind.

“I am not young enough to know everything.” -Sir James Matthew Barrie, 1st Baronet of Adelphi Terrace, 1860-1937

In truth, I am not that young anymore, don’t know if I ever was that young. To Believe that I was able to know everything would imply that I was God, something I would never do. But I do know that people are waking up and seeing their vulnerability, they are starting to feel as well as see their mistakes in their walks of life; but in their silence they let the world know that they don’t fully understand if it’s “Too little, Too late” or not. The answers to that starts with the person doing the asking, the answers would come from the person’s ability to step away from the norm of societal beliefs, and take a good view of the world they live in.
Makes me think, I would much rather count cow’s jumping over the moon when going to sleep, than to count the pigs in flight, or the reasons why they are even able to fly. But then it always comes down to the connotation of life; and what we are driven to understand that connotation to be.
But then, maybe the balance of our future and our livability, maybe it’s less in the unseen motion of life and how we view or accept what we are seeing; admittedly or not. Maybe the reality of our future is changing, to the good or bad in life, via our ability, to hold or not to hold an honest independent and truthful conversation about life without smuggly laughing; or without the popular mantras and politically correct ideals of the day.

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