The Choices we Make

The choices we make

Play solitaire for an hour or so, or create a new world?
To have the hands of God, but I have to say, I wouldn’t want to have the responsibilities those hands would have to hold.
Could you just imagine what that would be like, the power, the choices that would have to be made. It would have been simpler for God to create a world populated as Samuel Clemens reflected once by monkey’s, then simply just leave it at that.
Now the egotistical people of the world, they wouldn’t mind having some of that power, but to be honest they can’t handle the power they have now. Look at some of the business manager’s out there these days, they cause unnecessary grief to their employees, then the manager is afraid to go to his car at the end of the day. They might be safe to do so, I guess we just have to understand and know their guilt is touching them; but they are tough, they will tell you that they are.
The gang members, and the criminals, they would love to have the power of God, telling us of all the good they will do, something tells me though, they would abuse the heck out of the power before anyone would see anything good come from their ownership of said power. I mean, freedom gives us power, that’s why there are those in the world that want it taken away from all us common folk; no, leave the hands of the gang members and criminals in their dirty state.
Do we really have to talk about why the politicians and bureaucrats and lawyer’s should not have control over such a power? Look at the power they have now, nah, we already know what they would do.
And religionists, whoa, people say wars of religion are bad, think of what we would have if they had God’s power. With a flick of a finger, mixed with some egotistical views, feed in a little misplaced anger, and some wine that is not wine but acts and taste like wine, like off the shelf wine; nah, that sounds like the ingredients of a religious war cake set at broil.
And if his power was put in the hands of the common citizens, they would have to understand right from wrong all of a sudden, like this very second, they couldn’t do that, they have been taught to follow the crowd for so long, so long that they would call some government official, the power would be confiscated and never seen again; until . . . well I don’t know about anyone else, but I wouldn’t want to see the news clips on that.
See this world wasn’t made for repetitious bad history, take your pick, the crucifixion to Hitler and beyond, there are more bad times to choose from; don’t forget to take a good look at Babylon as a possible choice for bad repetition.
Well I guess we as a world society failed to understand, take a look at the continent of Africa, blood spilled everyday. Look at Russia, not exactly love and kisses up there. And China, what aren’t they involved in. And then here in the states, with all the shipping of jobs overseas, why don’t we ship the folders, spindlater’s and mutilaters of life and limb overseas too. That’s right, I was just reminded that we have, they just didn’t get the one way tickets, but then they don’t have to have two way tickets if the don’t want them, because they have computers with Wi-Fi and every other kind of Fi; maybe that’s why those pesky scammers can’t be found and hung by their toes.
But then who in their right mind would think they would get God’s power just handed over to them, who would he trust; everyone blames God for every little thing, they say they hate God, they walk away from God. So who would he trust, and if he did find someone, could the person’s background stand up to our exact standards, our thoughts of what would raise a person above our idea of a perfect normal. Or would we have to face reality, and say this world and our country is a mess, we made the mess, and now we don’t know how to clean it up; so how are we going to know if Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. So and So is even qualified to handle the power of God.
I know I couldn’t, how about you?
I would have to put the power on a shelf and look at it for a long while, make that a long longer while, I do know one thing though, we humans could do a whole lot better without taking control of God’s power or hands, thus leaving the power in his hands where it should be. I mean, hey, he gave us a heart soul and mind for a reason, so that we could care for his gift, the only things we’ve proven to him is that we Can’t and that we are Efficient at Turning our Backs because we would rather follow the crowd.
I guess I would rather play an hour or two of solitar till the day that I read the headline: It’s been a long time coming, but society and the world has found it’s moral compass, and the people are using it!
Well, I guess I will be playing solitair for a lot longer of a while; but there is always hope, I haven’t given that up yet.

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