From the Past, comes the Future

From the Past, Comes the Future…

“Life is meant to be fun!”
In big and bold letters five or six inches tall like they were proud of it, that was a sign on the back of a car, big letters all the way across the back window.
But let’s break that down a little, we are living in a society that swallows sayings like that hook line and sinker; but look at what we have “at the end of the day,” and some people out in the real world today are wondering where the day and tomorrow’s meals went.
What if the sign said, Life is Meant to be Taken Serious, so that we Know and can Teach our Children what Healthy Fun Really Is?
But that won’t happen, because the real facts of life, they aren’t as easy to swallow as insanity is; least ways not as popular.
From the Past, Comes the Future, 47 years ago people were attending Love-In’s, the Beautiful city of San Francisco received its first real nationwide Stigma with the Peace and Love generation; stealing the limelight away from the horrific and monumental Earthquake. Oh drugs were kool then too, so was “Make Love Not War” and Communes to do it all in, well if the dreaded “Establishment” didn’t spoil the fun.
“Charlie and Company,” a shared moniker of the day, between a scruffy group in a California dessert, and a foreign land called Vietnam, “Charlie and Company,” an informal name for chaos. Nowadays, the Tate and LaBianca murders mean little, oh but there was such a precious prison marriage to remember them by, who were they again, anyone got a fork?
Anyone question these days, why there’s not anything coming out of Cass, Morrison, Garcia, and that sweaty stringy haired girl with the raspy voice, think Janice was her name; they must be having fun in their old age. They were such an inspiration in the way they handled their heroin, speed, pills; and of course their marijuana. An interesting side note, Oregon has just had its first marijuana induced traffic/vehicular manslaughter case hit the courts, and the first murder case of a dealer since the whacky tobaccy was made legal. Don’t it make all you Oregonian’s proud, your on national television news and you didn’t have to leave the farm, modern technology I guess.
Murders, accidents, induced by or for marijuana, they aren’t nothing new, what’s new is that the substance was made leagal, gives me shivers, it’s such a wonderful and logical world.
But there is a forgotten meaning to the word substance, stability comes to mind, but with this meaning, you will have Peace of Mind if you seek more of the quality kind of substance in your life. For some today, being reckless is far better than being productive, and less boring when you come too, it was a party right. But what do they have to show for it? In reality, their walls are as empty as their life!
But they had fun, didn’t they, the rape victims, the abortions, the traffic accidents, the thefts and murders; the overdoses and blue babies in the hospitals.
As a society when do we get it, when does it sink in?
I’m not being prudish here folks, I’m not some preacher trying to shove something down someone’s throat; all I want is something better, I want to regain some normalcy in this life. It’s funny these days, if you want some decency in life, you’re shunned, because you don’t like the politically correct, or liberal views that have only enhanced the ailment, and done little to create a cure.
I would love to live the life of my grandparents, they understood life; they went through rough times and survived them. But they took life more serious, they weren’t willing to just give their livelihood’s, their freedoms, their futures away because it was the popular thing to do. They could think on their own and, they did.
Life wasn’t all that fun for them, it was a struggle, the Great Depression, and the Dust Bowl, a few wars, today, we give away what we don’t know we want because it’s the kool thing to do; then whine when we can’t get it back. What’s it going to be like when it’s all gone, because we think life is meant to be fun?
Looking around today, in this A to Z world, where anything and everything goes, from the Past comes the Future; if we start taking life serious today, it won’t have to be a scary future for those that follow us.

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