Everyday Exploits . . .

Everyday Exploits . . .

Of rudeness!
Went to my favorite coffee place this morning, most everyone that works there is nice, even when they are busy, a couple of the baristas as well as the owner are flat out beautiful people; helpful, kind and considerate. But there is one person there that just fails to understand, rudeness will in fact get you rudeness back; it never fails. Some of my readers may have never heard this, but most have, get a bigger 2×4. No, I am not talking violence here, I detest that kind of action.
Well today, I was this person’s 2×4, the other thing she fails to understand, is that my being there may not be much to write home about, but me and all the other people together, we are the ones that make up her and the owners income.
How the incident went down.
It was a wet and not too cold of a day, early morning, been up since 6: a.m., Neb’d, got dressed, made the bed, and then; left to take someone to their place of employment. Dodged all the nutty drivers, sat at the lights, waited my turn along with everyone else; not one complaint out of me.
There she was, I silently call her Sandra, because she looks like Sandra Bullock. But you crack that nut open like walnut, inside; she is no Sandra Bullock. People have that same thought I am sure, at least when they first meet her, but looks won’t carry anyone forever.
The other barista, she is making coffee for the two of us in the car, knows what we get and every time she is ready with a smile; however they do their jobs is up to them, but the nicer one is always doing the most work.
Sandra comes to the window, “$11.48” she says, not asking if we want anything like a cinnamon roll or something, so I ask what she has to eat, not yelling; but not quietly as I have been down this road before. She turns her back to us and recites what she has, I have a hearing impaired passenger in the car, I tell her what Sandra said, then I tell Sandra and order the tasty goodies. “Speak Up!” Sandra says, that’s when I did the wrong thing, but too bad, I looked at Sandra (who is all of the age of twenty two or three) and said, “I will take a cinnamon roll and a chocolate muffin, and have you ever gotten your hearing checked?” What I said was a far cry better than, hey you indignant #:’/¢ , clean out your ~>]&»*£ ears!!!! like some people these days will in fact do.
Nah, I showed her some concern, while getting my point across.
Rude is rude, and some people will confront the rudeness of others, they won’t stand on that [we don’t want to offend the rude people of the world] ceremony, come on, why should we? It’s that sanctimonious drivel that has allowed people to give their incomes, lives, and smiles away; all because they don’t want to offend the offender. Be that way with the burglar or the bully, you’ll be lucky to even get a thank you out of them with all your not wanting to offend the offenders of the world.
So we left and went on our way. That’s when I got reprimanded by my passenger, but I had been down this road too many times with Sandra, she is not deaf, she is an adult with a cutesy high school mentality; a mentality I don’t have to put up with while paying good money to buy their coffee for the better part of the last four years, not to mention, I left those people behind in high school some forty five years ago when life became real. She can show off her prom queen demanding attitude to someone else.
My passenger and I talked about it, I explained that some people aren’t too quick at learning civility in life, it’s as if when they were born, God gave them the right to be rude; but we all know that didn’t happen, so I kindly let her know I was tired of being kindly and accepting of her attitude. I finished my conversation with the person in my car, that kind of scolded me, I told them: I came in here with a smile, I am going to leave with a smile.
Every time I come across someone like Sandra, I begin to think of going under the knife with a brain surgeon that comes into the surgery room and says: Dude, it’s a gnarly day man, some righteous sets are building, gotta get this guy done before lunch, ya ready Dudes and Dudettes, let’s do some carving . . . man! Whoa, this gig is audaciously cool, turn up the tunes, gimme a toke, let’s get this vibeage rolling smooth. It’s time, we gotta rock and roll this guy’s brain-pan back to a way cooler state of mind before the waves go flat.
If Sandra only knew the smile I have had at her egotistical expense, rudeness will always attract rudeness, if she did read this, and got all snippy with me; I would have to be more blunt and tell her that she is in the real world now, the dance is over, the sock hop is done, the band has gone home; so it’s time to grow up.
But we all have to do some growing up, I keep thinking in the above, what has our fear of saying something, our hiding in our silence, our avoiding even a look at the most innocent of those around us, our lack of telling it like it really is rather than accepting things because of our belief that they are what they are; don’t rock the boat? Where have those actions taken the citizens in our home towns, we are the good people right?
Last night there was a murder about a mile and a half from here, across town there was a drive by shooting, there were two child abductions with only one child being found, that’s just in my area; what about other areas across the country?
We don’t have the right to sit silent, nor do we have the right to destroy our cities and towns in riotous demonstrations; we only have the right to speak up, and be mature about what we are facing in life. Any civilization that isn’t civilized, is simply held together by chaos. And people like Sandra think they are having a bad day, sorry, there is a whole lot to life, and a good deal of it doesn’t surround you; but it does effect you.
Through our own actions we are going to have to teach civility if we are going to have civility, we are going to have to protect it, nurture it; and accept nothing else but civility. Or, we can get lost in our silence and fear of those around us.

What you have read has nothing to do with the real Sandra Bullock, from what I have seen she is a decent sort of person, very personable, and it shows on its own in how she lives and how she faces adversity in her life. The real Sandra Bullock is someone that some people might want to emulate; at the very least learn from.

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