Hey Digger

Hey Digger

Take your finger on your right hand and about the length of your fingernail, rest your finger on the outside of the right side of your nose. Now, for a Second, think of the people that may see you from the left side of your face.
That Second, that innocent Second that you took to think, well, that’s all it would take for someone to call you Digger, if it’s a friend that sees it, then everyone may start calling you that; now that could prove embarrassing, if you’re thin skinned, it could give you a complex for Life.
That Second, can cause a misunderstanding in most anything in our lives, with thought, that innocent Second should be a questionable Second in time and space; but it isn’t. In the human equation, anger, laughter, slander, rudeness, fear, loathing; these and so many other judgments of, or, in our human experience are controlled by that Second in time.
What do we humans do with that Second in time, we mix the information that we visually gain with words, that’s where the soup thickens, the Second mixed with words gets a name; the simmering concoction never takes long to become Scuttlebutt. Drink it up if you wish!
Seconds seem to count more in this life than maturity in having patience, someone calls another person, they don’t answer, so they hang up and wait for a minute, then try again. Well, take a magazine into a bathroom, you could be there awhile; maybe a long while. Impatience in life, most often, the impatience causes more grief than good, so why do we accept it as part of our so-called “normal” way of living, wanting everything now, are we all that more important and above those around us? It’s kind of a yuppified thought to think that we are, a very wrong thought to be having.
Our haste in life is really shortening our lives more than we think, think about that, especially when you have to call that fast talking cable rep from India because you have a problem with your cable bundle in America, and on your next bill when you find out that you gave away your kids piggy bank without knowing it.
Hmm, we have to be so speedy in this day, phenomenal isn’t it. But what about the elderly, my neighbor had to borrow my cellphone, his phone was dead. The cable company did something wrong, I could hear the person on the other end, the person was going 100 m.p.h., my elderly neighbor had to keep repeating himself; now my neighbor may have to use a walker to get around, but he is sharp as a track otherwise. And the cable company calls this efficient service. But they aren’t too far off, they are efficient at bundling our dollars in a timely manner, and if your late with the payment; in a Second, they will cut you off like a bad habit.
The thing about all this is that it just takes a Second to see something in society as a whole that needs to be fixed, tuned up, dusted off or whatever, but we have to use our Seconds wisely, maybe use that Second to understand your finger was resting on your nose; and not in it.
I would imagine that a Second a day may have the ability to become five or ten Seconds a day, but would that be so bad; we would see the good and the bad so to speak, and maybe a way to fix what we see for the better. The biggest thing at that point, or the biggest question would be, could we do the fixing on our own without having to be politically correct?
Now that might be a tough question for some people, but it shouldn’t be, after all, this country still believes we are independent and strong. So let’s take a Second to show our merits in being the best that we can be, we don’t have to be the Army in the truest sense carrying packs and rifles on our back and crawling through the mud, we just have to be thoughtful citizens that care to have people see us in a better light; rather than a Digger. It only takes a Second or two to know if the niceness, given and received, is genuine or not, in that thought, for niceness or thoughtfulness; make that Second honest.

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