The Bumpy Road

The Bumpy Road

A friend asked his alcoholic friend: Do you snow ski?
The alcoholic friend looked at his friend: Heck no I don’t ski!
The friend: Then you must like going down muddy bumpy roads.
The alcoholic friend: What is this, who walks down muddy roads?
The friend: Well you do, and you appear to like that path better than a smoother or even a clearer path; you quit drinking for some time telling me how good you feel. Now, look at where you are; you must love that road.
The alcoholic friend: With friends like you I don’t need enemies, save your b.s., you may need it.
The friend: With all the enemies you have that don’t care if you live or die, you may want to keep me as a friend, none of the others in your life are dealing with you or your problem; because they don’t have the guts to be a true friend. Say goodbye Mogul Boy, I got better things to do.

The bumpy road, in one way or another, we have all been on it, from ice cream to meth, there is always an addiction for anyone; some just aren’t as healthy as others. But, to simplify the thought, it’s not like we just walk into an Addiction Store and pick an addiction off a shelf, we make a simple supposedly innocent choice that leads to another choice and then to another choice; and yet another choice. Till that one, horrifying and very lonely day or night, that we wake up, not knowing who our friends are, but knowing every one of our enemies by name.
Wipe that thought out of your head, the thought that you are the only one with a track record; because you are not. Most people are very proficient at hiding their track records, but, the addictions that are now controlling you, well they don’t ever care who sees your mess, the addictions don’t care if people laugh at you or kick you around; to the point that if a friend confronts you and your problem, then you think them the enemy. Friend’s, true friends, and family, they leave you better off; rather than destroyed, you won’t get that guarantee on a bottle or whatever other addiction is that pushes your buttons.
But the bad part of the addictions we can have, is we don’t see through other people’s eye’s, we don’t see us the way they do; look in the mirror, are you someone to run from or to. Don’t worry, most everyone thinks they are someone to run to, not from. But the people that are struggling to break free of their addictions, you had better learn in a hurry who your friends are; and how to walk away from the people you should never have known in the first place. Understand, there is no real buddy system in the addiction world, till you alone can remove yourself from your addiction; and then survive without it.
Second chances, everyone wants them, but few people have the ounce of compassion to give them. Know that its human nature at work, plus if people get burned, then they are less apt to give second chances, so know what you are up against; and know this, the most important second chance, comes from you so make the most of that chance you give yourself.
Not everyone will come around, so, don’t expect everyone to come around. Simply clean up the mess in your life, treat people right, fill your time with learning and doing things worth your while; whoever your trying to rekindle with, show them something better, but make it honest.
Family, it’s the hardest, it’s not what you see on television or in the movies, and you don’t have to of ever had an addiction; all you have or had to be was independent or strong willed. The holidays are tolerable for everyone, because they can go home. Even there you will get the enticement’s and shallow caring and the I love you’s, it’s a sign of society’s knowledge of life and how to live without a moral compass. But nonetheless, it still comes down to how much normalcy you want to give, and to show. Know that some families are more of your problem than they think, in that thought, they don’t have to change because they didn’t have the addiction, but you have to do the changing. If that’s the case, then send them the Christmas card, go dish up food at the mission till the family takes a good look at themselves and the stress they cause.
It should be apparent by now, that we as a society, that we as a family, that we as loved ones, that we as addicts regardless of the drug, be it ice cream to meth; we have to get over our fine selves, and clean up the mess. Right now as a society, we are just breeding more of the same, because we haven’t got the guts to accept our part in the mess that we ignore.
The next time you go to the store, look at the beer section, there are more breweries now than ever before, news stations devote time to the fun and frivolity we can have at a beer fest; but the first hit and run by a sixteen year old kid on drugs or alcohol, or maybe it’s the depression we cause as their family or friends; we just fold our cards and get out of the game.
Shame on us, for not looking at reality; then sitting back and saying nothing. The truth of the matter, we all live on that bumpy road.

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