Have a Straight Talk to your family about how Society has ruined the Family.

Have a straight talk to your family about how society has ruined the family…

Do your homework, be straight forward, then turn off the television, the computer’s and phones, all the way off, and have a straight talk with your family about how society has denigrated the family.
They said today that it will cost about $245,000.00 to raise a child to college age, how is the parent working three jobs going to do that? Rent, clothes, transportation, insurance, medical needs, and if you have a special needs child, well, it’s going to be tough.
On the news, they said the Boomer generation survived it, but they are the generation that forced the cost of living up, they went from doing nothing in the communes to fancy toys and trinkets at the workers expense. So, they’re the family’s friend and the future of inspiration, without a moral compass, what is friendship like that worth anyway; or in this case, what does the cost of living mean, well we can use their term that they coined: It’s all Relative!
But to who, the degraded work ethics, business takeovers, and shipping jobs overseas never was relative to the already struggling American; and now due to age, they’re in our government, just “Doing their thing” like they own the struggling American family’s last dollar.
So we raise the cost of living to $15.00 an hour, sounds good on paper, but in logic, if we do, it will hurt the poor of the country in the long run as businesses shut their doors. The new insurance mandates on business owners and workers, then a $5.00 per hour hike in pay; well the math isn’t that hard. What is hard, is to get people to think ten, fifteen, twenty years out when they vote, or in how they use their voice; telling people to vote with your children’s future’s in mind doesn’t cut it anymore, because no one in their haste looks past today.
People have been screaming for new jobs via better American businesses being at the heart of the job opportunities, but hey, they haven’t heard the public’s outcry yet, they heard them, my bad (I always wanted to say that, it was nothing special) I should have said that they just didn’t want to listen.

Every kid wants to go to Disneyland, or Disneyworld, but if your in Nebraska living month to month, those and places like them never feel that close, so you and the family wear out the seats at the local fun park; while you tell your kids – Sorry, the best we can do this year, maybe next year. In truth, if we were the adults we think we are, and didn’t run up the credit cards when we know we can’t afford it, it would be more like this – Look kids, your teenagers now, in four short years, you will be living in an apartment, on your own. So, the reason why we are wearing out the seats at this monotonous “Less than fun park” year after year, is because the business world failed to hold on to their scruples when they lost their moral, or at least their patriotic compass; and couple that with an obese government, then you will understand why we can’t take the vacation of your dreams. Sorry kids, hopefully those playgrounds will be around when you make your first few thousand dollars. Till then, let’s stop our whining and go have the best miserable day we have ever had, okay, it could be worse, and if your good, we’ll go see the fish hatchery, or maybe that ball of twine.

We have to be honest with the youth, we can’t shelter them from the inevitable truth of what they will be facing in the future, we as citizens should know it never works that way. What should they think when life really kicks them in the shins, that fallacies in life are good, there are movies that will do that. Worse, is to do so because we are liberal or conservative, or republican or democrat in our false belief or loyalty. Don’t the youth of the future deserve more than that?
Speaking of false belief, what about true Faith? I would not be me without my Faith, I would be uncivilized by some degree. But don’t talk to them about the, gee we can all be millionaires if we just believe in God kind of faith, just know that not everything you see on television is true, and that includes some of the preachers you see on those shows; some talk a good game, so they can sell a good game. But for you and your loved ones, life and Faith should never be a game.
If the moral compass is important to anyone, then the Bible should be an important book to at least investigate. Otherwise, answer this question for yourself: For every emotional twitch in your body, how is living without Faith in God working for you?
If the answer is not so well, then think where are you leading your children. But don’t worry, your not alone, since the 1960’s Peace and Love movement, God has been relegated to the back seat, and at times when the need arises like getting loaded, or . . . then God is relegated to the trunk or kicked to the curb.
With that thought in mind, take a good look at society, riots, killings, police brutality, disbelief rather than belief being taught, ambulance chasers making commercials, young people with a total lack respect or dignity, neighborhoods that aren’t neighborly; how far do we need the list to go on before we see and strive to understand?
And to think that someday, because we don’t want to talk about something, that we don’t want to shed some light on something, because we don’t have the guts to, or the gumption to stand above the politically correct majority; because we don’t have what it takes, we are willing to allow the youth that we are supposed to love more than our last breath to walk around believing in nothing more than what they can get from television, movies or the street.
We as adults need to raise the bar, we need to open the links to conversation, constructive conversation, that nurtures true depth of thought, not popular thought; but true thought. We need to help the youth feel right for living with dignity and respect for those in their lives, and help them support themselves in ways beyond the popular monetary ways; there are a lot of very sad rich people out in the world, it’s insane to let the youth of our nation think that today’s view of normal is good for them because of our blind acceptance.
Talk to the family, not the “Fam” or the “Family Unit,” but the Family, but don’t forget to tell them that you love them, because if we keep going the way we are, besides God, they may well some day; think love is also a myth!!

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