Kinda makes a person laugh at times, however sad that sounds, in the thought of everyone wanting transparency in everything these day’s; but transparency goes hand in hand with our ability to question what we see. Be aware, in the world of politics and business, people never like to be questioned; so, if the public is doing the questioning, the masses had better be honest a direct. Because it’s then that truth bending becomes a viable tool for the people being asked honest questions, by an audience expecting to hear the truth. So the public has no choice but to become more aware. Not Violent, just more aware.
Case in point, the ban smoking campaign, and those smokers that have ailments, like their spokesman Brett. We don’t know if Brett is his real name, and if we don’t know that, then the question would be, did he really smoke, did he do meth, does he have a history of bad dental habits, how about his diet is it full of nothing but sugar?
Now if Brett in fact did not smoke, then how much did Brett get paid and by who to fool the public?
What about the other people on those same commercials as Brett, diet, drug and alcohol abuse, they can cause their issues, so are we supposed to believe them, are we supposed to believe that they are not getting paid by some lobby group, it is a campaign to get people to stop smoking after all. Can’t discount the idea, a good amount of people will do anything for money these days.
The truth of the matter, transparency comes from the truth they, as in politicians and business people gives to the public, and it equates to the questions the citizens ask and the answers the citizens accept; with or without the citizens understanding. The depth of transparency given to the citizens, it’s only contingent on the citizens knowledge and understanding; and then in what they accept.
It’s that simple, it’s also that simple to lose all that we have due to our lack of knowledge and understanding in the way that our personal communities, towns and cities are working. But face it we live in a society that thrives on complacency and drama, if we didn’t, the blue dress and the oval office wouldn’t be such a joke now, and when you think about it, they should matter in the near future; bird’s of a feather stick together ya know. There wasn’t much transparency in that, there was more of a cover-up than transparency, and we are expected due to our societal track record to not concern ourselves with anything more important than the right shoes to wear in our following of the politically correct masses.
See it doesn’t really matter what political party you associate with, it matters who you are inside, how gullible you are, and what you deem as valuable to the citizens two generations down the road, and the practicality in the process in the building of the future we want for those generations.
If we are going to sacrifice the freedoms of the citizens of the future, because we would rather believe a lie, then we are not doing anyone any good; now or in the future. Transparency, we have always had transparency, the American Constitution dictates that we do, only in the blindness of the masses do we let our rights to transparency down. If we don’t question what we see, if we don’t seek the truth, then it’s really very simple; we accept the lie and pass it on to the future generations.

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